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This year Liquid went 3-3 and that record represents a barrier that Doublelift just hasn't been able to break. Advertisement At Worlds 2017 and 2016 he went 3-3 while competing for TSM On Tuesday night, Team Liquid co-CEO Steve Arhancet tweeted that academy ADC Edward Tactical Ra would be starting yet another week of LCS. When asked if Yiliang Doublelift Peng was still sick or formally benched, Arhancet stated on Twitter that the swap was not due to illness.. Doublelift later confirmed that he lost his motivation to play and had been benched In the past, Doublelift was the player closest to achieving that, but these days his play is a lot more tempered. His team also hasn't really been challenged in NA in a long time, but I think we've seen glimpses of him stepping up (last year's MSI in particular after they started 0-4) The initial news came out of nowhere and stunned the League community. After a hurried TwitLonger post from Doublelift's verified account confirmed the news, tens of thousands of his fans and.

Yiliang "Peter" "Doublelift" (Link▶️ listen) Peng (Hanzi: 彭亦亮) is a League of Legends esports player, currently bot laner for Team SoloMid. After a disappointing finish to MSI 2019, Liquid started out the 2019 LCS Summer Split with a poor 2-2 start, tying them for 4th place. However, they regained their footing managing to take sole ownership of first in a few short weeks. They once again finished atop the LCS with a 14-4 record. In the summer playoffs, Liquid beat Clutch Gaming in a close five games series to secure their place at Worlds 2019. They advanced to the summer finals where they met the second seeded Cloud9. It was a tightly contested series with Liquid winning the first game of the series, but dropping the next two to Cloud9. Liquid managed to turn the tables and win games 4 and 5 to secure their 4th straight LCS trophy and Doublelift his 7th championship overall. This win made Doublelift the player with the most titles in NA LCS history. At Worlds 2019 Liquid had a lackluster 3-3 performance which led to them once again being eliminated in the group stage. Doublelift. 300,242 likes · 75 talking about this. Yiliang Doublelift Peng I'm a 12 year old Korean girl. ( ‿ Team Liquid's AD carry, Yiliang Peter Doublelift Peng, announced on Twitter that he has been benched from the main roster. Doublelift is famous for being one of the most prominent and talented players in North America. Lack of Motivation I'm benched because I had no motivation until very recently. Being.. Echoing their spring split performance, CLG started the summer split strong, in first place at the end of each of the first four weeks and then lost four games in a row to finish tied for fifth after week six. This time, however, they rebounded and ended the season in second, behind Team Liquid and with a 13-5 record. They received a bye in the first round of the playoffs and then swept both Team Impulse and Team SoloMid 3-0, to win their first LAN event since MLG Raleigh in 2011 nearly four years prior - and Doublelift's first ever - and receive North America's top seed to Worlds. Despite having a relatively easy group draw with KOO Tigers, Flash Wolves, and paiN Gaming, CLG didn't advance from their Worlds group, ending with a 2-4 record including a loss to paiN.

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  1. Doublelift Twitter and Latest Video on Youtube. 2 weeks ago. Doublelift Twitter and Latest Video on Youtube. Yiliang Peter Peng is commonly known as Doublelift. No doubt he is an American professional League of Legend's player. Also
  2. ation and focus from Doublelift won out in the playoffs and beat 100 Thieves in the Final 3:0. Also during matches against Echo Fox and Cloud 9 Doublelift's performance earned him Player of the Series in both
  3. Dennis Svenskeren (Link ️ listen) Johnsen is a League of Legends esports player, currently jungler for Evil Geniuses.Biography [] Season 1 []. Svenskeren started his competitive League of Legends career with LoLLeague, before joining 3DMAX towards the end of the season, where he played with puszu.Svenskeren then left to join Leethuanyan's roster, which was picked up by Team Mistral soon after
  4. ated in an unfortunate bout of The veteran ADC addressed his recent benching on Twitter last night
  5. g teammates Xmithie and Pobelter.[22] The team finished 4th place in the Spring Split regular season, securing a spot in the playoffs with a 12-8 record behind his former team TSM.[23] Team Liquid defeated Cloud9 3-0 in the quarterfinals and Echo Fox 3-1 in the semifinals to make it to the Team Liquid's first ever final.[24]
  6. Peng's first major tournament was DreamHack Summer 2011, the Riot Season 1 Championship. Hosted in Sweden, he needed his parents' permission to go, but at the time his beginning esports career was a secret to his parents. "They wouldn't let me go... They were like 'You're going to die if you go to Sweden for Dreamhack'. " He was ultimately allowed to go after Doublelift's older brother helped convince their parents.[4]
  7. g soon Shortly after. Close. 0. Posted by. 12 hours ago. Doublelift just followed TSM Reginald on Twitter. Regi tweets Big news co
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My answer: yes. For three big reasons. 1. Existing Synergy. Let's get the obvious one out of the way first, Doublelift is re-joining TSM and reuniting with two of his former teammates from those championship years: mid laner Søren Bjergsen Bjerg and support Vincent Biofrost Wang. Not only does he have experience playing with both, but he has remained very good friends with the. Doublelift has on several occasion spoken about how he struggles finding a purpose to compete and win in the Spring Split — a season which carries zero weight towards Worlds qualification — including in official Riot interviews. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Copy hyperlink. Related Topics team liquid doublelift tactical

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The 2018 North American League Championship Series started with a hyped-up grudge match between Team SoloMid and Team Liquid, who had picked up Doublelift after he was unceremoniously booted from TSM. I learned that I was getting cut by Team SoloMid by browsing Reddit, Doublelift wrote in a Player's Tribune article.Titled Everyone Else Is Trash, it fit Doublelift's style—he. In a recent interview, Team Liquid's AD carry Yiliang Doublelift Peng said that there is a zero percent chance Dota has more mechanical skill ceiling than League. Needless to say, this caught the attention of a couple of Dota 2 players, including Johan 0tail Sundstein and Sébastien Ceb Debs Peng was benched during the Summer LCS due to an injury incurred from playing basketball.[11]

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Doublelift Will Play Following Mother's Murder - San Juan Capistrano, CA - Online gamer 'Doublelift' wil play in Miami championships Sunday after his brother was charged in the brutal murder of. Facebook; Twitter; Facebook Messenger; Pinterest; Email; print; Team Liquid have made AD carry Yiliang Doublelift Peng, who won four consecutive domestic League of Legends championships with the.

the only good thing to come out of rift Rivals doublelift rekkles perkz g2 team Liquid fnatic peter looks so cute with his hair like that l TL Twitter 24 notes Loading.. Team Liquid ADC player, Yiliang Doublelift Peng, will reportedly still be participating in the upcoming NA LCS Finals despite the tragedy that struck his family only a few days ago, which had stunned the entire League of Legends community.According to reports, Doublelift's brother, Yihong Peng, had allegedly attacked and stabbed their parents in an attack, killing their mother and severely. However, after signing the well-known sports psychologist Weldon in the break before playoffs, TSM showed significant improvement as a team. They easily defeated Cloud9 3-1 in the quarterfinals and went on to crush Immortals 3-0 in the semifinals, although a lot of their win over Immortals was blamed on surprising draft picks by their opponents, including a top-lane Lucian in Game 1 and no sign of the heavily-in-meta Ekko from either team. In the finals, TSM faced CLG, a matchup with an even more heated rivalry than normal due to Doublelift's team switch prior to the season's start. Ultimately CLG won 3-2, and TSM finished the split in second place, out of reach of the Mid-Season Invitational.

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A week before the final, Peng learned that his mother Wei Ping Shen was killed and his father Guojon Peng seriously injured after his older brother Yihong Peng allegedly stabbed them in their family home in San Juan Capistrano California. Peng posted on Twitlonger "I'm still processing this news and joining up with my dad and little brother to make sure they're ok and the proper arrangements are being made. I'll likely be quiet on social media while I work through this. I hope you all understand and support me as you always have in the past."[25] In an interview with Machinima in 2013, Peng had said his older brother was his biggest influence on his life and career, and that he had regrets with his falling out with his parents and wished to make amends in the future, but with his busy career "right now I can't do that, I'm too busy."[4] Despite the pressure faced during this event, Steve Arhancet, owner and co-CEO of Team Liquid, announced that Doublelift would not be taking time off and was determined to play in the final as planned.[26] In the final, Team Liquid convincingly defeated 100 Thieves 3-0 and won its first league championship.[27] Doublelift has represented North America in every All-Star tournament since 2013, with the exception of 2017. CLG and Doublelift were fined on January 6, 2015 after being found guilty of poaching ZionSpartan. CLG was fined $2,000 while Doublelift was fined $2,500 41.4k Likes, 577 Comments - Yiliang Doublelift Peng (@yiliangpeng) on Instagram: why is the world tilted photo cred @mishaple Doublelift returns to TSM after a split off. Team SoloMid announced the return of AD Carry Yiliang Doublelift Peng for the 2017 Summer Split in a statement on their Twitter Facebook.

Support YellOwStaR departed TSM during the mid-season break to return to Fnatic, and after a Korean bootcamp during the mid-season break to try out new support players, TSM signed Dream Team's Biofrost as his replacement. Despite being a LCS rookie, Biofrost proved himself almost immediately at the start of the Summer Season. TSM didn't lose a single series until week 8, where they fell 0-2 to then ninth-place Phoenix1. That series was their only loss of the regular season, and they also nearly swept the Playoffs, defeating CLG 3-0 and then Cloud9 3-1 in the finals, qualifying them for the World Championship with North America's first seed.

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Team Liquid's current ADC Yiliang Doublelift Peng may be re-joining TSM for the Summer Split. According to ESPN sources, Doublelift chose to return to TSM over other offers he's received.This would be the first time he returns to the team since leaving in 2017. Since his contract has recently been up for trade by Team Liquid, this may be his chance to adjust his focus after his. It's so nice to see her being supportive of Doublelift after all of his success. Too bad she didn't stand by him before it. When you make the decision to have a child, you don't have any right to assume that they become a doctor or a lawyer Esports journalists and fans weigh in on Doublelift's reshoot. After learning that Gafford had allowed Doublelift a reshoot, many in the League of Legends community were not happy with how he handled it. People made it very clear on Twitter that they would have prefered he keept the original interview uploaded In the brief statement, Doublelift shared, in brief, the news and told followers that he would likely be taking a hiatus from social media. This weekend I received some terrible news, Doublelift said in a Twitlonger post Sunday. My older brother attacked both of my parents with a knife

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  2. Largest Prize from a Single Tournament. Out of the 53 tournaments awarding cash prizes that Doublelift had competed in, the largest amount was $29,025.00 from LoL 2018 World Championship on November 3, 2018. He placed 9th-12th, making up 10.17% of his total prize money won
  3. Doublelift was the face of the NA juggernauts that ran the LCS for multiple years. Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games Doublelift reportedly chose to go back to TSM after a historic LCS run with Team Liquid
  4. Team Liquid announced Yiliang Doublelift Peng as the newest addition to their 2018 NA LCS roster on Friday. The team also released a short video introducing Peng on Twitter

Yiliang Doublelift Peng has joined TSM's League of Legends squad, leaving behind Team Liquid after a difficult split. Steve Arhancet, Doublelift and Xmithie after 2019 LCS victory Riot GAmes. CLG and Peng were fined on January 6, 2015 after being found guilty of poaching ZionSpartan. CLG was fined $2,000 while Peng was fined $2,500. Furthermore, CLG was restricted from fielding ZionSpartan as a player or coach for the first week of the 2015 LCS Spring Split.[9] Doublelift returns to TSM after a split off. Team SoloMid announced the return of AD Carry Yiliang Doublelift Peng for the 2017 Summer Split in a statement on their Twitter Facebook.


2018-05-11 | Doublelift interrupted by Rekkles while talking Team Liquid's bad MSI start by Travis Gafford at Mid-Season Invitational 2018; 2018-05-17 | Doublelift and Rekkles chat together - life as an ADC, how long they'll play, and much more by Travis Gafford at Mid-Season Invitational 201 Doublelift, you're lucky that you have friends that you can stay with. I'd suggest getting any job that you can and just take it for now and quit when something better comes along. Borrow a friend's address until you've saved up enough money to rent a room somewhere Team Liquid announced via Twitter today that Peter Doublelift Yiliang Peng will not compete in the LCS on Saturday. His absence is due to illness, not their season's results thus far. Replacing him will be Edward Tactical Ra, who has apparently played with the team the past three days Fan's channel (unofficial) with the largest collection of Solo Queue (and more) VODs of Yiliang Doublelift Peng playing League of Legends. __ Support Doubl.. Peng is close friends with eSports journalist Travis Gafford. In an interview with Team Dignitas, Gafford said they first met when Peng posted on Reddit that he was homeless and Gafford offered for him to live on his couch until he had money to pay rent.[34] Peng said "Travis really helped me grow up as a person because when I'm playing games and focusing on my job you don't have basic social skills or an understanding of the world. When I go outside I'm like 'how much money am I supposed to spend on food? How do I do my taxes? How do I get a bank account?' I didn't have a credit card, all I had was my wallet with cash and a PayPal account. He helped me set up a bank account, he helped me set up my life."[4]

Home/Social Media/ Doublelift Twitter Tweets and Stats, Latest Youtube Videos. Social Media Doublelift Twitter Tweets and Stats, Latest Youtube Videos. Charlie Wilson 30th June 2019. 0 8,118 Less than a minute. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn StumbleUpon Tumblr Pinterest Reddit WhatsApp Watch all of Doublelift's best archives, VODs, and highlights on Twitch. Find their latest League of Legends streams and much more right here Doublelift's reputation is partially built on being a strong mechanical player and huge drama magnet. He says stupid impulsive things all the time, it's part of his brand and makes his fans feel more included in the process. Twitter wars help Doublelift, if anything, and he knows it

Team SoloMid shocked fans this week when it announced that star AD carry Yiliang Doublelift Peng would be sitting out the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split.After TSM's disappointing group stage finish at the 2016 World Championship, fans feared the team might be looking to change its formula for the coming season — but as it turns out, Doublelift was the one who decided he needed a break to. Although Doublelift was a streamer throughout most of the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split, he would briefly join Team Liquid near the end of it. After helping the team increase their performance and survive relegations, he returned to Team SoloMid in the summer. During the Summer Season after Doublelift's return and WildTurtle's departure to FlyQuest, TSM was expected to dominate the split. They would finish 1st in the regular season with 14 wins and 4 losses but were not back to their dominant selves. In the playoffs they defeated Team Dignitas 3-1 in the semifinals and then took down Immortals 3-1 in the finals to capture their third title in a row which was a first in NA LCS history. The win also qualified TSM for the 2017 Season World Championship. @TLDoublelift Jan 1. Copy link to Tweet. year of the DL has officially begun. 204 replies 538 retweets 9,331 likes. Thanks. Twitter will use this to make your timeline better. Undo. ‏ Verified account. @TLDoublelift 11h. Copy link to Tweet. revelation: does everyone kinda dislike their name? I definitely don't like mine Doublelift had the following to say about the deal: U.GG is the site I use all the time to check winrates and matchups, so partnering up feels natural. It only make sense that the best @LeagueofLegends stats site partners with the best Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng hails from Mission Viejo, California. Peng first discovered his love for video games through classic Nintendo 64 titles Star Fox and Golden Eye. After his brother got a computer, Peng frequently used it to play Diablo 1 and StarCraft. Since his brother would buy a new computer every few years, Peng soon came to own his own hand-me-down desktop. This allowed him to spend more time playing computer games such as DotA, WoW, and HoN with his brother and friends. Eventually they all left these games behind and moved to LoL.

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With their premature exit from Worlds, Liquid parted ways with their jungler, Xmithie and signed former Fnatic Jungler, Broxah. Prior to the start of the spring 2020 split, Broxah had visa issues preventing him from joining them for the start of the spring season. Team Liquid performed very poorly, a far cry from their domination of the years prior. Midway through the split, Doublelift was benched in favor of Team Liquid Academy ADC Tactical. According Doublelift, this decision stemmed from his apparent lack of motivation to begin the 2020 spring split. Doublelift publicly apologized to his teammates for his attitude, and promised to work harder to return to the LCS stage. Doublelift returned to the starting lineup the following week, but ultimately Liquid finished the split in 9th place and did not make 2020 Spring Playoffs. 283.4k Followers, 74 Following, 314 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Yiliang Doublelift Peng (@yiliangpeng Biography []. Xmithie was born and raised in the Philippines. When Jake was 16, his family decided to move to the United States. Jake began playing video games at an early age, as his father owned a computer shop that also contained PlayStation consoles and games Doublelift has represented North America in every All-Star tournament since 2013, with the exception of 2017. Seven-times LCS champion Yiliang Doublelift Peng is set to return to Team SoloMid after a five-split stint with Team Liquid, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reports. The move is likely to happen ahead of the 2020 Summer Split, confirming earlier reports that Doublelift's contract has been put up for sale by Liquid. Team Liquid reportedly looking to sell

CLG prime would attend the 2012 MLG Fall Championship in Dallas on November 2 through 4th. In the first round they faced the Korean powerhouse NaJin Sword, where they were routed in two lopsided matches. Falling to the losers bracket, CLG Prime would sweep Curse Gaming in round one, and then pick up a close 2-1 series against another NA team Dignitas. They faced their sister team CLG EU in Round 3 and lost 2-1 and were eliminated from the tournament. CLG Prime finished in 4th with $2,000 in winnings.[7] In the summer split 2018, Doublelift and Team Liquid picked up where they left off in spring. A tightly contested regular season saw Team Liquid come out with the number one seed by only a single game over Cloud9, qualifying them for a bye in the first round and a guaranteed spot in the semi-finals. Matched up against 100 Thieves, Doublelift and Team liquid cruised to a 3-1 series victory to move on to a spot in the finals against Cloud9. On the eve of the NA LCS finals, Doublelift was awarded a long-awaited NA LCS MVP for the summer split. This was his first MVP award.[28] Armed with the recently crowned MVP, Team Liquid easily defeated Cloud9 3-0 in the finals to capture back to back North American LCS titles and become the face of North American hopes heading into Worlds 2018.[29] However, they were eliminated in the group stage by KT Rolster and Edward Gaming. Doublelift was a part of the multiple championship-winning TSM squad that dominated the scene a few years ago. He will be rejoining Søren Bjergsen Bjerg and Vincent Biofrost Wang on the team, who he played with previously under the very same banner. This move should be fantastic for the storied North American esports organization Yihong Peng, the 30-year-old elder brother of NA LCS's Team Liquid ADC, Yiliang Doublelift Peng, has been arrested yesterday for the alleged stabbing and murder of their mother as well as severely injuring their father, according to a statement from the Orange County Sheriff's Department.This was the same brother who was previously pegged by Doublelift as someone he looked up to and had. Doublelift may be going back to TSM. After a tumultuous Spring Split, Yiliang Doublelift Peng is leaving Team Liquid. Today, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reported that he is headed back to his old team, Team SoloMid. Doublelift was one of the core members of the TL squad that dominated the LCS for the past.

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Doublelift has always been capable of playing the primary carry role and delivering in team fights, and absorbing all the resources he needs in order to make it happen. TSM has been used to giving their Bot laner the lion's share of the farm, so integrating Doublelift shouldn't be a challenge on that front Yiliang 'Doublelift' Peng has been formally benched by Team Liquid for Week 7 of the LCS, after his temporary replacement Edward 'Tactical' Ra guided the four-time LCS champions to their.

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With Doublelift riding the bench for the foreseeable future, academy AD carry Tactical had some big shoes to fill. However, the rookie has had a dream debut in the LCS, helping Team Liquid secure. Three different teams with Yiliang Doublelift Peng on them have now won major North American League of Legends titles. The third, Team Liquid, instantly became the most memorable last night with a 3-0 sweep over 100 Thieves. Just a week after his brother was arrested and charged with murdering their mother, Doublelift opted to travel to Miami and compete in the North American Spring Split A 30-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of fatally stabbing his mother and critically injuring his father during a fight at the family's San Juan Capistrano home, authorities said Saturday Dota 2 legend Johan N0tail Sundstein has responded to claims from League of Legends player Doublelift in which the latter stated that LoL is a harder game. N0tail is one of the most renowned e-sports players in the world, with over eight years of experience in competitive Dota and two consecutive world championship wins at The International 2018 and 2019

Doublelift sat out Week 6 with laryngitis, opening up on the experience on Twitter. I'm benched because I had no motivation until very recently, Doublelift tweeted last month Known for his  Blitzcrank, Doublelift gained the attention of George "HotshotGG" Georgallidis in early 2011, and the two duo queued together. HotshotGG asked him to join Counter Logic Gaming as a substitute which he accepted, but soon moved to Epik Gamer for a starting position as their Support. Doublelift then moved on to unRestricted (now known as Curse Gaming), to become their starting AD Carry. He competed for Curse at LAN events such as IGN Proleague and IEM New York. On October 31, 2015, Doublelift left CLG, after over four years with the team.[22] He joined Team SoloMid.[23] TSM's roster for IEM San Jose included Hauntzer, Svenskeren, Bjergsen, Doublelift, and kaSing.[24] TSM defeated LGD Gaming but then lost to Origen in the semifinals. After IEM, kaSing departed the team and was replaced by former star Fnatic support YellOwStaR.

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More than halfway through the spring season and threatened by relegation, Team Liquid announced that Peng would temporarily be joining the team and would be released back to Team SoloMid at the end of the spring split,[19] sparking controversy due to concerns of a conflict of interest when Peng inevitably competed against Team SoloMid while signed to Team Liquid. Team Liquid owner Steve Arhancet responded that Riot Games approved the trade after the team demonstrated that no other player in that role would be suitable for the team.[20] Doublelift is on Pace for a Historic MSI Date: May 15, 2018 Author: Michael Kelly 0 Comments Despite Team Liquid's early struggles at the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational, the squad has successfully turned things around, as they've won 3 of their last 4 games, including two definitive victories on Day 4 over Fnatic and EVOS Esports Adding Doublelift would make it so that TSM have a winning lane in every lane talent-wise and could play through any of them as their win condition. This would allow for Dardoch to execute ganks more around the entire map instead of trying to only win in top side. Also, the duo of Doublelift and Biofrost is one of the strongest in LCS history Peng was timid and socially awkward around his teammates. "I was really awkward and really introverted at the time. I was just that typical Asian guy who does nothing but play games. When I finally met my team I was like 'hi' and that was like the only thing I said. I said nothing after that. I was just a presence with them but I didn't interact with them very much."[4] In a Reddit AMA, Peng said he owed it to Epik Gamer for giving him the opportunity to begin his career. "Without Epik Gamer, I would have never made it into the pro scene most likely."[5] TSM Doublelift taking a break from professional play New, 2 comments One of North America's biggest stars plans to return in the summer to fight for his spot

Yiliang Doublelift Peng shared a photo on Instagram: the battle between good and evil (2019, colorized) • See 314 photos and videos on their profile Doublelift publicly apologized to his teammates for his attitude, and promised to work harder to return to the LCS stage. Doublelift returned to the starting lineup the following week, but ultimately Liquid finished the split in 9th place and did not make 2020 Spring Playoffs. Twitter account As of this edit, this article uses content from. On February 27, 2013, CLG participated in the Riot Season 3 North American League Championship Series Spring Split.[8]

Through four games, Doublelift has achieved a CSM of 10.5, grounding himself the only player to post a mark in that category over the coveted 10.0 threshold. That same ridiculous farming ability has resulted in a GPM of 477, the highest in the league, as well as a GD@15 of 582, over 200 points higher than the mark of 356 posted by Apollo. Søren Bjergsen (Link ️ listen) Bjerg is a League of Legends esports player, currently mid laner for Team SoloMid.Since October 2019, he has also been a co-owner of the team. Biography []. Søren Bjergsen Bjerg was born in 1996 in Denmark.2013 Season []. Bjergsen began his professional League of Legends career at a very young age

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  2. utes, 23 seconds. 330,949 views; 2 months ago; 12:36. Doublelift - IMPRESSING LEENA WITH IRL MECHANICS - Duration: 12
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Doublelift on Sneaky's departure from Cloud9: I just think it's weird the way [they're] treating him The seven-time LCS champion says Sneaky is still a great AD carry Aphromoo streams live on Twitch! Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community Fresh out of a group stage exit at Worlds 2018, Team Liquid announced the signing of Jensen and former world champion CoreJJ to the midlane and support positions respectively. With their newly revamped roster, Team Liquid finished 14-4 on the 2019 Spring Split advancing to the Spring finals to face Doublelift's former team TSM. Team Liquid dropped the first two games of the series, and on the brink of elimination Liquid picked up three straight wins to beat TSM in the best of 5 series thus earning Doublelift his 6th championship and 3rd straight title win. Despite coming off of a strong performance in the Spring playoffs, Team Liquid struggled initially in the group stage of MSI 2019, but with a strong finish to the group stage they secured a 4th place seeding in the playoffs. This marked the first time Doublelift making it out of groups stage at an international tournament. In a surprising upset, the 4th seeded Team Liquid defeated the defending world champions, Invictus Gaming, in a four game series. Team Liquid advanced to the finals to face G2 Esports, where they were ultimately defeated in a 3-0 sweep.

Photo via Riot Games I think that if I rejoin TSM and we don't win, that's just gonna be an awful look, Doublelift said this in his most recent vlog.. I know that this is a do or die. Yihong Peng, brother of professional League of Legends player Yiliang Doublelift Peng, was arrested in Orange County, Calif. after he stabbed the brothers' parents in an attack that. 2018-05-11 | Doublelift interrupted by Rekkles while talking Team Liquid's bad MSI start by Travis Gafford at Mid-Season Invitational 2018; 2018-05-17 | Doublelift and Rekkles chat together - life as an ADC, how long they'll play, and much more by Travis Gafford at Mid-Season Invitational 201

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Doublelift said that he never truly wanted to go pro in Dota, even though he was a pretty good player who shitstomped every pub he went into. Instead, the veteran ADC will try to capture the. Yiliang Doublelift Peng, the 24-year-old player in the professional league for the popular multiplayer battle arena video game League of Legends, was dominant over the course of the playoffs.

In August Peng helped CLG win their first ever LCS Split playoff title.[12] The victory also qualified them for the 2015 League of Legends World Championship. At Worlds CLG failed to make the bracket and finished 12/13th. On October 31, CLG informed Peng that they were not going to re-sign him. Immediately after CLG released a statement,[13] Team SoloMid announced that Peng would be joining as their new AD Carry, replacing long tenured AD Carry WildTurtle.[14] Peng comes from California, and started playing console games before jumping to PC titles such as DotA, World of Warcraft, and Heroes of Newerth before eventually moving to League of Legends.[3] In an interview with Machinima in 2013, Peng said his relationship with his parents was strained over his dream of being a professional esports player. "I would always struggle with my parents... we would just argue over everything, especially games. When I wanted to play they thought it was just a complete waste of time. It got worse and worse over the years."[4] Peng first entered professional League of Legends when he gained the attention of George "HotshotGG" Georgallidis, founder of Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), who recruited him as a substitute Support player.[citation needed] Shortly after, Peng left CLG to become the starter Support for Epik Gamer.[citation needed] He later joined UnRestricted as the starting AD Carry. The team was acquired by Team Curse later that year.[citation needed]

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  1. Peng was born on July 19, 1993, and grew up in Mission Viejo, California.[30] He has a younger and an older brother. In April 2018, his mother was killed and his father injured after an altercation outside of their family's home.[31][32][33]
  2. Because the pros will build their champion based on the most viable items from patch-to-patch, we need to know about the current typical Sivir build path in order to understand if Bang, PraY, Zven, or Doublelift have changed their priorities with the patches (and if those items have changed the ADCs statistical performance, which I discuss later)
  3. Doublelift, or Yiliang Peng, is an ADC for Team SoloMid and NA resident

League of Legends: Why Doublelift's Mother Was Murdered By

223.9k Followers, 1,398 Following, 309 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Leena (@leena_xu You can 'Like' The Game Haus on Facebook and 'Follow' us on Twitter for more sports and esports articles from other great TGH writers along with Robert! From Our Haus to Yours 2016 TSM ADC DL Trade Doublelift Doublelift Trade Doublelift Traded Doublelift TSM kobbe Kobbe Trade Team Liquid TSM TSM 2016 Where is Doublelift getting. Doublelift and Xmithie interview: SpongeBob memes, genie lamps, and more Talking about the important stuff By Julia Lee @dahrae_ Apr 12, 2019, 3:31pm ED They were seeded in a group that looked weak on paper and consisted of a shaky Flash Wolves, and untested Misfits and a questionable Team WE. TSM started off well with a 2 wins and 1 loss in Week 1 but then in Week 2 they performed worse and went 1-2. Having to play a tiebreaker against Misfits, TSM lost and were eliminated from Worlds in the group stage yet again in a fashion similar to last years'. Doublelift left TSM in November and joined Team Liquid in the same month.

Doublelift's trade to TSM now official after LCS concludes

#maisakurajima hashtag on Twitter

Matched up against 100 Thieves, Doublelift and Team liquid cruised to a 3-1 series victory to move on to a spot in the finals against Cloud9. On the eve of the NA LCS finals, Doublelift was awarded a long-awaited NA LCS MVP for the summer split. Twitter account As of this edit, this article uses content from Doublelift, which is licensed. With a disappointing finish to Spring 2020, Team Liquid traded Doublelift to Team Solo Mid for the 2020 Summer Split. Known for both his skill and braggadocios personality, Peng has won five North American championships and garnered half-a-million fans on YouTube and 800,000 on Twitter. On forbes lists 30 Under. Doublelift and Biofrost are back in the saddle once again 480.1k Followers, 1,218 Following, 971 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Eefje 'sjokz' Depoortere (@eefjah

Team Liquid AD carry Doublelift's mother killed - ESPN

Team Liquid AD carry Yiliang Doublelift Peng heard about the death of his mother just a week ago. On Sunday, in Miami, his choice to stick with his team despite that loss paid off with a North. As of this edit, this article uses content from "Doublelift", which is licensed in a way that permits reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, but not under the GFDL. All relevant terms must be followed. As of this edit, this article uses content from "Team Solo Mid", which is licensed in a way that permits reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, but not under the GFDL. All relevant terms must be followed.

Team Liquid AD carry Yiliang Doublelift Peng finds glory

  1. twitter. instagram. YouTube. twitch. Home. Share 0. Democracy Dies in Darkness. The LCS, long shut out from the World Championship, hopes to redefine success in 2020 but for Doublelift, Team.
  2. Report: Doublelift's older brother arrested for the alleged murder of their mother and injury of their father. Yihong Peng was arrested Saturday in Orange County, California
  3. The 30-year-old brother of a popular esports star has been charged with murder after allegedly stabbing their mother to death and severely wounding their father in an incident Saturday night in a.
  4. Doublelift is just another famous sports personality that has seen his name dragged into the murky world of murder. Here is a look at some of the most high-profile professional athletes that have.

Peng was eventually kicked out of his home by his parents after he had got back from DreamHack Summer 2011. Peng eventually moved in with Travis "Tnomad" Gafford prior to joining Counter Logic Gaming. Doublelift stated on Twitter that the reason for this is because he has been lacking in motivation. I'm benched because I had no motivation until very recently. Being sick and unable to compete gave me my passion back, but too late. I'm sorry towards every one of my teammates and I'll be working from now on to regain their trust

Riot Games streams live on Twitch! Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community Doublelift on Twitter: finally made it out of groups Close. 4.3k. Posted by. Doublelift with the confidence and a very bold statement. No way it backfires, right? This seems like the best group that Team Liquid could have got. Btw it's still possible that they draw DWG after playins, but still an easy group in comparison to A and C Doublelift streams live on Twitch! Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community After a horrible season with Team Liquid, Doublelift completed a transfer back to his former team at the end of the Spring Split. While most were happy to see this, there was a bit of a controversy in the fact that Doublelift is also dating the president of TSM, Leena Xu. Heading to Twitter, she added to this, providing an apology to.

Doublelift Twitter Tweets and Stats, Latest Youtube Videos

If Doublelift has a million fans, then I am one of them. If Doublelift has ten fans, then I am one of them. If Doublelift has only one fan then that is me. If Doublelift has no fans, then that means I am no longer on earth. If the world is against Doublelift, then I am against the world

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