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Description: SCP-963 is an amulet with a red gem surrounded by golden [REDACTED]. After Incident 076-2-19A, Doctor Bright was killed while holding the amulet. However, when a D Class picked it up, Doctor Bright's consciousness was transferred to the D Class SCP-963 - SCP Foundation (2).html download. 1.5M . SCP-963 - SCP Foundation (3).html download. 1.2M . SCP-963 - SCP Foundation (4).html download. 2.1M . SCP-963 - SCP Foundation.html download. download 1 file . TORRENT download. download 9 Files download 9 Original. SHOW ALL.

scp-999 scp-049 scp-173 scp-682 scp scp-106 scp-035 scp-096 scpcontainmentbreach scpfoundation scp-079 containmentbreach bright fanfiction dr 43 Stories Sort by: Ho This way O5-9/the Administrator can carry on doing their job forever, only needing to change host bodies when they die. This could explain why the information is only available to Level 5s. The O5 Council. O5 Command. The Overseers. Overwatch. These are the people who have ultimate control over the Foundation. Each O5 member knows almost everything there is to know about the Foundation and its activities

Find games tagged scp like ODR-SCP860, A Hole To Another Place SCP-1437, SCP: Operation Descent, SCP Clicker, SCP-106 on itch.io, the indie game hosting marketplace Remix and deploy SCP-963-j. Edit and deploy with 1-click on Tynker's Minecraft servers. Invite friends to see your creations and custom mods SCP-053, also known as the Young Girl, is a Euclid class object contained by the SCP Foundation. SCP-053 is contained in a five cubic meter cell. SCP-053 is supplied toys, books& games, which are used frequently. SCP-053 is provided with bedding medicinal facilities. SCP-053's food is served three times a day, with two snacks allowed

Jack Bright leaned back into her chair, fingering the outline of SCP-963-2 hidden underneath a loose-fitting shirt. Everything was beginning to fall into place. The sudden disappearance of Kondraki and Imants from incarceration; the damage to the Red Sea Object by the unseen gunshot; Clef's suicidal leap into a parallel world; and the string of. SCP-049 was also intrigued with the behavior of the subject and gave it some simple orders to which he complied with in a almost hesitant manner, Test was concluded and 049-2 instance was terminated and before incineration, SCP-963 was recovered from the corpse of Dr.Bright using standard examination gloves SCP-096, aka the Shy Guy, is an Euclid-class humanoid creature measuring approximately 2.38 meters in height with very little muscle mass. It is normally docile, mostly sitting in place sobbing bitterly. When somebody looks at its face, though, it will enter a state of rage for 1-2 minutes before running towards the person who saw it no matter how far away they are, even if said glimpse was.

████: 私の記憶によるとあなたはTom Higlyで、終身刑の一環として私たちと共に働いています。 SCP-963-2'ye ilişkin bir girdi / / tarihinde, O5-9 tarafından SCP-963-1'in bir taklidini yapma çalışma emri verildi. Tüm denemeler başarısız oldu ta ki SCP-963-2, bir noktadan sonra [SONRAKİ VERİ ÇIKARTILDI] SCP-963-2'YE İLİŞKİN TÜM VERİLER 5. SEVİYE GİZLİLİKTEDİR ข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับ scp-963-2 ณ วันที่ / / ได้มีคำสั่งจาก o5-9 ให้สร้างของเลียนแบบ scp-963-1ขึ้น ซึ่งความพยายามทั้งหมดนั้นล้มเหลวจนกระทั่ง scp-963-2 ซึ่ง[-ข้อมูล. 4 years ago I depicted SCP 963- Immortality 963 is an Amulet and Dr.Bright is a part of. (Just read the description of it, it will be easier for both of us) So Dr.Bright is sorta trying find a way to be released from it, just think about it, seeing your friends die and you are using their body as your host.(D-Class are extra lives, who gives a shit

Who/what is SCP-963-131? *Who? We don't have an SCP-963-131! Don't believe anything about h̶i̶m̶ it! DON'T ASK ABOUT SCP-963-131!!! What are D-Class? *People who have chosen to work with us instead of facing death row. All D-Class are terminated at the end of each month, though outsiders & the D-Class themselves do not know this. Who is. Cory begins his new job at SCP Foundation and is tasked with keeping containment. He encounters SCP 173, SCP 087, SCP 049, SCP 999, SCP 035, SCP 106, SCP 682 and SCP 610 just to name a few! Join him on his journey to Secure, Contain and Protect after a costly containment breach 關於scp-963-2項目 在 / / ,由o5-9下令複製scp-963-1。任何嘗試皆失敗,直到scp-963-2, 當時[以下數據刪除] 所有關於scp-963-2的訊息已加密為五級。任何不具備五級權限人員若試圖存取更進一步的訊息將被處決

D1-113: Don't be ridiculous! I couldn't possibly be- (SCP-963-1 is removed at this time from D1-113's possession. A further MRI shows that D1-113 ceases all higher brain functions. 963-1 is returned, upon which brain function returns.) Connor is the main protagonist of the series.He is a seemingly human SCP who possesses an ability that the Foundation has dubbed regenerative immortality and serves as a Disposable Class personnel for the SCP Foundation.He is currently in a great relationship with Natalie Powers, his psychologist and a side character on the show.. Although he does not appear in any proper SCP articles on the. r/SCP𝗦𝗲𝗰𝘂𝗿𝗲, 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗶𝗻, 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝘁𝗲𝗰𝘁 | The official subreddit for the SCP Wiki.407kContained Anomalies

50+ videos Play all Mix - SCP - SUICIDE SONG (animatic) YouTube the SCP foundation as vines because we need more of these - Duration: 9:16. Salty Sam 224,702 view ATTENTION: As of 12/13/████ 963-1 is not allowed in proximity of any Euclid or Keter class humanoid SCPs. This directive is to be enforced lethally. Rescinded, O5-6, O5-8, O5-9 SCP-963-2 in 123D: this is a quick instructable of how to make SCP-963-2 http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-963 in 123D, with the intent to 3d print it. Most of the shapes. Mã vật thể: SCP-963 Phân loại: Euclid Quy trình Quản thúc Đặc biệt: SCP-963-1 sẽ được giao cho chăm sóc bởi một nhân viên cấp D hiện tại, cũng như các nhân viên là trợ lý của Ts. Bright. Trợ lý này sẽ được O5- lựa chọn cho sự trung thành với tổ chức, cũng như phải có sự ổn định về tâm lý SCP-963 is to be attached to the subject's forehead or the back of the subject's hand using a suitably strong epoxy. SCP-963-1 is now hung by a chain from subject's neck. 963-1 is not allowed to be hidden upon the subject's body. Any attempt to do so will be met with lethal force.

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잭 브라이트 박사가 평범한 인간이었을 당시 이 목걸이로 연구를 진행 중이었는데 하필 그 때 scp-076-2가 탈주해버리는 바람에 잭 브라이트 박사는 scp-963을 가지고 있는 상태로 사망했다. 재수없게도 그는 scp-076-2의 격리실 바로 옆을 지나가고 있던 중이라 scp-076-2. ATTENTION: As of Incident-239-b Clef-Kondraki, SCP-963-1 is not allowed at Site 17 without the express permission of three O5's. Violations are to be met with lethal force. Rescinded, O5-6, O5-8, O5-9 Cosplay as your favourite immortal with this SCP-963 prop! There are three options: unfinished which is just the 3d print and finished, where it is the finished piece without a chain. UPDATE: I have added a unfinished seconds option for prints that did not come out perfectly... Imperfections may include warping, bubbling, uneven surface, etc 粉丝群: 816533774、829317284、797887780、857899365 (每人最多加两个 nasvaykid [author] Jan 2, 2018 @ 12:31am Bro, Сultist_kun is my friend, but that's me cut the model from the game SCP:CB, did rigging and etc. MalO Jan 1, 2018 @ 2:09p

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  1. A place for fans and developers of SCP: Secret Laboratory to hang out and [REDACTED] | 94,799 member
  2. Dr. Bright is the Personnel Director of Sites 17, 19, and 63. His most notable trait is his 'immortality'. After an accident that took his life while conducting research on SCP-963, his consciousness was transferred into the amulet. The amulet is indestructible and when it is put on a donor, it's original host's consciousness will be erased and.
  3. SCP-3000 is a SCP of the Class Thaumiel. It's a massive, aquatic, serpentine entity strongly resembling a giant moray eel which was found on the Bay of Bengal. Tier: 6-C to Low 6-B via sheer siz
  4. Another big ol batch of SCPs that I like~ First Set of Cards SCP-529 SCP-1032 SCP-1230 SCP-2521 SCP-504 SCP-1269 SCP-106 SCP-2935 SCP Cards 2 Co říkají ostatní SCP Cards 1 by Burdrehnar on DeviantAr
  5.  this is a quick instructable of how to make SCP-963-2 http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-963 in 123D, with the intent to 3d print it. Most of the shapes are used as guides and the main tools used are the draw tool and the circle tool

SCP-231 is a young girl (anywhere from late childhood to early teens) in age that is pregnant with an anomalous child. SCP-231 was discovered by the foundation in a raid on a satanic sex cult- all other examples of SCP-231 besides SCP-231-7 are now deceased. The primary theory on the nature of the fetus inside SCP-231-7 is that it is, in fact, the anti-Christ. Whenever a fetus is born from. 説明: SCP-963-1は円周およそ15センチ程の、白色金で作られた首飾りです。卵型にカットされた███カラットのルビーの周囲に、13個の█カラットダイアモンドがブリリアントカットで、星形に飾り付けられています。SCP-963-1は、超自然現象について書かれた多数の本に囲まれて、自殺したと思しき██████ ███の所持品の中から発見されました。そのエリアのエージェントはSCP-963-1に傷を付けることができないことに気づき、プロトコルXLR-8R-██に基いてこれを確保しました。 I like SCP-963 but I feel like it won't add anything to the game itself. This is from their official discord notably the last sentence : What SCPs WON'T you add?-Joke SCPs. -SCP-999-SCP-682 -SCP-076-2-Any SCP which is inherently silly, wouldn't fit in the environment of SL or has NSFW elements Doctor Bright himself has performed extensive experimentation on SCP-963-1, with the expressed desire for release from it. Interviews with Doctor Bright indicate that ██████ ███ killed himself in the process of empowering SCP-963-1, and was therefore never able to slave his own consciousness to the amulet. Doctor Bright hypothesizes that he accidentally activated 963-1's power by being killed, instead of killing himself as the original creator had done. Doctor Jack Bright is one of the researchers of the SCP Foundation. He differs from his fellow scientists because of his use of SCP-963, making him effectively immortal. Rose to the top of his field in bioengineering and abnormal genetics. Got recruited by the Foundation when they picked up his younger brother, SCP-590. Given SCP-963 to work with. Died. Came back. Has since been instrumental.

scp-963-2に関する記載 / / 、o5-9からscp-963-1のレプリカを作成せよとの要請が行われました。scp-963-2の完成まであらゆる試みが失敗して来ましたが、しかしついに [データ削除済 2 years ago. Cory joins the SCP Foundation MTF and is tasked with joining a team of field agents in recapturing monsters that have escaped in the last containment breach. Today they take on Object Class: Euclid - SCP-963 : Immortality SCP 963 Dr. Jack Bright 2.25 Pin RudysPaperPlace 5 out of 5 stars (13) $ 3.00. Only 3 left There are 61 scp foundation for sale on Etsy, and they cost $14.65 on average. The most common scp foundation material is ceramic. The most popular color? You guessed it:.

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  1. Doctor Bright was transporting SCP-963-1 by hand past SCP-076-2's containment unit, and was among the first KIB (killed in breach). Approximately days later, D1-113, tasked to clear the area of rubble, discovered 963-1 among the wreckage and picked it up
  2. SCP-513, referred to as A Cowbell , is an SCP object encountered in SCP - Containment Breach. Physically, SCP-513 is an unremarkable, rusty cowbell. No marks or engravings are visible on its surface due to the large amount of corrosion. Attempts to remove the rust chemically or mechanically have had no success
  3. The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization documented by the web-based collaborative fiction project of the same name. In universe, the SCP Foundation is responsible for locating and containing individuals, entities, locations, and objects that violate natural law (referred to as SCPs). This manga summarizes the reports of the SCPs currently under the Foundation
  4. SCP-963 Dr Bright We Will Live Forever and This Is How the Legend Oversimplified SCP Chapter 8 SCP-963 Immortality - YouTube SCP - 963 (Dr. Bright's Amulet) by DragonMAWDZ on DeviantAr
  5. 1,227 topics in this forum. Recently Updated. SCP-RP Research Form. By Weiss, January 4. SCP Incident Report Format. By Mike_da_noob, December 21, 2018. December 21, 2018. SCP-999 Valentines Day Candy Test - J. By ThiccPotatoPie , 2 hours ago. By Phaasma , 14 hours ago. SCP-008 and 999 cross-test 2/13/2020. By Son , 21 hours ago

Con respecto a SCP-963-2 En / / O5-9 dio órdenes de intentar la creación de un duplicado de SCP-963-1. Todos los intentos de hacerlo resultaron en fracaso hasta SCP-963-2, con el que [DATOS CORRESPONDIENTES BORRADOS] TODA INFORMACIÓN RELACIONADA CON SCP-963-2 QUEDA CLASIFICADA COMO NIVEL 5 SCP-507, known under the alias the Reluctant Dimension Hopper (among others), is a Safe-class, human SCP contained within the SCP Foundation. SCP-507 is a Caucasian male with blond hair and green eyes. Despite being slightly overweight and speaking in a disrubutable accent, he generally fits the description of a normal human being at first sight Scp-963 (Immortality) Spawns Dr.Bright and when killed he drops Scp-963. Scp-971 ( Exotic Fast Food Delivery) Gives food when right-clicked, gold ingot required. Scp-1230 (A Hero is Born) Transports you to a dream-like world. Scp-1529 (King of the Mountain) Slows and damages the player 6 years ago on Introduction SCP-1048, also referred to as the Builder Bear, is a Keter-class object under the SCP Foundation's containment. It is a living, sentient teddy bear that tricks humans and uses them for materials in its builds. SCP-1048 is a brown and white teddy bear, approximately 33 centimeters in height. It has a long brown snout, a black nose, and two brown eyes attached to its face. It has pointed ears.

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  1. Bright SCP skin pack is almost complete and may be posted to a blog or skin partition in the future.Co
  2. File: SCP-963.nodes (5.9 KB) Date: February 22, 2019. Category: People. Feb 24th, 2019. My own fictional SCP monster i work hard ok ralph i dont know why you cant put your ask of a figure and not put it on the site!!! pls dnt get mad Ralph's edit:what. Feb 24th, 2019
  3. level 1-2 points · 3 years agoDoes anyone else really dislike -2? It looks silly and entirely out of place in the article.
  4. acji) by Ozyr SCP

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SCP 963-2 by Cuprum is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license. Give a Shout Out If you print this Thing and display it in public proudly give attribution by printing and displaying this tag Resistance to Mind Manipulation (Resisted the effects of SCP-061, SCP-826, SCP-001 Dr. Clef's Proposal, and SCP-3000's consciousness destroying compound. Resisted having its consciousness destroyed by Dr. Bright using SCP-963 which is this potent, Immune to SCP-668's mind altering effects, which broadcast a psychic signal that affects all sentient beings with a Psionic Resistance Index of 97. If the current D-level subject exceeds a thirty-day life span, they are to be executed and a new subject chosen to wear 963-1. By order of O5-█, any body SCP-963-1 is installed upon is given a stay of execution until it passes on of natural causes, or 963-1 is transferred to a new host.

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2. Though he may not have his own office. Does not mean he can make any Euclid Containment Areas for SCPs as his office. 3. No throwing SCP-2558-J-ex SCP-1994-JSCP-616-J SCP-009-J SCP-1234-J. Any SCP classified as a -J. The last time he has done that, a containment breach almost happened. 4. Although he may say it. He cannot combine with SCP. 【scp基金会】cn-963 j 官方最高评价的搞笑scp系列,进来开心一下呀! 游戏 单机游戏 2018-07-12 16:19:21 --播放 · --弹幕 未经作者授权,禁止转 SCP-073 appears to be a heavily-tanned male of Arabic or Middle Eastern descent in his early thirties, 185 cm (6'1) tall and 75 kg (165 lbs), with black hair and blue eyes. Arms, legs, spinal cord, and shoulder blades of the subject appear to have been replaced with artificial versions of unknown make and metal. Subject only takes notice of this when it is pointed out, and states that it has. Entry Regarding SCP-963-2 On ██/██/████, orders were given by O5-9 to attempt to replicate SCP-963-1. All attempts met with failure until SCP-963-2, at which point [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-590, known under the designated phase He feels your Pain, is a Safe-class, human SCP contained within the SCP Foundation. SCP-590 is an adolescent male, roughly sixteen years in age. Unlike most humans, SCP-590 does not seem to age, a possible indication that he is biologically immortal

One day, Duni was walking down a hallway holding SCP-963 when another SCP escaped. SCP-076-2 ran past Duni and knocked him in the head killing him. Because he was holding the SCP his consciousness. SCP-1281│ The Harbinger │ Safe │ Extraterrestrial SCP. - Duration: 10:58. TheVolgun 251,584 views Should SCP-963-131's host die or 963-131 itself leave the host, full lockdown required. Contain and terminate 963-131 as sight, as it posses a threat to the Foundation, SCPs, and the population surrounding the foundation. It is unknown the lengths 963-131 will go to survive, and the Foundation is not about to find out

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  1. Many of you were asking where I got my SCP-963. I havent bought it anywhere, it was 3D printed + little gems were glued on the top. I think @blaruu knows where to buy i
  2. 963-2 holds the consciousness of O5-9, who wanted to replicate the original. However, it's flawed. He only retains memories made before he died for the first time. So everytime he dies again, he needs to be brought back up to speed.
  3. Oversimplified SCP Chapter 8 SCP-963 Immortality - Duration: 2:34. Dodot Random Recommended for you. 2:34. Skyrim - Music & Ambience - Night - Duration: 1:00:01. Everness Recommended for you
  4. Doktor Bright přenášel SCP-963-1 v ruce kolem kontejnmentu SCP-076-2 a byl jedním z prvních kdo zemřel při úniku. Přibližně o dní později, D1-113, pověřený úklidem suti, objevil SCP-963-1 v troskách a sebral jej. Okamžitá, očividná změna postihla D1-113. Následuje rozhovor
  5. SCP-650 is a black statue of a stylized humanoid 167cm tall. The statue does not possess hands or facial features: the limbs taper off into rounded points and the head is a smooth surface all around. The statue does not possess hands or facial features: the limbs taper off into rounded points and the head is a smooth surface all around

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  1. Dr. Jack Bright,1 a Junior Staff researcher of good standing, was assigned the responsibility of researching SCP-963-1's capabilities, and granted access to [REDACTED]. Later that year, SCP-076-2 broke containment (see document 076-2-19A), leading to [REDACTED] deaths and ██ casualties. Doctor Bright was transporting SCP-963-1 by hand past SCP-076-2's containment unit, and was among the first KIB (killed in breach). Approximately █ days later, D1-113, tasked to clear the area of rubble, discovered 963-1 among the wreckage and picked it up. An immediate, noticeable change came over D1-113. Interview follows.
  3. 注意: 12/13/████現在、SCP-963-1をEuclidまたはKeterに分類される人間型SCPに接近させる行為は禁止されています。違反者は処分されます。O5-6, O5-8, O5-9によりこの指令は撤回されました。


SCP-963-1 is to be given into the care of a current D level operative, as well as personnel classified as Dr. Bright's assistant. This assistant is to be chosen by O5-█ for loyalty to the Foundation, as well as psychological stability. 【我的scp基金会3.2】scp-963 不朽!【中字mc动画】 【我的scp基金会2.2】scp-096 羞涩之人【mc动画】. Eventually we stumbled upon A chamber that read SCP-963 IMMORTALITY I peeked my eye through the door and saw that the class was euclid. We approached 963 with extreme caution. There was a label reading SCP-963-2 with a badge that looks like the Facility Logo. I looked down and saw a dead body, nearby a crystal that appeared to be SCP-963 itself

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level 1SCP Wiki Admin5 points · 3 years agoDuckman (Bright-the-author) uses 963-2 in some Tales. It works, but not as well as the original 963. One of the O5s has his soul/mind in there, but it doesn't update. So if/when his body dies and they put 963-2 on someone else, the overwrite is the O5 as he was when he was put into 963-2. You can see how this would be problematic. SCP-343 took Dr. Rands hand and they were gone. All around the facility SCPs were breaking out and Agent Wellington went into a small room filled with equipment and a computer. On the computer were two words scp-963-2를 만들기 전까지의 모든 시도는 실패로 돌아갔고, 963-2는 [ 이하 내용 말소됨 ] SCP-963-2와 관계된 모든 내용은 5등급의 기밀이다. 5등급 허가 없이 이 내용에 접근하려고 하는 모든 인원은 즉시 처분될 것이다 SCP-1471-A, also known as MalO ver1.0.0, is a Euclid categorized humanoid creature in the SCP Foundation. SCP-1471 appears to be a large and lycanthropic humanoid creature. It appears to have a furry body and long black hair, while her head appears to look like a wolf's skull. It appears that it has a massive jaw and sharp teeth, while its eyes are milky white with no visible pupils


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I really want to know how close SCP-963-1 & SCP-963-2 are in function. Apparently, 05-9, Misfortune, 963-2 is attached to 05-9 but the use of the object is detrimental to his mental state. 963 makes him forget almost everything. Continue this thread. 注意: クレフ博士、コンドラキ博士による事案SCP-239-bの発生に伴い、O5クラス3人の許可を得ずにSCP-963-1をサイト17へ侵入させる行為は禁止されます。この指令に対する違反者は処分されます。O5-6, O5-8, O5-9によりこの指令は撤回されました。

Welcome to recreation of SCP: Containment Breach in Minecraft. Try to escape as a Class-D Personel from dangerous SCP Facility, which is currently on Containment Breach, because something went wrong. Run away from dangerous SCP subjects and from armed facility personel. Map contains every SCP subject present in Containment Breach version 1.3.11. Voce Riguardante SCP-963-2 Il / / , furono dati ordini dall'O5-9 di tentare di duplicare SCP-963-1. Tutti i tentativi risultarono in un fallimento fino a SCP-963-2, a questo punto [DATI SEGUENTI CANCELLATI] TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI RIGUARDANTI SCP-963-2 SONO CLASSIFICATE DI LIVELLO 5 If you don't know what SCP-963-2 is, it's a topic that's very briefly touched on the the SCP-963 document. It says that O5-9 gave permission to create a copy of SCP-963-1 (the amulet that's host to the consciousness of Dr. Bright), and they tried and failed many times, until they created a medallion in the shape of the Foundation logo, at which point the rest of the information is classified. From SCP - Containment Breach Wiki. 9V Battery, 18V Battery, Strange Battery. 9V Battery, Strange Battery. 9V Battery, 18V Battery. Fine, Very Fine. Strange Battery . Heavy Ballistic Vest . Bulky Ballistic Vest . Increases capacity to 15 documents. Increases capacity to 20 documents. Shredded paper (decal). Random document out of SCP-079's.

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SCP-105, formerly known by the name Iris Thompson, is a Safe-class human SCP residing within Site-17 of the SCP Foundation. SCP-105 is female human of European descent, although her age is classified (though she is mentioned as being 17 years old in Iris Through the Looking-Glass). She is described as having long, blonde hair and blue eyes. as being 1.54 meters tall (approx. 5 feet and 1/2. Eintrag betreffend SCP-963-2 Am . . , gab O5-9 den Befehl, zu versuchen, SCP-963-1 zu replizieren. Alle Versuche scheiterten, bis SCP-963-2, zu welchem Zeitpunkt [WEITERE DATEN GELÖSCHT] ALLE INFORMATIONEN BETREFFEND SCP-963-2 UNTERLIEGEN GEHEIMHALTUNGSSTUFE 5

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Customize your avatar with the SCP 963 and millions of other items. Mix & match this t shirt with other items to create an avatar that is unique to you SCP-131, also known as The Eye Pods, are two friendly, safe-class SCP's. SCP-131 consists of the SCP-131-A and SCP-131-B, which appear to be two creatures which mainly look like a tear-drop. Both of which have a big eyeball in the middle of their bodies, while they appear to be small. SCP-131-A is colored orange, while the SCP-131-B is colored yellow. The two can move extremely quickly and. If a subject maintains contact for thirty (30) days, their brain functions become a duplicate of the late Dr. Bright's. If 963-1 is removed after this time period, the subject retains an independent copy of the consciousness of Jack Bright. Sanctions were put in place to prevent multiple instances of Dr. Bright from being created to prevent Dr. Bright from collaborating with himself, however it was found this was not necessary, as Doctor Bright has proven thoroughly dedicated to the Foundation and its cause.新進気鋭の若手研究員であったジャック・ブライト博士1がSCP-963-1の性質に関する研究に割り当てられ、[削除済]にアクセスする権限を与えられました。その年の終わり、SCP-076-2の封じ込め違反が発生し(文書SCP-076-2-19Aを参照)、死者数[削除済]、負傷者数██の結果となりました。ブライト博士はSCP-963-1を手に持って移送している最中にSCP-076-2の収容房を通りかかり、この封じ込め違反における最初のKIB(Killed in Breach)の1人となりました。およそ█日後、瓦礫に覆われたエリアの清掃を命じられたD1-113が残骸の中からSCP-963-1を発見し、それを拾い上げると、明らかな変化がD1-113に現れました。以下は当時のインタビューです。多くの追試を経た後、生命ある人型の存在がSCP-963-1に直接触れると、対象者の人格は消去され、ブライト博士の人格が対象者に乗り移ることが確認されました。ブライト博士の根源的記憶が宿主から宿主へ乗り移るのです。

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Fancómic de SCP Foundation: SCP Oversimplified - SCP Simplificado. Capítulo 008 SCP-963 Inmortalidad. Página 03 de 04 en Español. Arte: 松(A・TYPEcorp.) Historia: SCP Wiki Cómic original en Japonés: aquí Traducción: Raimundo1941 INICIO - ANTERIOR - SIGUIENTE *Nota: Este es un Manga y debe leerse de Derecha a Izquierda Link to the youtube channel First of all Thank you very much for the feature, this will help the series immensely! This is a draft for the animation test in our scp animated series project. We will animate at 24 frames per second so this 2 second clip contains 48 hand drawn images. The YouTube ch.. Many consider any sentient and/or sapient entity to be automatically Euclid rather than Safe due to the fact that any entity with a mind of its own can always choose to stop cooperating with us. SCP-3008 A Perfectly Normal, Regular Old IKEA by SCP-963 Immortality by SCPReadings. 4:38. SCP-1959 The Lost Cosmonaut by. Teachers! Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. SCP-963-B 0 points 1 point 2 points 14 hours ago PEOPLE ALWAYS LEWD FEMALE CHARACTERS IT'S ONE OF THE MANY CONSTANTS OF THIS WORLD AND IT'S 100% NATURAL SO DONT BE AFRAID TO DO WHATS NATURAL FOR TO REJECT NATURE MEANS TO REJECT ONE'S SELF FEAR NOT THE LEWD MY FRIEND AND LET THE FEAST BEGI

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Copies of SCP-894-2 have most often been found in anarchist groups, who seem to delight in placing said SCP in public places, such as churches, schools, and places of business. Task Force Lambda-3 No Given Nickname is devoted to tracking down these groups, and liberating all instances of SCP-894-2 SCP-963-2に関する記載 ██/██/████、O5-9からSCP-963-1のレプリカを作成せよとの要請が行われました。SCP-963-2の完成まであらゆる試みが失敗して来ましたが、しかしついに [データ削除済]

Customize your avatar with the SCP-963-1 and millions of other items. Mix & match this t shirt with other items to create an avatar that is unique to you Read SCP Adventures 2 from the story SCP Adventures by SCPsparks (C4sparks) with 93 reads. scp207-c, scp-963, scp-507. Addendum 1: I am doctor Marcus P Schrill.. Fancómic de SCP Foundation: SCP Oversimplified - SCP Simplificado. Capítulo 008 SCP-963 Inmortalidad. Página 04 de 04 en Español. Arte: 松(A・TYPEcorp.) Historia: SCP Wiki Cómic original en Japonés: aquí Traducción: Raimundo1941 INICIO - ANTERIOR - SIGUIENTE *Nota: Este es un Manga y debe leerse de Derecha a Izquierda Hear me out, I think there is more than just -1 and -2, I think every member of the O5 council has one! 如果把scp-963交给scp-682、scp-096、scp-173会发生什么? 不知道这三个如果佩戴了不朽的话思维(虽说不知道173有没有)会不会被置换成Bright博士。 恐怖老人怕他把963融了所以算了

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SCP-5323 was an interesting fellow, you could say that. He looked at the ground, killed some people, killed some more people, and was an SCP. But what the Foundation never figured out was it never stopped him from having goals, a personality, a life. And at the top of his bucket list? Getting out of this fucking facility Запись относительно scp-963-2: . . o5-9 был дан приказ попытаться копировать scp-963-1. Все попытки венчались неудачей до scp-963-2, на котором [ПОСЛЕДУЮЩИЕ ДАННЫЕ УДАЛЕНЫ] Doctor Bright was transporting SCP-963-1 by hand past SCP-076-2's containment unit, and was among the first KIB (killed in breach). Approximately days later, D1-113, tasked to clear the area of rubble, discovered 963-1 among the wreckage and picked it up. An immediate, noticeable change came over D1-113. Interview follows This is O5-█ and because this will not actually create an SCP item, it is ok. The real thing can only be replicated with telekill alloy, which the foundation has all of. And you do not have the authority to punish others. No more comments shall be allowed, but you can email me Customize your avatar with the SCP-963 and millions of other items. Mix & match this t shirt with other items to create an avatar that is unique to you

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Fancómic de SCP Foundation: SCP Oversimplified - SCP Simplificado. Capítulo 008 SCP-963 Inmortalidad. Página 01 de 04 en Español. Arte: 松(A・TYPEcorp.) Historia: SCP Wiki Cómic original en Japonés: aquí Traducción: Raimundo1941 INICIO - ANTERIOR - SIGUIENTE *Nota: Este es un Manga y debe leerse de Derecha a Izquierda Duckman (Bright-the-author) uses 963-2 in some Tales. It works, but not as well as the original 963. One of the O5s has his soul/mind in there, but it doesn't update. So if/when his body dies and they put 963-2 on someone else, the overwrite is the O5 as he was when he was put into 963-2. You can see how this would be problematic SCP Labels Mod that adds more labels for your site ATTENTION This PlanetMinecraft page is no longer going to be updated reason lazyness. If you want to get the new updates go the CurseForge If someone ever considered to donate me something now you can do it here Paypal.me GratefulName this mod.. Server glitch was fixed last update but it left the mod in a destroyed state. So this update fixes those issues. Unfortunately, if I am correct, all items from 1.3.1 and before will be deleted when you load into a world 1.3.2 and onward. I don't remember all the changes so Im just gonna say it fixed a lot of bugs and issues with the mod

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scp運営情報. セキュリティクリアランス; scpオブジェクトクラス; セキュリティ施設; 所属部隊; scp一覧 . 001 - 099. scp-001 - 機密解除待ち[アクセス禁止]; scp-002 - 生きている居間; scp-003 - 有機的マザーボード; scp-004 - 12の錆びた鍵と扉; scp-005 - 合い鍵; scp-006 - 若さの泉; scp-007 - 腹部惑星; scp-008 - ゾンビ 963-2. Forum » SCP Universe / Foundation Universe » 963-2 Started by: Synny Date: 27 Jan 2020 18:45 Number of posts: 4 RSS: New posts. Summary: What exactly is 963-2? Unfold All Fold All More Options , , , ., New Post. page revision: 3, last edited: 22 Sep 2018 03:57. Edit Tags. Rated: T - English - Horror/Mystery - Chapters: 4 - Words: 7,070 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 61 - Follows: 86 - Updated: 1/10 - Published: 1/8 - SCP-963-1/Dr. J. Bright, O5-10 SCP God of Death by samuelalpha86 review 8 years ago on Introduction SCP 963 - When Fashion Takes Over. Special Containment Procedures: SCP 963-1 is to remain in the care of a current D level operative. Dr. Bright's assistant should also participate in this task, but only after he if checked by O5- for loyalty to the Foundation. SCP 963 is now hung by a chain from the neck of a subject

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