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  1. I believe the load in business class was completely full, and the load in all other cabins seemed to be full as well, though I neglected to check ExpertFlyer before my flight.
  2. In business class and coach, it just means more people. The main advantage seems to be that it's a newer plane, and that usually means the latest seats. But you can find Lufthansa's new business class on all its aircraft now, so that's no reason to pick the Airbus A380 if you'll be flying with them anyway
  3. For solo passengers sitting in the middle seats, there was a much larger privacy partition between the center seats that was raised once we were airborne.
  4. Subpar international first-class lounge in Shanghai, seat isn't fully enclosed, aging IFE system.
  5. al during my two-hour connection in Frankfurt. Editor-at-Large Zach Honig wrote an in-depth review of the ter
  6. One thing about most A380s, including Lufthansa’s, is that they feature a tail camera. Lufthansa’s A380 features a great tail camera, which was nice to watch during the entirety of the flight. They also have a nose camera and a wheel camera, though I was most compelled to watch the nose camera.

Also, when compared to Qantas' flagship business class product on the A330, the A380 business class actually has a slightly longer pitch (the A330 business class seat has a length of 73 inches). Seat configuration in business class is 2-2-2 so the best seats to choose would be somewhere in the middle row to avoid someone having to climb over. While not that much has changed with Lufthansa first-class since then, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sure, there are more exciting and private first-class products, but after my recent flight from Shanghai (PVG) to Frankfurt (FRA), I’m still in love with Lufthansa’s first-class product, especially on the Airbus A380.

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One thing I always appreciate about upper deck cabins are the the side bins that they provide, so the lack of seat storage was definitely made up by the three huge side bins that we had to ourselves throughout the flight.We were once again offered a round of drinks. My dad had an orange juice, while I had one of the great bitter lemon sodas that Lufthansa offers. The A380-800 Lufthansa will fly to Munich next winter is much larger-- it carries a whopping 509 passengers with the upper deck holding 86 first and business class passengers along with five. Depends on the flight you get into. I have flown from Dallas to Frankfurt and it had the USB charger outlet which I was able to use to charge my phone, tablet etc.

The meal only got better when I was presented with a trio of appetizers. I skipped the egg shrimp roll and chicken breast and foie gras ballotine but really enjoyed the bocconcini with dried grapes, persimmons and truffles. The only thing missing was extra truffles. On Lufthansa flights, the A380, the world's-largest passenger plane, seats 526 people, with 420 in coach on the plane's lower level, and 96 in business class on the upper level

After arriving at Shanghai Pudong’s Terminal 2, I found signs for Lufthansa. I needed to clear a preliminary security check to enter the terminal and, once inside, made my way to Check-in Area C for the Lufthansa Group check-in counters.Soon we were on our way back into the terminal, and I was sad to say goodbye to the airport – it’d be almost a month before my next visit.

Amazing Cheap Lufthansa/Swiss First Class fare! Lufthansa and Swiss International Airlines currently have an amazing first class excursion round trip fares between Greece and China. For just 2,500 Euros, you can try the Lufthansa A380 or Swiss B777 First Class between Europe and China! Fare Details: Fare: Lufthansa (LH)/Swiss (LX) Athens to Beijing/Shanghai/Hong Kong Booking [ The Airbus A380-800 is the world's biggest and heaviest passenger plane. On two decks, and with a cabin width of up to 6.60 meters, it can accommodate more than 500 passengers in First, Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class BONUS: Taking the inaugural Lufthansa A380 to Miami in business class During the climbout I struck up a conversation with the flight attendant sitting in the jump seat diagonally in front of me. She shared that the upper deck economy section was a relatively new addition to Lufthansa's A380 fleet and (to her knowledge) has not been. On board, we quickly found our seats on the upper deck of the aircraft. Although the lower level of the A380 takes a long time to board about 300 economy passengers, we settled in quickly and started to enjoy our Lufthansa Business Class experience. Here's my flight review of Lufthansa Business Class from New York City (JFK) to Frankfurt! I may fly a lot (over 100 flights last year alone!), but it's not often that your girl gets to fly business class. Actually, if I'm completely honest, flying business class is a pretty rare occurrence for me

Check-in took about five minutes, and once I had my boarding pass in the signature Lufthansa first-class red paper jacket, I was told to wait on the side. Initially I thought I did something wrong, but then it became clear I needed an escort to take me to the lounge.I was still impressed by the flight, though, and wouldn’t hesitate to fly Lufthansa again, though I’d say for now that their business class product ranks below Swiss.In theory the ottoman could double as a buddy seat, though this was emphasised not to be on our flight. Bummer… Lufthansa will debut a new Business class on the incoming Boeing 777-9. Another batch of 777-9 may feature a new First Class cabin since Lufthansa wants to keep the ratio of aircraft having a First Class cabin at 50%. These will replace the 6 A380 which will be sold back to Airbus in 2022/23 “the seats themselves were more narrow than I expected from a Western airline.” I think this is a major misconception. Western airlines are all terrible compared to most Asian ones. This applies to Biz as well as Eco.

About thirty minutes later, the main breakfast service started and I went for the omelette with sausage. Breakfast isn’t usually that good, but again I was actually quite impressed with the food. Miami and San Francisco will be added shortly to the list. My flight was on Lufthansa's Frankfurt am Main A380, which was one of the first placed in service. Arriving at the airport shortly before 9 a.m., since I had to check a bag, I was directed to the business class check-in counter even though I already had my mobile boarding pass The urinal itself was as extra as airplanes get, in the best way possible (well, aside from a shower, but at least that’s somehow practical). Here are the first photos of Lufthansa's all-new business class seats for its Boeing 777X (777-9) jets, which will begin flying from 2020. As previously and exclusively revealed by Australian Business Traveller, the next-gen design finally provides direct aisle access for every passenger: no more awkwardly stepping over your sleeping seatmate - or having them clamber across you, if you. Wow! I’m really glad to hear about this! My husband is 6’4 and I’m almost 6 feet tall myself. Both of us like our individual space, too. Maybe it’s an American thing? I guess, if I/we decide to fork over our hard earned money for an upgrade to business class, I would have expected more space as well. I’m thinking this particular airline will be put on hold for us until I get an update on their version of “spacious.”

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Overall I found the seat to be well appointed, though I guess I would be disappointed about the lack of storage if I came across this seat on an A330 or A340. You can’t get much better than this for a forward facing fully flat seat, though as I noted earlier, it isn’t my favourite configuration. A Lufthansa A380. Source: Laird Kay What will Lufthansa do with the craft? Lufthansa has decided to launch this new plane with a new business class cabin, coming in 2020. Photos of the concept have been revealed below

There are two features unique to first class on Lufthansa’s A380s that make this my favorite Lufthansa plane to fly. For one, there aren’t any overhead compartments, making the cabin feel and look more spacious. Instead, each seat has an individual locker for carry-on bags, either in front of or behind the cabin.There’s also a reading light, which I occasionally used to photograph meals and do work throughout the flight. The strength of the reading light isn’t amazing, but passable.Due to the width of the A380, the window seats also had a massive counter on the window side of the seat. There was plenty of counter space to store all my belongings, but there were also two deep, enclosed compartments on the window side of the seat. Taken separately, each of Lufthansa's decisions in its refit Airbus A380 aircraft is an interesting one, but together, they show a number of trends in the airline: maintaining first class despite removing it from some older aircraft, a clear positioning for business class with a hard product that is strategically differentiated from first, betting big on premium economy, and continuing its.

Lufthansa have configured the A380 in a 2-2-2 configuration – that means if you’re in a window seat, you will have to step over your seat mate’s feet. They’ve configured it in two cabins – a larger one behind the first set of doors, and a second mini-cabin of four rows. I was in the second cabin, in the bulkhead seat. Finally, behind business are a few rows of regular economy (Premium Economy is downstairs).The actual content was extensive. With 177 movies, 34 TV shows, plenty of audiobooks and some podcasts, there was enough to keep me occupied throughout the flight. I'm an 18-year-old university student who flies and reviews around 20 flights per year. When I’m not writing up blog posts or working on my Mechanical Engineering degree, I’m a worship band pianist and an amateur cook. My goal is to make people happy so I’d love to do so by maximising your travel experience and helping you make your optimal travel decisions. View all posts by Alvin Great story – liked the video included too… We’ve flown Lufthansa into Frankfurt a couple of times and haven’t been impressed with the service and especially the food. From London to Frankfurt one of the planes felt like an old bus with wings stuck on the side, cramped and uncomfortable seats – won’t do that again! Never been disappointed with AirCanada (you can get good deals buying a Lufthansa labelled flight using an AC plane).

Airbus A380-800. Before an Airbus A380 ever takes to the skies, its components and sections are transported by air, sea and road to its final assembly site in southern France. This is a feat of logistics involving half of Europ The seat itself was incredibly comfortable for relaxing and sleeping. While relaxing, the seat measured 21 inches wide, but when sleeping, the armrest lowered to add 10 more inches to the bed width, which helped create one of the most comfortable beds in the sky.On this flight, I managed to stay productive due to the WiFi, and the amenities were great as well. However, the food and the service were both lacking – while I appreciated the friendliness of the crew, I did a Lufthansa survey at the end of the flight through the inflight internet, and the crew failed to hit most of the criteria that Lufthansa had set up. The food was both illness-inducing and unpleasant, so I’d avoid it at all costs and would fill up before my next Lufthansa flight.

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I also don’t understand why customers aren’t more vocal about this. Lufthansa Biz on the A380 upper deck crams SIX seats in a row. This means that you still need to climb over another passenger from a window seat to reach the lavatories. The design of the Van Laack first-class pajamas have also been updated recently. Gone are the days when you’d look like you were about to enter a hospital ward when dressed in Lufthansa first-class pajamas. The new navy-and-white look matches well with Lufthansa’s new logo.I also tried to take a good picture of the Rolls-Royce engines and the Ground Support Equipment logo on the engines. I was probably feeling pretty tired at that point and regretting not leaving my assignment to the day after.

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By the time we pulled back at 10:20 PM, the lights were dimmed, and the safety video played, which was pretty boring as far as safety videos go. The pilot soon came on to introduce himself, and explained that he was thrilled to have two first officers onboard with him, as well as giving a flight time of 10 hours and 5 minutes. A flight attendant further came back and made sure that all our seatbelts were securely fastened. Lufthansa A380 Frankfurt - Seoul Depart: 5:45pm Arrive: 11:00am Class: First Class. Lufthansa Business Class has to be one of my least desirable Business Class seats out there, so it could be a surprise that I was incredibly excited to try Lufthansa's First Class seats on the A380 Lufthansa Airbus A380-800 Business Class Main Course - Herb and Curry Crusted Grouper, Snow Peas, Tomato Fennel Salsa and Long Grain Rice I know that the grouper looks fine from the outside, but the weird herb and curry crust just overpowered the entire fish, and I'm sure either the herbs or the fish were the cause of the food poisoning.

Lufthansa Business Class seats on the A380 had a relatively large screen that could be tilted to face the seat better, same as with the A350 flights. The remote control was easy enough to use, intuitive and sensitive to the touch. And one of the best parts about this review of Lufthansa A380 Business Class is the headsets. They are stored. While this was my first Lufthansa first class flight, Tina explained it was Opal's last flight before retiring, so they'd be popping the champagne to celebrate when we arrived in Singapore. Seat Image Credit: Greg Stone. The 4-class Airbus A380 aircraft features 8 open first class suites configured in a 1-2-1 layout Emirates Business Class is located on the upper deck of the Airbus A380 between the bar at the rear end and the First Class Cabin. It features 76 flat bed seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. Each seat offers a personal entertainment screen, power outlet, USB-slots, a personal tablet and a mini bar The appetiser consisted of prawns, sea beans and tomato jelly on top of some cold mashed potatoes. The dish was pretty bad – the prawns tasted off, the mashed potatoes were cold and you can’t make tomato jelly sound appealing. Business class seats on the main deck of the Lufthansa Boeing 747-8I Prior to flying on the 747-8I, I had heard that the noise level was higher upstairs, due to the aerodynamics of the aircraft. I personally did not notice a huge difference between the main cabin and upstairs

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The seat itself was comfortable, well-padded and reasonably wide, though I would prefer a seat with direct aisle access. While I didn’t find much of a problem with the seat as my dad was sitting next to me, I’m not sure how I’d feel when traveling alone.Interestingly the middle seats angle towards one another, though the angle doesn’t seem to be as severe as it is on the 747-8.I asked the economy class flight attendant working these seats before taking these pictures, and she said “of course!”.Overall the meal service was bad – I was rather forgiving during my first impressions, but I had food poisoning for the entire week after. I’m pretty sure that the food poisoning came from the main course, as it was the only dish I had the entire trip that no one else traveling with me did. Fish and dried herbs are both common transporters of salmonella, so by the time I was done with feeling queasy, I wasn’t feeling great about the prospect of eating on planes at all. The service was just fine – the flight attendant was friendly, though she did nothing to personalise the meal service.We have experienced our fair share of executives lounges in the world, but the Air China Business Lounge is certainly unique. It’s an open air lounge with huge glass windows providing very nice views of the tarmac and runways. Food and beverage choices were nice with dim sum (yum) and Western choices available. Showers and nap rooms to prepare for (or recover from) long flights are also available. These lounge amenities are pretty typical.

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  1. Lufthansa 454 Frankfurt (FRA) - San Francisco (SFO) Airbus A380-800 10 September 2015. Best. Flight. Ever. Here are my initial thoughts. Ok, I know I say that about every single Lufthansa flight that I have, but this one was by far the best, and I don't think any flight anytime soon will take that title away from this flight
  2. I once again admired Airbus’ overhead panels, though it’s worth noting that there aren’t overhead nozzles aboard this aircraft.
  3. CARD HIGHLIGHTS: 2X points on all travel and dining, points transferrable to over a dozen travel partners
  4. ded me of my twin-bed college dorm. If Air China wants inspiration for version 2.0 of their relaxation rooms, they should look no further than the Swiss first-class lounge in Zurich.
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The business class reviewed is the same on Lufthansa's A330-300 and Boeing 747-8i. Disclosure: The economy seat was paid for. Lufthansa upgraded Vinay to the new business class on the Mumbai Munich sector. Lufthansa did not review the report prior to publication, and have not asked for any revisions. Our views remain our own The views upon descent were decent – we found ourselves descending over the city, though there isn’t usually much to see when on the right side of the aircraft.Due to my constant frustration I forgot to screenshot the prices (and therefore forgot the exact price of WiFi on my flight), though I got to connect in the end. The WiFi was faster than I expected, probably since it was a night flight and no one was using it. After slow WiFi at the chalet I stayed at in Courchevel, what I got was actually much faster in comparison.Service began the moment I stepped aboard with a celebratory glass of Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle Cuvée Alexandra rose Champagne, macadamia nuts and a hot towel. I was surprised to see the rose Champagne offered right off the bat, since the drink menu had the Champagne listed as Cuvée Grand Siècle.The IFE screens are touchscreen, though there’s a remote control if it’s a bit too far for your shorter arms.

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  1. Lufthansa Technik is working on the first Airbus A380 passenger-cargo conversion, for an undisclosed customer. A special highlight is the support of the operational change of a first Airbus A380, of an undisclosed customer with which Lufthansa Technik has now been awarded
  2. With that, I was pretty tired so put the seat into bed mode, laid out the mattress pad and got some sleep. I had already brought some pyjamas with me from a previous flight, however they were handing out sleep “sweaters” to all passengers that wanted them; essentially a pyjama top.
  3. The professionalism that the flight attendants displayed was similarly commendable. Every piece of silverware was placed in the right position, and anytime I went to the bathroom, my napkin was folded and placed on my tray table. Furthermore, I was addressed by last name the entire flight.
  4. The compartment mainly seemed to be there for holding my headphones, and could only be accessed with the armrest down. It was a smaller compartment and was harder to open, so I wouldn’t suggest putting something important there unless you have great memory.
  5. The Lufthansa A380 product is a good product but Lufthansa needs to make sure they don't let it slip as the competition is harder with many Asian airlines spinning out a consistent and flawless First Class product
  6. Airports where the A380 flies must have special jetways that allow the plane to board through multiple doors, including a separate door on the upper deck. Because the Lufthansa flight included almost entirely first and business class seats on the upper deck, we felt kind of fancy boarding upstairs.
  7. For breakfast I had heard great things about Lufthansa’s scrambled eggs, and thought it would transfer to the business class cabin as well. The eggs were okay. The tomato sauce wasn’t great, though the eggs themselves were moderately fluffy and I could live with them. The ham was also fine, though I didn’t touch the alp cheese. As far as soggy muesli goes, that was fine too. I had orange juice to accompany breakfast, though I wasn’t feeling great after so little sleep.

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  1. This was when Lufthansa's representative from Riyadh Airport came into the aircraft and asked me to follow him into Business. There I was given seat 10H. I later realised this was because the entire Premium Economy, as well as Economy class, were about to fill up with passengers for the Riyadh-Frankfurt segment
  2. Lufthansa's A350 doesn't offer the most private business-class configuration, but it's still a good option for crossing the pond, with great service and decent award availability. The Pros: New plane, friendly service, great food. The Cons: A 2-2-2 seating arrangement is hardly competitive in 2017
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  4. We had decent views of Frankfurt Airport as we left, and I sure do want to visit the city in the near future.

I was immediately welcomed into the terminal, cleared security in a private security channel and made a beeline for the shower. I loved the large shower rooms that Lufthansa had in the First Class Terminal. There were plenty of towels, a bathrobe, slippers and toiletries by Etro. Lufthansa First Class is an incredible way to fly, and arguably the best way to fly first class between the States and Europe. While there are other products that are better ( Air France, Swiss, Singapore ), the ability to book this with partner miles, and relatively reliable availability, it makes for a fantastic redemption and experience Lufthansa A380 business class is located on the upper deck, behind the first class cabin. The lower level features the premium economy and economy cabins. Business class comes in a 2-2-2 configuration spread across two cabins, a large section spanning rows 10-20 and a much smaller one consisting of rows 21-24 For non #AvGeeks, the A380 is the first fully two story airplane. The Boeing 747, which has been around for decades, has an “upstairs,” but only in the first portion of the airplane. The A380, though, has an entire second story to the airplane. It’s the first flying double decker. That is incredibly cool. It also means that most A380s can hold up to almost 500 passengers. That can take a long time to board.I knew I’d be up for a while, so when the tea and coffee cart rolled around, I elected to have tea, which was strong and well suited for the night.

Say what you want about airlines, airplanes, or airports, but when you see the A380 up close, you have to tip your cap to the engineers and designers who created this amazing flying machine. For something that big to take off and fly thousands of miles is truly an engineering marvel.  Lufthansa A380 first class seat controls. The other arm rest has quick access buttons for media and for calling for service, which is very convenient. Lufthansa A380 first class media controls. Lufthansa A380 first class media controls. There were also three storage compartments on the side of the seat, though one of them was designed to store. After another half hour of working the WiFi stopped working over southern China. We had been flying over China for quite a while, so I’m surprised it took so long for the WiFi to stop working. Soon after that the pilot came on describing that we’d be landing soon, and the cabin was prepared for landing. I put my seat upright and my window open so I could enjoy the back of the A380 wing.

O n 26th October 2017, Singapore Airlines announced that their newest A380 aircraft, fitted with the latest suites, business, premium economy and economy class products, would make its debut on flight SQ221, the Singapore to Sydney route, from 18th December.. A week later, we found ourselves at the Suntec Convention Centre witnessing the live launch of the new cabin products for this aircraft I had a quick peek at the economy class cabin, which seemed reasonably comfortable. Since these seats are technologically more advanced and have a much better entertainment selection than Lufthansa’s A340 seats, in this configuration and with this privacy I’d call these seats the best economy seats in Lufthansa’s fleet.

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Watch the video to see what you can expect from Emirates Business Class on our A380. Or explore our immersive 3D cabin. BUSINESS CLASS. Get a full night's rest. A seat that seamlessly reclines into a fully flat bed with a soft, comfy mattress and a cosy blanket - hello sweet dreams! Emirates A380 Business Class cabin features; About us Turns out that Lufthansa only catered one bottle of the rose Champagne, and the other Champagne was an off-menu bottle, a 2000 vintage of Henriot Cuvée des Enchanteleurs brut.

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The bathrooms even feature a bunch of extra amenities like Evian facial spray, shaving sets, makeup remover and moist towelettes. The only thing missing is a shower.With over 70 countries and counting, Amber travels With Husband In Tow. Together, Amber and Eric seek new adventures in food travel. We travel on our stomachs. The Lufthansa A340 Business Class seat. If you think British Airways is behind the times with its Business Class seat, Lufthansa is arguably worse. This is the airline which ordered its A380 aircraft with sloping seats in Business Class. Since that blunder, Lufthansa has been making amends by rolling out a fully flat seat

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  1. A380! Finally, I got to fly with the big Airbus A380 by Lufthansa. On a short 10:55 hour flight from Frankfurt to Los Angeles, I was travelling in the cheapest most affordable category, in Economy.Lufthansa offers 4 categories to travel in their Airbus A380's on long-haul flights: Economy Class, Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class.The seating in Economy is 3-4-3, in Premium.
  2. Lufthansa will fits its new premium economy seating across its A380 fleet between March 29 and April 22 and, from mid-summer 2015, fully-flat business seating will also be available on all A380.
  3. The good news about Lufthansa first class is that you don’t need to go searching for fare sales and mistake fares. It’s easily booked with miles and points — as long as you know what you’re doing. Here at TPG, we’ve dedicated numerous posts to help you redeem your miles for Lufthansa first class. I won’t rehash the details here, but be sure to check out our ultimate guide to booking Lufthansa first-class awards. And with the launch of the TPG Points Lab, we’ve even crunched the numbers on which U.S. routes have the most first-class award seats.
  4. Pic: Lufthansa First Class tickets - Frankfurt to Singapore on A380 (Jul 2013) Back in December 2012, I gave my parents two Lufthansa First Class round trip tickets to Singapore as their Christmas present. They had never been to Asia before, so I promised them I would join as their tour guide. Two First Class ticket

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The bed itself was comfortable, as you could control the hardness of the seat. The blanket Lufthansa offers is also quilted, so it was really comfortable for me. I slept extremely well until the lights came on for the meal service.*Bonus value is an estimated value calculated by TPG and not the card issuer. View our latest valuations here.The forward cabin, while massive, featured several partitions in an effort to make the cabin seem less cavernous.

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The lower deck features a few massive A380 economy cabins in a 3-4-3 configuration. The seats seemed wide, though they didn’t seem extremely well padded. The A380 services flights from Frankfurt to Singapore, Hong Kong, Delhi, Shanghai and Beijing with business class seats on the upper deck. The excellent 747-8, the latest generation jumbo, flies between Bangalore, Seoul and Tokyo with both upstairs and downstairs business class cabins

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Lufthansa A380 Amenity Kit Business Class . only tin case. never used. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Shipping and handling. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location British Airways | Executive Club - BA A380 business class vs. Lufthansa 747-8 new business class - Hello all Another question for business class comparison. Did a quick search and couldn't find anything How would you compare BA's A380 business class vs. Lufthansa's 747-8 new business class in terms of: 1) Seat? 2) Food Both Champagnes were quite good, but I slightly preferred the rose, so I was sad to see that bottle finished on the ground. Once airborne, I had a glass of the Henriot along with an amuse-bouche of cheese and a spring roll. Lufthansa Premium Economy from Johannesburg to Frankfurt A380-800 July 2015 I'm not the tallest/biggest of men at 6ft 1in and 80Kg but Economy is definitely a tight squeeze. Premium economy seemed like a decent compromise between plush business and tight economy class The always classy Lufthansa First Class cabin although it lacks the private of the closed suite products. After a couple of really disappointing Lufthansa flights, today was a most pleasant surprise. A wonderful and attentive crew provided flawless service. And even the food was edible today

I've reviewed Lufthansa first class many times before, though it has been years since I've reviewed their A380 first class. Our flight was departing from gate D9 and was scheduled to depart at 3:50PM, though the inbound flight was delayed, so the departure time was rescheduled for 4:15PM I’ve heard reports from friends and colleagues that Lufthansa’s Wi-Fi hasn’t been working nearly as well as it used to, but I found speeds and coverage to be great throughout my flight. Our journey to Europe to attend the annual TBEX conference began in Da Nang, Vietnam. Not exactly the largest airport in the world, but good enough to get us to Hanoi’s Noi Boi International Airport, where we took a short three and a half hour flight to Beijing International. A quick, yet uncomfortable overnight in Beijing then our eagerly awaited ten plus hours of Lufthansa Business Class comfort. Lufthansa Fleet Airbus A380-800 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout. Lufthansa flies this version of their Airbus A380-800 in a four class configuration with 8 First Class open suites, 78 flat bed Business Class seats, 52 Premium Economy seats, and 371 standard Economy seats After the escort arrived 90 seconds later, we began our dash to the lounge. The escort took me to the front of the special passport control line. Once my passport was stamped, I was escorted to a VIP security lane. Security didn’t take long, and the agent walked me to the lounge where she bade me farewell only 10 minutes after meeting me at the check-in counter.

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The last improvement that Lufthansa’s made to the first-class amenities is the introduction of one free Wi-Fi voucher per first-class passenger. Lufthansa’s Wi-Fi network, FlyNet, now charges $34 for 24 hours of internet access with a 1 GB limit, so the voucher definitely came in handy for me.The pillow provided was similar to the reading pillow I have at home. I loved how large and squishy it was, easily one of the best business class airline pillows I’ve had.

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The crew were very chirpy and were warmly welcoming people on board. In addition to the normal pre-departure drink of water, orange juice and sparkling wine, they were also offering a Singapore Sling. I felt it would be rude to say no and one was brought straight over. Lufthansa's A380 business class configuration will be a 2-2-2 layout, similar to the main deck of its Boeing 747-8. The seats in the centre pair of the 747-8 boast an extra-wide centre console with plenty of elbow room to go around I love Lufthansa first class (have I mentioned that?) and particularly love the tan and beige finishes across the cabin. I’m also fond of the signature Lufthansa first-class branding and roses at the front of each seat. The 6-year-old Airbus A380 was still in great shape, but I did notice pen marks on parts of my seat.With each course, the flight attendant brought out a bread basket and offered me a piece of bread. Unsurprisingly, I had way too many pretzels.

New Lufthansa Premium Economy To Debut on Boeing 747-8sLufthansa's A380 comes to SFO: 6 things you should knowReview of Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Detroit in

Lufthansa has announced a new First Class amenity kit that will begin to appear on long haul flights in mid-April. They also announced a limited edition kit coming to Business Class for May and June. The First Class kit, made by ESCADA will replace the different variations of kits that passengers find onboard currently On Flight Experience on Lufthansa Business Class A380. On board, we quickly found our seats on the upper deck of the aircraft. Although the lower level of the A380 takes a long time to board about 300 economy passengers, we settled in quickly and started to enjoy our Lufthansa Business Class experience I slept pretty well actually – must have been a good seven or eight hours before I woke up with perhaps a couple of hours to go. The seat is very good for sleeping, with my only criticism being that it’s perhaps a little narrow. After I work, I popped into the galley and the crew very kindly made me a double espresso.All in all, Lufthansa first class continues to be a great and comfortable way to fly. The fact that you can book the seat with miles is just the cherry on top. That's where Lufthansa Business Class from Nice to Frankfurt comes in. I had told both my parents that a big goal of the trip was that they would circle the globe in the best first class products. They'd flown Cathay First , Singapore Suites , Singapore First , and the Etihad Apartments

CABIN TOUR of Air France Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner | ECONOMY

Lufthansa operates the Airbus A380 on flights to New Delhi, which has over 78 business class seats on the upper deck. It's hardly a personalized product and you can really feel part as if you are part of a production line given how big the cabin is on this aircraft I returned to my seat and tried to connect to the WiFi, and had difficulty, though I quickly realised it was a fault of my computer and not the WiFi itself. The WiFi is priced at ~US$18 (~HK$142), which is an absolute steal, especially since I needed it desperately to clutch my science assignment. One issue with the payment is that if paying with PayPal, a code would be sent to your mobile phone. The flight attendant said that there was mobile service in the air which your phone could connect to, though that was, unfortunately, non-existent. Fortunately, my dad also had his credit card on him, though I’m wondering where the flight attendant gets her mobile data from in the air.

The 11 best first class seats in the world and their

Flight Review: Lufthansa A380 First Class Frankfurt to

Singapore Airlines tops SkyTrax world’s best airline list

As is my preference, I decided to choose the right window seats at the very back of the cabin. My dad took the aisle seat, and offered me the window. Otherwise, the service just didn’t seem very personal, perhaps because we shared the cabin with almost 60 other business class passengers. It’s true that most of the business class flights we’ve taken have been in much smaller cabins, allowing for a more personalized service.

Lufthansa A380 Business Class. Frankfurt Main - Los Angeles, Airbus A380-800, Business Class . 28th October 2015 . Lufthansa operates a daily flight from Frankfurt to Los Angeles with all flights being operated by the huge Airbus A380-800. The flight departs Frankfurt at 1010 and arrives in Los Angeles the same afternoon, at 1250. I checked it. Business Class: 70 (1/2/1) (Upper Deck) Premium Economy: None. Economy Class: 428 (3/4/3) (Main Deck and Upper Deck) WiFi: No. AC Power: Only in First Class and Business Class. Review: China Southern A380 Revie I don’t shy away from desserts on planes, so I decided to go all out and try both the chili-mango sago soup and the Black Forest almond cake. The two desserts couldn’t have been more different in terms of flavor, but they were both excellent in their own way.For dessert, I chose the cinnamon mousse with plum compote and whipped cream. The elements fit together, I guess, but it definitely wasn’t the most cohesive dessert I’ve ever had. It wasn’t as bad as some of the horror stories I’ve heard regarding Lufthansa desserts, such as elderflower soup – this dessert was just fine.

Just flown Lufthansa A380 business class from JNB-Frankfurt. Very disappointed .Has to be the worst business class offering of all carriers. And on a cutting edge aircraft. Seats are very narrow and far from lie flat and impossible to sleep on. Don't waste your money. I would have thought the Germans would have done things properly Singapore’s Changi airport is one of those that I’m quite conflicted about. It’s generally very efficient indeed, however there are some very long walks involved, and the carpets there are a sight to behold.The drink selection was one of the most extensive I’d ever seen. Not only was there tons of top-shelf liquor, but there was also a dedicated gin-and-tonic menu (with over 40 gins and 10 tonics) and a water menu.I worked for around four hours, then called it quits as I was getting really tired and I knew I had completely messed up my sleep schedule. I went to brush my teeth, and saw that it was already light outside, due to the window in the business class lavatory in front of the main cabin. I took my camera there and took some pictures of the stunning A380 wing, where I was able to capture both engines.

Meanwhile the business class mini-cabin was still filling up, so I took the opportunity to snap a last few cabin pictures before moving on to exploring my seat.The middle seats basically share a larger ottoman, though there’s a partition in the middle. I can’t imagine it’d do much separation, so it’s still prone to awkward footsie between strangers throughout the flight.

The remainder of the first-class amenities and IFE haven’t changed in a while. The seats still feature a 16.5-inch IFE screen that’s beginning to show its age. These screens were quite good when they were originally launched, but a lot has changed since then.All the seating areas were beautifully decorated for fall, and my short stay in the lounge ended too quickly. At least I left in style — with a personal, chauffeured drive to the plane in a Porsche Cayenne.

EL AL's Beautiful New 787 Dreamliner: Pictures + VideoLufthansa destinations map and travel information

Hot foods included fried rice, “prok” chops, steamed vegetables and sole fish with herbs. There were some cold items like a sushi platter and charcuterie board, but nothing looked especially appetizing.The seat is flawed in different ways to the Club World seat, but I think perhaps less badly (but that’s highly subjective). It’s only six across as opposed to seven across with Club World, and there are fewer seats where you don’t have access to the aisle. However, there’s less privacy. Internet access is available across their entire fleet.Before I deplaned I asked if I could take some pictures of the first class cabin, and was promptly admitted. I made sure to take as many pictures of the cabin as possible.

The A380 becomes even quieter with such features as sound-insulating curtains and footfall sound insulation, which help reduced background noise. This is comfort at its best. The design of Lufthansa's First Class Lounge has been carried over into the flagship A380's First Class section Lufthansa flies this version of their Airbus A380-800 in a four class configuration with 8 First Class open suites, 78 flat bed Business Class seats, 52 Premium Economy seats, and 371 standard Economy seats Lufthansa Airbus A380-800 Business Class Appetiser – Prawns with Sea Beans, Potato Salad and Tomato JellyThough the seat itself isn’t necessarily revolutionary, it’s still incredibly comfortable and reasonably private. The amenities recently got a refresh, and the food and beverages were delectable.I booked my golden ticket as a multicity journey from Kiev, Ukraine, as part of a fare sale earlier this year. My outbound flight from Kyiv (IEV) to Zurich, Switzerland (ZRH), to Bangkok, Thailand (BKK), was aboard Swiss’s flagship first-class product, and this return trip was from Shanghai to Frankfurt and back to Kyiv. We paid less than $2,500 for that multicity ticket, a relative steal compared to the typical $7,000-plus fares.

Email (required) (Address never made public) Name (required) Website You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. ( Log Out /  Change ) That said, I do find it very comfortable. Waiting at my seat was a pillow and a quilt. In addition, as this was a longer flight, there was also a mattress pad. THE LOUNGE The dedicated business class lounge for A380 passengers is located in Fraport's C concourse. (First class travellers have their own terminal and are chauffeured right up to the aircraft)

The A380 does feature Lufthansa's new First Class product, but the CEO of the German airline has explained that seat manufacturers were unable to supply the necessary quantity in time. The good news is that Lufthansa is now in the process of retrofitting its A380s with the new Business Class - presumably at considerable expense We rolled to the runway and soon took off, and I admired the night scenery of Frankfurt from above, though couldn’t capture any good pictures. Maximize your travel. Search @thepointsguy Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter About Jobs at TPG Team Contact Us Beginner Guide Charity Shop Site Map Search Sign up for our daily newsletter Sign up I would like to subscribe to The Points Guy newsletters and special email promotions. The Points Guy will not sell your email. See PRIVACY POLICY. Please enter a valid email address Please check mailing preferences Sign-up Successful! Welcome to The Points Guy!I wanted to photograph the premium economy cabin, and the flight attendant there offered to walk me through the premium economy cabin and through business class (before realising I wasn’t seated in economy class after seeing my slippers). However, she said that I needed “special permission” to take pictures of the premium economy cabin. I wasn’t sure what she was on about, but I was too tired to argue and had better things to do – the premium economy cabin looked decent, with modern seats that looked well padded.

Terms Apply Learn More Terms Apply CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Mastercard® Limited Time Offer Limited Time Offer: 70,000 bonus miles65,000 miles Learn More Group Created with Sketch. Terms Apply Learn More Terms Apply Hilton Honors Aspire Card from American Express Current Offer 150,000 bonus points Learn More Group Created with Sketch. Terms Apply See all cards Boarding began just a few minutes behind schedule, with first-class passengers invited to board first via the upper-deck jetbridge.After pointing me towards the right aisle, I asked if I could take a few pictures. The purser said “well you’re first onboard, so go ahead”.The contents of the amenity kit were basically what you’d expect, including a dental kit, hand cream, earplugs and an eye mask.

Frankfurt - Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) My wife and I flew on LH778 and LH 779 on 24.2.16 and 25.3.16 respectively. We paid a total of £280 for 2 seat reservations with extra leg room. We occupied seats 75B and 75C on the outward and inward flights. These seats were by the 4 toilets and we were constantly prevented from sleeping by. Lufthansa Airbus A380-800 Business Class Main Course – Herb and Curry Crusted Grouper, Snow Peas, Tomato Fennel Salsa and Long Grain RiceWe were soon passed out menus, and in one of the compartments of the seat I found myself a bottle of still Elisabethen water.

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