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The first higher school secrete cult in Nigeria came into existence in 1952 when a group of seven (7) students lead by Wole Soyinka Olumuyiwa, Awe, Raph, Opora, Dir Aif-Imokhunede, Junji Tubi and Oly Agunoloye formed the sea dogs confraternity (AKA Pirates) in the university of Ibadan (Nigeria) The Confraternity of Our Mother of Perpetual Help in Nigeria held her Annual National Convention at the National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help Enugu, Nigeria, from the 2nd-4th November 2018. The theme for this year's Convention was 'Convention of the Most Holy Rosary'. It was a spirit filled one as Archbishop Augustine [

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  1. This occurrence often marks the beginning of their prostitution affairs. They act as spies and prostitutes as they bring in information of the inner activities and plans of rival cults and lay ambushes for them should the situation warrant it. They have also been known to participate in kidnapping as well as armed robbery.
  2. Apart from the characteristics of a Black Bra member, the initiation process is another interesting thing about the group.
  3. g to their land. Nevertheless, they couldn’t provide any adequate resistance to the invaders.
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The ROF is the offspring of Ogboni Fraternity. According to the Facebook page of ROF, the organization was founded in 1918. The ROF do not consider themselves a part of any secret society! They are not associated with any political party.The group was made up of a bunch of individuals who were of high academic and intellectual capability. It was intended to be a group whose business was to stand up for the rights of the oppressed and their fights mostly took the form of protests; as they was no known  acts of violence carried out by this group at the time. Another early fraternity founded in Nigeria is the Supreme Eiye Confraternity. It also started at the University of Ibadan and was later registered as a cultural association. The confraternity 'Eiye' which means 'bird' in the Yoruba language was also known as the National Association of Air Lords The Aborigine Ogboni Fraternity for today is the traditional religion which is spread not only amongst Yoruba people, but other tribes in Africa. It can also be called one of the traditional religions in Africa and Worldwide. It represents the importance of good faith and resistance of people.

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The social movement known as cultism has its roots in a confraternity organization established by the renowned Nigerian Nobel literature laureate Wole Soyinka and his friends in 1952 at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria's oldest “In the Niger Delta region, politics is impossible without having groups. The character of politics in Rivers State is the bigger driver. For you to gain any political relevance and prominence, it is just by how much arms you wield. That is why it is easy to create Deywell, Deybam, Icelanders and Greenlanders as standby groups waiting for political contestation. It is for this reason that almost every four years there is a spike in cult related killings. Politics is driving this principally,” he said.

Reformed Ogboni Fraternity is also referred as ROF. It shares the same principles and organization like the Ogboni Fraternity. Nevertheless, they still have some differences that you should know if you don’t want to misunderstand them. A popular pastor, Solomon Oladimeji, who is founder of Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Orisun-Ayo, with branches at Alapere, Ketu, and Odogunyan in Ikorodu area of Lagos, has confessed to being a member of the Ogboni confraternity The Pyrates Confraternity was founded to fight societal ills. In 1972, in Jolly Rogers 1, Odas had ceased to be Odas, each and every creed of the Pyrates Confraternity was turned upside down with corruption and nepotism assuming exalted positions therein An alleged kingpin and his gang members who constantly terrorized people have been arrested by the Police in Ikorodu. Officials of the Special Strike Force on Social Miscreants have arrested a deadly Aiye Confraternity Kingpin, Sikiru Samuel a.k.a Samora and eight members of his gang in Ikorodu and recovered one double barrel gun from social [ Vikings Confraternity - sailors. 5K likes. We are here to learn the ethics of vahalism...let us observe all protocols that we may graduate out of this institution with a flyin colour...never u let..

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  1. The elusive group, feared in Nigeria for its brutality, has been exerting undue influence over the Nigerian diaspora in Canada, as well as engaging in organized crime and violence, police.
  2. Etefia said: “The first way we can go about this thing is that parents need to have more time for their children; you do not just send them off to school and forget about them. I was shocked to realise that primary schools close by 2:30p.m these days whereas in my days it was 1pm. Today, some kids even stay back for lessons until 5:00p.m and the parents come to pick them by 6:00p.m.
  3. One of the founding fathers of Pyrates Confraternity, the first Campus Cult group in Nigeria Prof. Muyiwa Awe (now Pastor) said at The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Eruwa, Oyo State that for almost 20.
  4. That document was signed by the Pyrates Confraternity in December 2000, many years after 1984. (16years). Sir, are you also aware that the Buccaneers Association of Nigeria is registered and the Supreme Eiye Confraternity is registered by C.A. C.
  5. Human sacrifice has been practiced in various religions throughout the world. There is only some controversial information about Ogboni human sacrifices. You may meet this information in your local news, like “Young Man Kill For Refusal To Join Cult Group,” “My Son Was Killed By Cult Group” and so on.
  6. Nigerian Eiye confraternity Gang leader, members arrested in Italy (video) A Nigerian man believed to be the Gang leader of the Supreme Eiye confraternity has been arrested by the authorities in Treviso area of Italy
  7. Why do they use left hand? It’s simple! According to their belief – the left hand is for gods, and the right hand is for humans.

An Assessment of Black Axe Confraternity Cult in Nigeria: Its Impact on the University Educational System Article (PDF Available) · January 2017 with 42,128 Reads How we measure 'reads Security personnel were not on ground to arrest the suspects, who didn’t show any sign of fear while committing the act.Again, just last week, a man was also shot dead by suspected cultists at Tafawa Balewa road also in Jos North. Tafawa Balewa is a busy federal road in Jos North but it is increasingly becoming a danger zone due to cult activities. As a result, the residents do not go out from 7.00p.m. Even security personnel hardly patrol the area late in the night, especially when there is no electricity supply.An elder statesman, who does not want his name in print, described the rise in cult activities in the state as the “handiwork of advanced socialisation.” He stated that cult killings were unheard of in the past when there was community cooperation where a neighbour could discipline another person’s child and receive appreciation from his/her parents. What is more interesting about Ogboni is their undesired to open up to the society. It seems that people who are part of this secret society have no permission to tell anybody about the affiliation to the society. Nevertheless, even if women are permitted to be part of the society, the highest position is still to be occupied by the elder and most powerful man. As the nation prepares for 2019 election, the members of National Association of Seadogs, (NAS) Pyrates Confraternity embarked on the second phase of their Our Votes Counts (OVC) nation-wide sensitization and awareness campaign. Their aim is to adequately educate the electorates and the politicians alike on the dangers of vote buying, rigging, election violence, thugry, [ confraternity on Nigeria campus. The emergence of campus cult as they are known in Nigeria today began in early 1970s with a split in Pirates confraternity. In 1972 Bolaji Carew and several others were expelled from the pirates for failing to meet the expected standards (Denga, 1986)..

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  1. Posts about Maphite Confraternity written by SaferNigeria. On 19 May, at least six people were feared killed in renewed clashes between two rival cult groups, the Black Axe and Eiye fraternities, in Benin City, Edo State.. According to local sources, two of the victims were killed in Ekosodin, a village near the University of Benin, which had been the theatre of recurrent clashes between the.
  2. Cultism has also extended to the streets as we find uneducated individuals trying to make a good living by applying to be members of a cult group because they believe it is a quick way to gain power, respect and an income. These cultists harass and oppress non-members and are usually responsible for robberies and killings in the environment.
  3. confraternity in the old Oyo Empire are ever-green. Until recently, this secret society enthroned and dethroned traditional rulers and influenced political appointments and opportunities in Nigeria. Against this background, therefore, I now narrow down this discussion to the emergence and proliferation of campus secret cults in Nigeria
  4. Black Bra Confraternity: Body marks People can have body marks due to accidents or other unsavoury events but this is different with a confraternity member. Usually, they get their marks or scars from their initiation or from clashes with members of rival cult groups

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  1. THE CONFRATERNITY (Mafia confraternity) This was founded in the University of Ife in 1972. Their colour is green, and their symbol is a casket with two staffs aligned to it
  2. What can be concluded about Ogboni Fraternity Symbols and Society? They do their work quite well! There is almost no information about them. It’s hoped that they will reveal their secrets to all people one day! Right now, you can only enjoy the part of the information which is still available!
  3. With Over 50 Cult Groups, Rivers Is Nigeria’s Hotbed Of Cultism From Kelvin Ebiri, Port Harcourt IN recent months, Rivers State has been in the grip of vicious cult violence. The atrocious activities of these cult groups are forcing people, particularly in the rural areas, to flee their homes in record numbers.Presently, a climate of fear pervades several communities in Rivers State, especially in the Ogoni area, where cult related homicides have been on the rise since this year.
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  5. “I was lucky to escape and this was basically because I was still on my way to school that day when one of the members called me to alert me of the danger in the school. It was terrible because most of my friends were arrested and taken away by the police.“I do not see what I have benefitted from it except the power we showed from time to time to indicate that we run things in the school. We were not afraid of any teacher and nobody could tell us what to do in the school,” she disclosed.

The Greenlanders killed one Icelander member and three other innocent persons, including Mr Baribefe Bornu, a respected community activist, who played an important role in efforts by the Bodo community to hold the Shell oil company to account for two massive spills caused by operational failure in 2008.A prominent activist who pleaded anonymity told The Guardian that after these two tragic cult violence occurred in Bodo, many streets in the community were deserted. According to the source, the locals believe that the night is for the cultists, as that is when they do most of their killings.Confraternities in Nigeria began as a term for fraternities in the American college sense, university-based social organisations. This all-female cult is considered the most deadly in Nigeria because they are silent killers. You don’t get to hear their crime in the news because they work underground.These individuals were collectively referred to as the magnificent seven. They came together to form the first confraternity called Pyrates also known as the National Association of Sea Dogs. This confraternity could be said to have been crafted to look like the fraternities and sororities of North American origin.

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  1. One of the conditions prior to joining the Black Bra cult is being deflowered or sex romp on the day of initiation. This occurs in the presence of other members of the cult.
  2. The Confraternity numbers into the thousands of members in Nigeria and they are quite active. They are generously supported by the Episcopal Conference of Nigeria and they, in turn, support the education of future priests (the Mothers pay for the education of three priests every year in each diocese where they're represented)
  3. “There are some families that once the children are back from school, the lesson teacher takes over till about 7:00p.m. The parents don’t even look at their home works. So, I believe that parents should have more time for their children. When they have more time for their children, they will impact the right values and in so doing protect them against being lured into cult groups at young age.” Youth President, Kingdom Outreach Ministries Ikotun Egbe, Lagos, Adebiyi Daniel also believes that good parenting helps to keep children off dangerous paths.
  4. als. Among them were some secondary school students who are within the age bracket of 17 and 20. They were said to be members of different cult groups in their different schools.
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Donazioni: C/C Banca Popolare Etica, Filiale di Padova IBAN IT66 P050 1812 1010 00000114445 5X1000 a Perilmondo Onlus: c.f. 92165960284 La confraternita Eiye (Supreme Eiye Confraternity Although there are over 50 cult groups in existence in Rivers State, the Deybam, Deywell/Icelander and Greenlander have been blamed for some of the notorious violence recorded in the state of late. Investigations showed that Klansman confraternity formed the Deybam cult group as their street wing. Deybam in the parlance of Klansman confraternity means be strong.

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NaijaGists.com – Nigerian Nollywood Entertainment News & Motivation DIY Blog Business Ideas, Natural Health & Relationship TipsOdo, who said he abandoned school to learn plumbing, disclosed that “this is to ensure that I operate better in the midst of the members, most of whom are students in their junior or senior classes.” He gave names of other cult groups existing in the state as Black Axe, White Angels for Women, Black Brass for women and Vikings for boys and girls, explaining however that White Angels cult is a sub-cult for female folks in T-Stars and Ayez Confraternities.He added: “Intended girls in secondary schools who want to belong to White Angels confraternity are gang raped before initiation. It is a criterion they must fulfill for membership. That is to say that when any girls withstand such, she can automatically handle any situation, because there are other things associated with the group.” The Pyrates Confraternity A.K.A 'The National Association of SeaDogs'. As mentioned earlier, this was the first secret cult confraternity which was formed in 1952. The Pyrates is one of the Secret Cults In Nigeria.The SeaDogs confraternity was formed to fight tribalism and marginalization in Nigeria university system

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Only recently, the State Post Primary School Management Board (PPSM) expelled nine female students of Urban Girls Secondary School, Enugu, over their membership of various cult groups. The board had warned that any student found to belong to a cult group would not only be sent packing, but would not be allowed to school within the state. Enugu State Police Public Relations Officer, Ebere Amaraizu, said the desire to contain cultism in the state has led to the establishment of the Police Campaign Against Cultism and other Social Vices (POCACOV).The initiation process into female confraternities takes a rather brutal form. They promise power and financial connections however when been weighted with what they undergo to become members it hardly appears to be worth it. Initiation ceremonies are a cruel affair especially for the female confraternities. March 29, 2014 - Confession Of Former Ogboni Cultist Group Member In Nigeria \'I joined Ogboni \'Cos I Wanted Riches\' His desperation to acquire wealth pushed him to join the Ogboni confraternity but 15 years after his initiation into the cult, Chris Obi realized he could only get what he wanted so badly if he surrenders that which is dear to him, his first son At the time, the pioneer members of the Pyrates called themselves the “Magnificent Seven” the vision of the group at that time was to differentiate themselves from the hypocritical and affluent middle class folks that dominated the University of Ibadan campus at that time. The motto adopted was “Against all conventions”

To enable commenting and other interactive features, please switch to the more advanced . The confraternity remained in the University of Ibadan from 1972 till 1976 when the idea of a national outlook was conceived. This led to decks being established in various institutions of higher learning around Nigeria and aboard The establishments of female confraternities did not begin until the 1900s and has gradually become popular; maybe not as much as their male counterparts but popular all the same. As the name connotes female confraternities are made up of all-female members. These confraternities usually do not operate independent of the male folk, In other words they have the backing of a male confraternity. They are quite a number of them within the University system. We have the black bra, daughters of jezebel, Viqueens and many more. Female confraternities mostly act as spies for their male counterparts and are involved in set ups and prostitution. The letter, dated November 3, reads, Dear Chukwudi Okoh; We the Aborigine Fraternity of Nigeria also known as Ogboni fraternity hereby warn you against character assassination Bariga Aiye Confraternity kills the only surviving son of woman who lost 10 babies. Bariga Aiye Confraternity kills the only surviving son of woman who lost 10 babies. WITHIN NIGERIA is an online news media that focuses on authoritative stories,.

A confraternity (Spanish: cofradía; Portuguese: confraria) is generally a Christian voluntary association of lay people created for the purpose of promoting special works of Christian charity or piety, and approved by the Church hierarchy. They are most common among Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans and the Western Orthodox.When a confraternity has received the authority to aggregate to. The religiosity of the members and their desire for a personal reward in the afterlife were reflected in confraternity activities, such as assisting with burials by donating burial robes or monetary payment, attending the burial mass, volunteering in the local hospitals, organization of and participation in religious fiesta days, giving dowries for local orphans, selling and preparing bread used for local religious holidays, escorting the condemned during the inquisition, burying the dead during epidemics and other charitable acts as deemed appropriate by the confraternity members or parish priest.[5] Society could not function strictly through government programs because there was also a need to take care of matters such as burials, and provide for the poor and indigent. While government can and did maintain programs to handle these needs, they were better managed by lay organizations or the "neighbor helping neighbor" theory.[6] In Nigeria, a confraternity (Cultism) is a group that is nominally university-based, though 'street and creek' confraternities began in the 1990s.The first confraternity, the Pyrates Confraternity was created as a social organization for promising students. However, as new confraternities were formed, they became increasingly violent through the 1970s and 1980s

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The information of initiation process may vary. The only thing you may need to know is that you have to get rid of something that is the most valuable to you. That’s why it may include human sacrifice. Still, it’s only a rumour that has no real prof.What can be said about Reformed Ogboni Fraternity? Compare to other two groups, the ROF holds no secrets. The members of this group are free to disclose their personalities. Nobody is going to punish them for this, and they can also share the ideas of their community to other people.

The Aborigine Ogboni also played a major part during the colonial era. They provided a real help in saving the traditions of Yoruba people. Moreover, they provided real assistance in terms of creating the resistance against the colonial regime. It helped to promote the ideas of the indigenous society of Nigeria.It is not advisable to be a part of any confraternity be it male or female be it deadly or not as the cons far out-weigh the pros. Many have lost their lives and others live to regret their decisions. Security Operatives Burst EIYE Confraternity Human Trafficking Gang In Spain, Rescue 39 Victims Operatives of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), National. A confraternity (Spanish: cofradía; Portuguese: confraria) is generally a Christian voluntary association of lay people created for the purpose of promoting special works of Christian charity or piety, and approved by the Church hierarchy. They are most common among Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans and the Western Orthodox. When a confraternity has received the authority to aggregate to itself groups erected in other localities, it is called an archconfraternity.[1] An example is the Confraternity of the Rosary.

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  1. Black Bra is a female confraternity and as it is with many other groups, this sorority was formed in response to their male confraternities.
  2. The main objective of ROF is to launch a network that can spread the ideas through their supporters economically, politically and socially. They want to uphold the ideas of serving people and abide laws of the country and God. Therefore, they promote charity, benevolence, chastity and provide help to people in distress regardless of their nation, religion, colour of skin or membership status.
  3. Ogboni fraternity is an indigenous fraternal institution of the Yoruba language-speaking polities. They are spread in Togo, Republic of Benin, Nigeria and Edo. This society performs a range of various political, cultural, religious and economic functions. They are very close and exercise major influence to monarchs, presidents and community.
  4. Home » News » My horrifying Eiye confraternity initiation My horrifying Eiye confraternity initiation On April 23, 2017 8:26 am In Crime Guard , News by Nwafo
  5. “When I was in Junior Secondary School (JSS3), my grandmother died after a brief illness. About a year after, my grandfather died too and things changed. My uncle who was the eldest son took me in, but his wife couldn’t tolerate my shortfalls. I felt displaced and disconnected from everyone so I left home without telling anyone my whereabouts.

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Here is not enough information about the whole process of Ogbon initiation. What is really known is that you can’t become a member of this society just because you want to. There are certain steps where you should follow to take the interest of this organization. Do not forget that you are not the one who chooses Ogboni – they choose you. SUPREME EIYE CONFRATERNITY: IT IS A TIME FOR A CHANGE SUPREME EIYE CONFRATERNITY: IT IS A TIME FOR A CHANGE ''Eiye o ni sasun,eiye mbuta''meaning 'the bird has no cooking pot,but eat the best. The Supreme Eiye Confraternity is an ONLY indigenous brotherhood in the whole of Nigeria without any foreign Ogboni signs and symbols are usually connected with the idea of great mother Earth. They may be similar to other fraternities’ signs, like pyramids or eyes of God. Nevertheless, there is no certain information about that. Pyrates Confraternity isn't a cult, says Soyinka August 12, 2015 News 228 Views Noble laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, who is believed to have co-founded the Pyrates Confraternity in Nigeria, has said that it was wrong to lump cultism with confraternity, arguing that the two were not the same The earlier established confraternities seems to have lost its original purpose and the newly established ones seem to be set up for the purpose of perpetrating violent and merciless acts. The members of these groups can hardly be referred as academic or intellectual minds as their works speaks little of such.

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Many of them are severely beaten up or placed in unfair combat situations with men and sometimes females. Based on various testimonies of female cult members, the initiation process for females into some cults involves being brutally raped by at least one guy and in worst case scenarios as many five or six men. The females are mostly drugged and in a semi conscious state during this procedure.“There is tension everywhere because of the way these boys operate. In Bodo, by 7:00p.m, everyone is indoors because you don’t know when the boys will strike. Our people have accused a chief and a prominent politician of funding the Greenlanders,” he said.In Ogoni area of the state, cult related killings have become an everyday conversation among families since April this year.On May 19, cultists invaded Kono Boue community in Khana local council, killing 41 persons.  It was gathered that when they arrived the community, all women were ordered to leave before they went for their targets. The cultists went from house to house killing, maiming and burning houses. When they were done with their mission, initially 21 persons were confirmed dead, but before the end of the day, the casualty figure rose to 41.This next on the list is the Vikings cult it was established by three students in the University of Port Harcourt in 1982 who purportedly broke out of the buccaneer confraternity. This confraternity boasts of having members in high government offices which according to them guarantees its members a good future after graduation. Initiation is said to occur once in two years. They have street wings of this cult and this group has produced quite a number of outlaws. The Supreme Vikings Confraternity (SVC), also known as De Norsemen Club of Nigeria, which was founded in 1982 at the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT), Rivers State. This group is believed to have taken center-stage in the Niger-Delta insurgency. It is no secret that numerous political figures belong to this group

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Therefore, for today, all descendants of Oduduwa can generally be called Yoruba. The colonial era provided new ways of identification of Yoruba. The British Empire desired to distinguish various tribes and divide the country. “The bus driver and his conductor are members of the group. We know ourselves and we greet in our usual manner.  I leave our house at times to go to school and end up in one of the joints in town with some of the members,” she said.She said the modus operandi of the cult groups were similar, adding that “we are meant to love each other and support ourselves the best way we can.”She said she was forced to abandon the group when the state government engaged the services of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), to arrest suspected cultists in secondary schools in the state.

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Cultism in Nigeria began as far back as more than a millennia ago, with some alleged seven (7) men who name themselves as the Pyrate confraternity. In 1952, the renowned noble prize winner, Wole Soyinka was alleged to have started the first cultist group, which include six (6) other men, with the names, Ralph Opara, Ikhehare Aig-Imokhuede, Sylvanus Egbuchie, Nathaniel Oyelola, Pius Oleghe. “When you see a child who is into so much vices, find out who his or her parents are. You will certainly find the loopholes there. The only solution to the issue of rampant cultism in this country is to set a parameter for parenting. If you are not responsible to yourself, you cannot be responsible to someone else and as such, shouldn’t take up parenthood,” he said.

Supreme MOST EIYE Confraternity. 7,480 likes · 57 talking about this. Aviary Club Of Nigeria, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Worldwid Police arrest Aiye Confraternity leader, eight others over deadly attacks in Ikorodu. The Special Strike Force on Social Miscreants under the Lagos Police Command have arrested a kingpin of the Aiye Confraternity, Sikiru Samuel a.k.a Samora in Ikorodu... In response, the Supreme Vikings, which originated in Port Harcourt, responded by forming the Junior Vikings Confraternity (JVC). They later considered JVC inefficient and then formed the Deywell. And in a bid to further strengthen Deywell, an alliance was reached with some street cult groups in Okrika to form the Icelander. The trajectory has been JVC, Deywell and the Icelander. Findings also showed that lots of their esoteric terminologies are just the same with those of the Vikings. Nevertheless, there have been efforts to tame their activities in the state. Both the state government and council authorities had at different times granted amnesty to cultists with promises to train them and provide them entry into the workforce.Governor Nyesom Wike has warned cultists in the state to embrace the offer, declaring that his administration was working with security agencies to frontally go after cultists across the state. “We are going after all cultists and kidnappers in the state.  We will not spare anyone. Security agencies are prepared to tackle these cultists and kidnappers.  For us, we are releasing further logistics support to them.  By the time this crackdown starts, we will not listen to any pleading,” he said. Deybam in the parlance of Klansman confraternity means be strong. In response, the Supreme Vikings, which originated in Port Harcourt, responded by forming the Junior Vikings Confraternity (JVC)

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It had a captain and solid rules that guided its activities which members were expected to adhere to or be kicked out. The seriousness of this rules were shown in 1972 when a group of individuals were expelled from this confraternity for failing to meet up with its high academic stand which was a necessity for membership. Define confraternity. confraternity synonyms, confraternity pronunciation, confraternity translation, English dictionary definition of confraternity. The Nigerian woman is suspected of playing a key role in an organised criminal network known as the 'Eiye Confraternity ' - which spanned Nigeria, Libya, Italy and Spain “Our patrol men are on the streets day and night trying to make sure that such gruesome activities do not occur again. We are working hard; police is working hard to curb cult activities in the state.” To the Chief Executive Officer of Church Girl Foundation, Mrs. Gedah Etefia, said the only way to curb cultism, especially in primary and secondary schools, is for parents to spend more time with their children.Some confraternities were very widely spread, especially in the cities of the Middle Ages. Confraternities could be important and wealthy institutions for the elite, as in for example, the Scuole Grandi of Venice. The Purgatorial societies and orders of flagellants were other specialized medieval types. The medieval French term puy designated a confraternity dedicated to artistic performance in music, song and poetry; the German meistersingers were similar, though typically imitating trade guilds in form. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, published, broadcast or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from NaijaGists.com. Contact: naijagistnews@gmail.com.

You can almost tell a sorority member by her appearance. Their rugged and wild look is one feature that can’t be overlooked. Usually, this mien is quite intentional as it tends to create fear or intimidate those around. Also, members tend to live a life of heavy drug and alcohol use which can be observed from their speech and mannerisms. Introduction The Nigerian university system is being ravaged by the menace of secret cults among the student population. Secret cult associations have infiltrated virtually all Nigerian institutions of higher learning and function to varying degrees of intensity in the various universities, including the military university. The southern universities have, however, dominated the discussions on. There is no strong evidence that this cult is killing people. What is known for today is the idea that this cult might be accustomed to human sacrifices. The first higher school secrete cult in Nigeria came into existence in 1952 when a group of seven (7) students lead by Wole Soyinka Olumuyiwa, Awe, Raph, Opora, Dir Aif-Imokhunede, Junji Tubi and Oly Agunoloye formed the sea dogs confraternity (AKA Pirates) in the university of Ibadan. There was nothing secreted then when it was newly introduced (NHRC) of Nigeria, a commission established by the Nigerian government (Nigeria n.d.a) that, among other activities, investigates complaints and provides conflict resolution services (ibid. n.d.b), indicated that the NHRC, which has not conducted detailed research on the Black Axe confraternity, has limited knowledge of this organization (5.

Confraternity members usually have double lives. Their movement and actions are often suspicious. If you know one, she’ll probably tell lies to cover up her movement and activities. Also, it is quite common for them to have a double identity. For example, the real name of a Black Bra member often differs from what she’s called by her friends and fraternity members.They pursue their cause with brazen audacity and outright disregard for the laws of the country and law enforcement agents. The arrest and prosecution of some of their members is no deterrent to the majority of them.Just last Thursday, unidentified gunmen suspected to be cultists killed no fewer than 10 persons and razed the home of the President of the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP), Legoborsi Pyagbara, at Nyokuru in Khana council of Rivers State. Reports had it that the gunmen raided Taabaa, Nyokuru and Okwala communities between last Tuesday and Wednesday. The incident is just one of the many reported cases of cult killings/violence across the country, an indication that unlike in the past when cultism was limited mainly to university campuses, it is now regular on the streets.Cultist often has specific language which they use in communication. They use these signs and codes to pass information to their fellow confraternity members. This prevents outsiders from decoding their movement or actions and to keep things secret where possible.This is arguably one of the most popular female confraternity in the country. They are termed a brutal and dangerous bunch. They run prostitution outfits and provide spies for their allied confraternities amongst other things; their symbol is a black bra.A lot of initiations have been known to take place on and shortly after the matriculation ceremony students are usually warned to control their movements on such days.

Various other congregations such as of the Holy Trinity, of the Scapular, etc., were founded between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries. From the latter century onwards, these pious associations have multiplied greatly.[1] The Archconfraternity of the Gonfalone was headquartered in the Church of Santa Lucia del Gonfalone. Because of their white hooded robes, they were identified as the "White Penitents". They were established in 1264 at Rome. St. Bonaventure, at that time Inquisitor-general of the Holy Office, prescribed the rules, and the white habit, with the name Recommendati B. V. [3] To keep and obey the Laws and Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and those of any other Country in which one resides. (ROF 30 May 2010d) As of 2010, R.O.F has 940 conclaves known as. Well, for now, it’s clear to you the difference between all of these societies. All of them may share the same symbols and traditions. Still, the most interesting society here is Ogboni Secret Society. In Nigeria, a confraternity is a group that is nominally university-based, though 'street and creek' confraternities began in the 1990s. The first confraternity, the Pyrates Confraternity was created as a social organization for promising students. However, as new confraternities were formed, they became increasingly violent through the 1970s and 1980s

The term may have other meanings: The Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception is a renowned lay Marian apostolate in the Philippines known for administering the Grand Marian Procession parade on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. The historical development of secret cults in Nigeria dates back to 1952 when the Pyrates (Seadog Confraternity) was formed at the University of Ibadan by the likes of Professor Wole Soyinka, Pius Olegbe, AIg-Imokhuede, Olumniyiwo Awe, Nath Oyelola and Ralph Opara to fight injustice and oppression in the society TOP CULT GROUPS IN NIGERIA - THEIR COLORS AND WHAT THEY SERVE - OGFUNDS BLOG. - Origin of cult groups in Nigeria - confraternity - pirates confraternity -Vikings confraternity -eiye confraternity -aye confraternity -buccaneers confraternity - juries confraternity

Cultism in Nigeria - Confraternity in Schools Martins

Pyrates Confraternity, in service to humanity, wherever we exist. Prior to 1984, when the Pyrates Confraternity was in some tertiary institutions in Nigeria, we protected weak students, and stood resolutely against tribalism. In the 1970s,1980s and 1990s, Pyrates led the fight against military dictatorships That’s why they decided to become a part of the society of Odudawa. Ile-Ife started the cover activities that could help to restore the order in their communities. Moreover, it worked really well against Odudawa people as they had to follow the ideas of Ile-Ife people. They provided terrorist attacks that spread the fear of invaders. • Why members will make heaven. Ogboni, as a group, means different things to different people. News Editor, Ajibola Abayomi, was the guest of President General of Ogboni Aborigine, the first indigenous religious body to be registered in Nigeria, Oba Ogboni Agbaye, Yusuf Akanbi Olaitan, during the first meeting of the Supreme Council of Ogboni in 2015 at his palace in Ajagbandi, Lagos State. This was the only cult group in existence for almost two decades. When the other confraternities like Black Axe, Eiye and Vikings began to spring up, they were initially old members of the Pyrates confraternity. Tag Archives: black axe confraternity slangs Nigerian mafia, the terms are about to expire: in Palermo 12 defendants (already sentenced at first instance) hope for release He was called to the Nigerian Bar as Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria after attending the Nigerian Law School Victoria Island Lagos in 2001

Meanwhile, the Cross River State Police Command has declared that it has been able to curtail cult activities in the state, saying about 10 persons had been arrested.The State Public Relations Officer, DSP Irene Ugbo, who spoke with The Guardian in Calabar said: “We have been able to curtail cult activities. Two weeks ago when the incident happened in CRUTECH when a 500-level student was killed, about 10 persons were arrested in regard to that incident. They were charged to court; so the state is calm for now but we are still on it. While no one could precisely say what motivate 'ogboni' cult or confraternity, to come into being in Ife-Oodaye, but postulations in Yoruba mythology, shed light on the pre-Oduduwa era in the IIe-Ife, when 'Obatala' and Oreluere were the ruling chieftains of the Aborigine Ife-speaking community The Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament is an example of an Anglo-Catholic confraternity established in the Church of England which has spread to many places within the Anglican Communion of churches.[7] Confraternities had their beginnings in the early Middle Ages, and developed rapidly from the end of the twelfth century. The main object and duty of these societies were, above all, the practice of piety and works of charity.[2]

Neo Black Movement of Africa (Black axe) - Signs and

Pyrate confraternity was formed by brilliant articulate and hardworking student s in the university of Ibadan under the able leadership of Professor Wole So yika and six others namely Top 7 Confraternities In Nigeria And Their History + Beliefs by joebeckz(m): 8:11am On Mar 21, 2017 For those of you who don't know how the various cult groups came into being in tetiary institutions in Nigeria, here's a brief to further broaden your spectrum

Confraternity members often seek ways to protect themselves. It is not uncommon to see them in possesion of guns, knives or axes. They may also fortify themselves with amulets or charms.‘Jos North Is Centre Of Cult Activities In Plateau’ From Isa Abdulsalami Ahvovi, Jos ASIDE from the spate of insecurity in Plateau State, which has virtually eroded its pride as home of peace and tourism, street cultism is one of the challenges facing the state presently.Residents of the state, particularly in Jos North local council, now go to bed with one eye closed because of the activities of cultists. The Supreme Eiye Confraternity, which emerged from the University of Ibadan, more or less as a tribal action group, was allegedly founded in 1965 as the Eiye Group by a group of students among. The national association of airlords The supreme eiye confraternity is a fraternity based in almost all the higher schools of learning in Nigeria. The Eiye group as it was called was founded by three students of the University of Ibadan to uphold the core nature of the African culture with a commitment t Recently, a traffic warden, suspected to be a member of one of the cult groups in the state, was also shot while on duty, but he survived the attack. The Guardian gathered that his attack was one of the several reprisals to avenge the death of Jay.Speaking with The Guardian in confidence, an ex-cultist in the state, who renounced his membership sometimes last year, said there is no profit in belonging to a cult group.

In what he alleged as violations of the confraternity's creed, and what others claimed as his expulsion from the Pyrates, Dr. Bolaji Carew - a.k.a Ahoy Rica Ricardo, decided to correct the observed ills, by pulling out of the Pyrates Confraternity, with some like minds - Kunle Adigun, and Tunde Jawando, to form the Buccaneer Confraternity. National Association of Seadogs - Pyrates Confraternity, Abuja, Nigeria. 26K likes. Pyrates Confraternity (National Association of Seadogs) is a social advocacy organisation that carries out.. Recruitment into female cults can be either voluntary or forced in some cases as has been recorded. At the beginning of every new session cult members male and female are on the lookout for potential candidates to be recruited into their confraternities; their targets being the students newly admitted into the University. These students are regarded as easy prey as they are just getting familiar with the system.Recently, the deputy governor of the state, Gerald Irona, said the state government might cancel the amnesty due to increased cult clashes recorded in the area. Speaking on the ways to keep youths out of cult activities, a retired teacher, educationist and counselor, Dr. Nma Olebara, said the political leaders should carry them along in the scheme of things.Her words: “Let our youths be carried along not just merely on the facade but in reality. A good percentage of positions in government, about 30 per cent, should be given to them instead of recycling expired politicians who have run out of ideas in this digital age. 

2 Nigerians Murdered In South Africa By Bird's

The Buccaneers Confraternity is not a Secret Cult - Contact us to know more The Buccaneers Confraternity was founded in 1972 at The University of Ibadan - Contact us to know more The Buccaneers Confraternity is not a Secret Cult - Contact us to know more Fraternal names are given to Members to eradicate Tribalism amongst us - Contact us to know more The Buccaneers Confraternity help raise fund. Men have to be at least 21 years old to be acceptable for the organization. At the same time, women are allowed to become part of this society only if they are 40 years old. Nevertheless, if a woman is married to a man who is a member of ROF, then she can also become a member of the society. Still, it only drops the age of this woman to 30 years old. Moreover, if a woman is married – she needs permission from her husband to become a member of the society.Get the latest news and analysis of issues from Nigeria, Africa and around the world, direct into your inbox, daily Black Axe: This is a metamorphosis of the first name of the movement Black Barracards. The name was changed to Black Axe then finally Neo Black Movement, even though it remains the inofficial name. Black Axe also became the name of the magazine published by the movement. This again was changed to Uhuru Magazine later confraternity la quale, strutturata su esempio della mafia italiana, iniziò attività di epurazione all'interno delle università. Si trattava di espulsioni immediate di studenti accusati di praticare attività di cultismo atte a minare le confraternite che eseguivano pratiche di vodoo

Charles (surname withheld) is an ex-cultist who used to reside in Edo State. He relocated to Lagos after escaping death by a whisker during one of their operations. He narrates his story thus: “My mother handed me over to my grandmother when I was about four years old because she and my father got divorced and she needed to re-marry. As I grew up, I didn’t recognise her as my mother because I was told to call her aunty, so I called my grandparents ‘mama and papa’. 1. Pyrate Confraternity. Whenever the Pyrate confraternity is mentioned, two things come to mind - the Noble Laurette, Wole Soyinka and the 1952 unfortunate story of a good intention gone vile at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria Although Archdeacon T.A J. Ogunbiyi started the fraternity on December 18, 1914 and named it Ogboni Onigbagbo, Meshioye, in the interview, explained the name change to Reformed Ogboni Fraternity During the early 1990s, Nigeria experienced an explosion of confraternity activities in Nigerian schools, colleges, streets and creeks in the energy-rich delta region. The extreme hooliganism, violence and bloody struggle for supremacy among rival confraternities peaked around this time

Law Student Shot Dead as Fresh Cult War Erupts in IMSU

Ogboni leader says members attend Churches, Mosques; lists

Sources in Bodo told The Guardian that some of those killed were from Okrika and Akwa Ibom.  Similarly, on July 29, a final year student of the Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Rivers State University, Prince TuakabBari, a suspected member of the Vikings confraternity, was shot dead in front of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) hostel while celebrating the conclusion of his last paper.Interviewed by The Guardian, one of them, Ikechukwu Odo, 18, from Isiogbo Nara in Nkanu East council of the state, said he was the state coordinator of the T-Star. He said he joined the cult group in 2015 when he was in SS1 in one of the secondary schools in the state and was initiated at a bush behind the school.“These youths have the political will, dedication, patriotism, love for humanity, fear of God and experience to make good leadership at any level of governance in this country.”Olebara, however, urged youths to use their energies in positive and constructive manners instead of indulging in cultism. 

Today, in Nigeria, we also have various associations of persons or students united in a common purpose. Originally, the earliest Nigerian confraternity, Pyrates Confraternity (National Association of Sea Dogs) was founded to fight societal ills and injustice as well as what the members considered elitist nonsense among university students at. According to an eyewitness, the assailants came in tricycle popularly called ‘Keke Napep’. “They came down and shot the victim at a very close range three times and drove away slowly in their keke without harassing any other person within the vicinity,” the eyewitness said. For Humanistic Ideals. …Ask what you can do to raise [your] community to the highest level of fulfilment.Amaraizu, who had taken the campaign against cultism to almost every secondary school and higher institution in the state, said it was an ill wind that should be discontinued.“Cultism is like an envelope containing many crimes such as murder, ritualism, drug addiction, murder, stealing, robbery, fraud and exam malpractice, among others.“You must know your friend and what your friend is up to. You must also be able to resist any pressure to lure you into becoming a member of any cult group. Some of the fraternities at the summit included the Green Circuit (a.k.a Maphites), Norsemen (aka Vikings), Black Axe, Eiye confraternity, Family Fraternity of Nigeria and Avarian Organization of Nigeria

Read all the latest news, breaking stories, top headlines, opinion, pictures and videos about Eiye Confraternity from Nigeria and the world on today.n Confraternities in Nigeria are secret-society like student groups within higher education that have recently been involved in illegal and violent activities. The exact death toll of confraternity activities is unclear. One estimate in 2002 was that 250 people had been killed in campus cult-related murders in the previous decade, while the Exam Ethics Project lobby group estimated that 115. The next confraternity in Nigeria we are going to discuss today is Black Axe. Actually, this cultism community was created by neo-black students. Their major goal was the growth of a strong body to confront those black students who suppress them “You need to show that you are strong and that you can improve the group with your actions. You cannot be allowed when you shiver in the face of danger. We were promised so many things that could entice one, including protection whenever there is trouble and attack even in the midst of people,” he added.

Buccaneers confraternity started the Supreme Vikings confraternity [the Adventures of the De Norsemen Club of Nigeria ] the following year [8]. In the mid 80s, it had become evident that some of the cults had been adopted as elements in the intelligence and the security services serving the then military government. They were used against student Buccaneer confraternity was established by a supposedly expelled member of the National Association of Seadogs (pyrates). It is a clever copy of its mother cult. This cult is considered rather tame; other cults consider them soft and weak. They are called Alora-Sealords and are usually made up of intelligent and well to do students.In 1952 Nigeria was still well under the rule of the colonial administration and citizens were treated rather poorly while those of colonial association were wealthy and of great importance. This attitude extended into the educational system as there was a huge gap between the lower and the upper class student. Therefore there was ill and unfair treatment of the less privileged crowd, this oppressive treatment gave rise to the creation of the pyrates confraternity. The Buccaneers Confraternity was originally established to support human rights and social justice in Nigeria. Reports suggest that a small subset of the group (often referred to as a cult ) may engage in criminality, which offers a potential explanation for GOLD GALLEON's apparent links to the Buccaneer Confraternity movement The Pyrate Confraternity was the first cult group or secret cult in Nigeria and it was formed by popular Nigerian Nobel Laurette, Wole Soyinka and six other students of the Obafemi Awolowo University in 1952. At that time, Obafemi Awolowo University was filled with wealthy students backed by colonial powers who were oppressing their fellow students from poorer or average backgrounds and these.

Cultism In Nigeria: Causes, Effects And Solutions To

Supreme Eiye Confraternity. The Supreme Eiye Confraternity are also known as the National Association of Air Lords. This cult group in Nigeria was founded by students in the University of Ibadan in 1965 Most Deadly Confraternities in Nigeria and Their History: Which Confraternity Is the Strongest In Nigeria Cultism can be said to refer to a group made of people who have similar ideals and beliefs which most often than not go against societal beliefs and principles. The beliefs of the cult is mostly only understood by members as the general public may view it with contempt while its members.

'I belong to Ogboni confraternity and CAN' - Lagos Pasto

ARO-MATES. Three young men formed this confraternity in 1982 (also known as de Norsemen Club of Nigeria) was founded by a former members of the Buccaneers at the University of Port Harcourt, with code-name namely With the distraction of Ile-Ife and their settlements, Ogboni became a part of new society. For this time, they were masters of their own fates. For a lot of people in Yorubaland today, Ogboni became a symbol of the Traditional Religion and beliefs. Most of the publications I have read on the subject of cultism seem to agree that what is known as secret cults in tertiary institutions in Nigeria started when the Pyrates Confraternity was formed at the University college Ibadan (UCI) in 1953

Cultists Bury Their Dead Member In Delta Publicly (PicsBLOG WITH FURY: RITA DOMINIC: FROM ACTRESS TO MODELSeen A More Diverse & Stunning Collection Of NigerianCult members caught for human trafficking — News — The

The origin of cultism in Nigeria. The student cult organization in Nigeria was registered in 1952. As a social-cultural club by the name, National Association of Sea Dogs (pirates confraternity). It was co-founded by Professor Wole Soyinka, the Nobel laureate for literature, and six other students in a Nigerian university The history of cultism can be traced back to 1952 when a group of seven students formed the Pyrates Confraternity. Interestingly, Africa first Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka was a member of that group. Eiye in Yoruba, the main language of south-western Nigeria means bird. The group's insignia is an eagle and each city containing members is called a nest, with the mother nest in Ibadan. The Latest news in Nigeria and world news. The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper brings you the latest headlines, opinions, political news, business reports and international news. Eiye Confraternity.

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