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She reveals to Emily that she ran away from home the night she was kidnapped and something or someone hit her in the head. She later comes to Emily's home after running away again. Later, Charlotte DiLaurentis is murdered and a funeral is held for her. Sara shows up dressed in a black veil and the Liars are shocked to see her. She sits down and lifts her veil, before looking towards the Liars. Later, she exits the funeral home and is escorted to her car by a man, as she eyes the Liars. They question why she is there and say its to make sure Charlotte is really dead. OMG. Lesli's actress must come from the same School of Amateur Acting as Sara Harvey's actress. The way she delivered all her lines was so distinctively unnatural, like she memorized off the script and was in a hurry to blurt everything out before she forgot her lines. Definitely tragic. *nods solemnly The girls may have gotten out of the Dollhouse but what happened to them during their time of captivity has lasting effects. With worried loved ones watching over them, the PLLs are home and trying to heal, with not much success. Even with suspected tormentor Andrew in custody, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer fear they are far from safe. Meanwhile, Alison must deal with her past indiscretions. PLL creator Marlene King and star Shay Mitchell sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to shed light on the finale, which picks up immediately after last week's prom shocker. The Pretty Little.

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Fans on Reddit think that actress Emma Dumont could be playing a young Mary on Pretty Little Liars, and it makes a ton of sense. Back in 2016, Dumont — whom you may already know from Aquarius or. Jessica DiLaurentis was the mother of Alison and Jason DiLaurentis. She had an affair with Spencer Hastings' father, which resulted in the birth of Jason. She attended Alison's funeral in Rosewood with her husband and later returned to Rosewood to help throw a fashion show in honor of her lost daughter, Alison, in Season 2. In Season 4, Jessica moved back to Rosewood without Jason after. At the end of the episode, a police officer discovers Sara in the dollhouse and asks what her name is to which she tells them. Sara is then taken away on a stretcher, as Emily recalls the time they met her friends. The first new Pretty Little Liars episode in almost eight months airs Tuesday, and the second half of season 7 looks like it's gonna slay. For real. Speaking with TooFab at PaleyFest, actress Andrea Parker teased a heavy body count in the final 10 episodes of the show Game Over, Charles é o décimo episódio da sexta temporada e o centésimo trigésimo no geral da série de televisão Pretty Little Liars, adaptação da série de livros homônima escrita por Sara Shepard. Este episódio serve como o encerramento da primeira parte da temporada. Estreou nos Estados Unidos em 11 de agosto de 2015 pela ABC.

Directly on Popcorn Time Online in HD + subtitles, with Torrents Time Engine™ Pretty Little Liars season 6 episode 15 : Do Not Disturb 2010 Convinced that Sara Harvey is behind the new threats, the liars work together to get answers; Caleb and Hanna make a plan to fight back against the new stalker She was a young girl from Courtland who went missing around the same time as Ali. Hanna theorized that she could've been the mysterious Jane Doe in Ali's grave, but it is revealed in "Game On, Charles" that she is in fact alive. She is revealed to be Red Coat and The Black Widow in "Game Over, Charles". She was then killed by Noel Kahn in "Wanted: Dead or Alive".

Emily was unnerved by constant sightings of Sara Harvey who seemed to suffer a setback courtesy of Emily and the liars, and was looking to make them feel guilty Later, Emily mentions that Sara got out of the hospital and Alison says what happened to her wasn't their fault, but Spencer says she doubts that's how Sara sees it. Later, Aria checks into The Radley to spy on Sara. She hears Sara and Ashley Marin arguing out in the hall. Sara says that she asked for a private room and they could leave whatever they needed to leave outside the door, but Ashley says the rooms need to be cleaned. Ashley says she apologizes for the inconvenience and offers Sara brunch for two, but Sara says she doesn't eat brunch. Aria watches all of this through the keyhole of her door and after Ashley leaves Sara looks into it. Aria ducks and when she looks up Sara is gone. As Elliott and Alison are talking in the school hallway, Sara watches them from behind a wall without being noticed. Sarah Harvey's hair I've seen a lot of people here wondering about that specific hairstyle and if it means anything on PLL. The actress Dre Davis, who plays Sarah Harvey, has that hair style in real life and I'm assuming she didn't want to keep wearing the wig the entire half season so they incorporated her short hair to the story the same way.

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Dre Davis is an American actress from Cornwall, Connecticut.. She was a model on Project Runway for the show's eighth season. Davis is known for her roles on Scavenger Killers (2014), and Outliving Emily (2015). Dre can currently be seen playing the role of Sara Harvey on the ABC TV series Pretty Little Liars The girl that is pictured as Sara Harvey is not an actress, but was simply paid (read: stock photo) so PLL could use her photo. Therefore, there will need to be a Sara Harvey if they are going to explore that story line Back during the Season 6A finale, we assumed that Spencer had completely defused the bomb that Sara had rigged to go off at Radley, but evidently it wasn't as simple as all that. Parrish doesn't specify how exactly she got electrocuted, but we now know for sure that the bomb was somehow involved. What if, after Emily knocked her out cold and headed to the roof, Sara awoke and tried to fix the explosives, but ended up burning herself on the chemicals or got zapped in the process?

Ever since Sara walked into Charlotte's funeral, the girls have been worried that Sara would try to use what happened to her against them. If the electrocution took place while she was unconscious (due to Emily's epic right hook) then I guess they could be partially to blame, though I'm not sure how she could even begin to go about proving it to the police, especially since they're fully aware of what she did during her team-up with Charlotte. So then why are the Liars so worried? Adreian Lyn Davis, better known by her stage name Dre Davis, is an American actress who portrays the recurring role of Sara Harvey in Pretty Little Liars. Moreover, she also appeared in much short comedy-drama series Scavenger Killers, Paulie Pastrami: King of Illegal Meats, and From Sin to Salvation Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 15 Recap Do Not Disturb #PLL 02/10/2016 By Deana T Categories: TV Shows We have the Pretty Little Liars Season 6 episode 15 recap so you can catch up on every detail from last night's episode

At the Hospital, Emily is lying in her bed when someone enters the room. They inject something into her IV and we see that it's Sara. She tells Emily to lay still and that this isn't going to hurt a bit and that it will all be over soon. Sara's face is somewhat hazy, as she holds a panicking Emily down. Later, Alison says there was no one in there, leaving some confusion as to whether this was someone else or no one at all. They follow him and he picks up a tube of blueprints and eventually hands them off to a car. The car drives away and Emily sees that Sara is the one driving. The mystery of who's behind the black hoodie was finally revealed during Pretty Little Liars' season 6A finale in August, but when the show returns in January, there's a new tormenter in. Pretty Little Liars Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Team Sparia reunite to search for evidence that Sara Harvey is behind the threats; Caleb and Hanna make a plan to fight back against the new stalker using the s..

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#pll #pll season 6 #pll theories #pll questions #pll ideas #pll answers #pll finale #pretty little liars #pretty little liars theories #pretty little liars finale #pll reveal #bethany young #sara harvey #wren kingston #melissa hastings #pll rhys #cece drake #mrs grunwald #varja 11 of the Craziest Pretty Little Liars Fan Theories . it's possibly that it was the real Sara Harvey - and considering we never see the girl's face, that means there's always room for. Sara Harvey was a supporting antagonistic character in the television series Pretty Little Liars on Freeform. She is portrayed by Dre Davis. She was unmasked as part of the A-Team, being Red Coat and The Black Widow in the season 6A finale, Game Over, Charles. She was murdered by Noel Kahn in.. On tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars, titled The Gloves Are On, there are reveals in terms of what Emily has been up to the past five years. She also has a run-in with Sara Harvey. So she used Sara Harvey (Dre Davis) as a decoy — dressed in a red coat — to try to lure Ali out if the Liars' lives were in trouble. (A theory that was proved correct when Ali pulled the.

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Pretty Little Liars' Latest Victim Speaks: to be honest, Dre Davis tells TVLine of Sara Harvey, who failed to get back into the Liars' good graces before meeting her untimely end at the. Sara draws a sun on the wall before the lights shut off and she hears running. She walks over to her doorway and sees The Liars fleeing the building. We all need to come together. Play Sporcle's virtual live trivia to have fun, connect with people, and get your trivia on.Join a live hosted trivia game for your favorite pub trivia experience done virtually. If a virtual private party is more your thing, go here for details Sara Harvey After Emily punched her in the face, Sara was left with a pretty, black eye for some time. It was uncovered that Sara wasn't in fact Sara, but someone who had stolen her identity Aug 5, 2015 - theories about ABC family's pretty little liars. See more ideas about Pretty little liars theories, Pretty little liars and Abc family

OMG. The 'Pretty Little Liars' fandom is going to need a minute (or 10) to process all that went down on the Aug. 11 summer finale. The Liars came face-to-face with 'A,' and the reveal was. The shocking summer finale of Pretty Little Liars marked the end of an era as A's identity was finally revealed! Here's a breakdown of PLL's biggest reveals, as the Liars went face-to-face with A. (WARNING: Major spoilers ahead if you haven't watched yet obviously!) ('Pretty Little Liars' - ABC Family.

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Just as the Liars convene in the doctor's waiting room though, Emily receives a message from the burner phone she gave Sarah in case of an emergency. A video opens up, showing Ms. Harvey fast asleep in Emily's bed. Suddenly, a knife-wielding gloved hand enters the frame, pointing the blade at the unsuspecting Sarah We learn Sarah killed Wilden. If this was 3 seasons ago, I might actually give a shit. We learn Mona killed Bethany, but like, she was a fucking bitch so whatever. We learn Cece is Charlotte who is Charles who is A. Yes. I'm fully serious. We learn Sarah Harvey, the worst actress on the face of the goddam planet, is Redcoat

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I hope You All enjoy this a video and remember to like this video and subscribe to me for more. More videos will be coming soon. - Sara Harvey was electrocuted after emily knocked her out. This. Model-turned-actress Dre Davis returns to the small screens to reprise her role as Sara Harvey in Marlene King's newest second generation Pretty Little Liars show subtitled The Perfectionists. The last time we saw Sara Harvey she was dead in a shower, but if we've learned anything from the Pretty Little Liars universe is that death is a tricky. Sara Harvey is a fictional character in the Freeform television series adaptation of the Pretty Little Liars book series. She is portrayed by model Dre Davis. Sara is introduced as a false protagonist, only to be exposed as Big A's ally during Game Over, Charles.Harvey is murdered in Wanted: Dead or Alive by an unknown assailant and found dead in her hotel room's bathtub by a cleaner Duncan Albert is a boy from Alison's past who was romantically involved with her and who might hold the answers to the girls' questions. Duncan claims he flew Alison from Hilton Head Labor Day weekend, although Ali had claimed she took the bus home. Aria gets cold while investigating in Brookhaven and dons Alison's former Vivian Darkbloom signature red coat. With her dark hair spilling over.

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  1. Sara Harvey being Red Coat and Black Widow. She came out of nowhere. We didn't get much backstory so we barely knew anything about her. She just popped into the Liars' lives conveniently. The best part of the episode? Definitely Emily giving Sara a good right hook. It made the whole thing so much better
  2. Charlotte DiLaurentis is inside the "A" lair, watching the gallery preparation from a security camera, when Sara buzzes to come in. She buzzes her in and Sara walks in in her red coat and takes a seat beside her.
  3. The Perfectionists include many Pretty Little Liars connections, Easter eggs, references and clues. The PLL spinoff stars old favorites, like Mona Vanderwaal and Alison DiLaurentis, as they.

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Pretty Little Liars - Sara Harvey 6x03 Part 1 - Duration: 4:12. PrettyLittleLiarsepi 64,343 views. 4:12. Pretty Little Liars - Sara Harvey 6x09 - Duration: 1:37 You should star on 'Pretty Little Liars'! You belong in Rosewood with Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Allison! You'll uncover mysteries and secrets with the help of your loyal BFFs

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Sara Harvey is a recurring character in the series. She is portrayed by Dre Davis.. She was a young girl from Courtland who went missing around the same time as Ali.Hanna theorized that she could've been the mysterious Jane Doe in Ali's grave, but it is revealed in Game On, Charles that she is in fact alive.She is revealed to be Red Coat and The Black Widow in Game Over, Charles Sara Harvey is Charles. Sara takes a lot of showers to feel better, Charles says a bath makes him feel better. Note: They're both wearing blue. Charles is great at acting, Bethany was impressed by how good he was. Sara faked being scared multiple times, she's a great actress too. A wanted to recreate the night when Alison disappeared hence.

Pretty Little Liars actress Troian Bellisario recently shocked her fans when she opened up to Lenny Letter to talk about the fact that she still struggles daily with eating disorders and her mental health. Although Troian Bellisario has spoken candidly in the past about her eating disorder, many assumed she was doing well given the fact that she has been in recovery for the past 10 years I never expected any kind of redemption, to be honest, Dre Davis tells TVLine of Sara Harvey, who failed to get back into the Liars' good graces before meeting her untimely end at the. 14 Characters Who Could Totally Have Been A on Pretty Little Liars. November 21, 2015 by Ryan Roschke. 14.1K Shares View On One Page it ended up being Sara Harvey. But before all these. Later, we see her in the A-Team's lair, still wearing her black veil, but now with a burned Ali mask underneath.

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Pretty Little Liars revealed one of the series' biggest lingering questions on Tuesday night: Who killed Charlotte (Vanessa Ray)?. It turns out that Mona (Janel Parrish) was the one who pushed. After seven years and 160 episodes, Freeform's lovably batty murder-mystery Pretty Little Liars has finally been laid to rest. Those who stuck with the show for its entire run will quickly tell. Sara est une jeune fille blonde qui à la même âge qu'Alison et qui a disparue en même temps qu'elle. Hanna commencera à penser qu'il s'agit peut-être de la personne qui est enterrée à la place d'Alison dans le Mausolée. In order to prove Sara Harvey is behind the threats, Team Sparia reunites to find evidence of Sara's involvement before they go to the cops. Caleb puts together a plan with Hanna to fight back against the new stalker by using the security footage tapes Pretty Little Liars is a television show based on a series of young adult novels by Sara Shepard. The series follows the lives of four girls — Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson), Aria (), and Emily (Shay Mitchell) — whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of their leader, Alison.A year later, they begin receiving text messages from someone using the name A who.

(Spoiler Alert) It's been five long years in Rosewood (well, miraculously only about 2 in PLL time). We've suspected pretty much every character of being the mysterious A who is out to get the girls by all means necessary. On Tuesday our time for answers finally came in #FAcetoface and yet we can't help but fee Sara Harvey has never really been the most well-liked character on Pretty Little Liars, especially after discovering her involvement on the A Team. So when it was revealed that the Liars had. Sara Harvey finally met a sticky end on Pretty Little Liars just when it looked like maybe she wasn't all bad. She was clearly caught up in the thick of the plotting going on in Rosewood, so her. The actress, who portrays Spencer Hastings on Freeform's mystery series Pretty Little Liars, tied the knot with Adams in an outdoor ceremony in Santa Barbara, California on Saturday, Dec. 3 Pretty Little Liars season six is full of new One of the show's central storylines this season is Sara Harvey's (Dre Davis) mysterious disability or injury following the events of the.

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On the winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars, Charlotte DiLaurentis was released into the care of her sister Ali only to die hours later.She was found after having fallen from the bell tower in tow Pretty Little Liars is an American teen drama television series created by I. Marlene King for Freeform.It is based on Sara Shepard's novel series of the same name.Below is a list consisting of the many characters who have appeared throughout the series' seven-season run So Sara Harvey (the real Sara Harvey) was the body buried in Alison's grave, not Bethany Young, which tied in nicely to why there was a missing person's campaign for Sara Harvey around the time Ali went missing Sara Harvey is a fictional character in the Freeform television series adaptation of the Pretty Little Liars book series. She is portrayed by model Dre Davis. Sara is introduced as a false protagonist, only to be exposed as Big A's ally during Game Over, Charle

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Sara goes with the Liars and Mona to the Carissimi Group and helps them get into the secret room. Once they enter, Emily asks Sara if she's coming inside but she says she's gonna stay behind. Suddenly the doors shut. Pretty Little Liars (TV Series 2010-2017) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Sara Harvey 16 episodes, 2015-2016 Ryan Merriman Ian Thomas 16 episodes, 2010-2014 Sean Faris Gabriel Holbrook 15 episodes, 2013-2015.

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  1. A place for fans of Pretty Little Liars TV Show to express their opinions through original articles. * In Pretty Little Liars, Mona is A in the beginning but is killed by falling off a cliff (when trying to push Spencer off) but in the end Ali becomes the real A. Ali never died and is actually a killer. Sara Harvey went missing around.
  2. This week's episode of Pretty Little Liars season 6 opens with Emily Fields talking to Mona Vanderwaal.Mona tells Emily that she was going to meet Charlotte DiLaurentis the night she was murdered, but Charlotte never showed up.. Emily talks to Spencer Hastings and Aria Montgomery.Aria wants to tell Linda Tanner that Mona was the brunette on the phone so that Aria will get off the hook
  3. Pretty Little Liars is all about shocking twists and secrets. Maybe Sara Harvey, who disappeared the same night as Alison DiLaurentis is the one in Alison's grave and the girl pretending to be.
  4. You Actually DO Know Who Sarah Harvey is on Pretty Little Liars But we still have no idea how she's connected to Charles. Of course. By Ariel Nagi. Jun 3, 2015 ABC Family
  5. Emily Catherine Fields is a fictional character created in 2006 by author Sara Shepard.She is a character of both Pretty Little Liars ' books and television series, and initially appears as a jock girl and one of the main protagonists of the stories. She is part of the group known as the Liars; and is best friend to the four other members, whose are also protagonists
  6. Pretty Little Liars Season 7 thread. I'm a Pretty Little Liars fan but I agree and they are. bringing Noel, Wren, Paige and Jenna back this season. So we got the return of both Noel Kahn and Sara Harvey in this episode and it looks like they're both going to be joining Jenna as a team as well.
  7. PLL WRITER ONE: I'm gonna call her a chic Helen Keller Sara, the worst actress ever to exist, tells Emily to be safe and that she cares about her. Which is such a change of pace from the past two seasons where Sara has tried to get Emily killed. Sara Harvey is dressed like a lesbian bank robber and packing her shit real quick. She has.

I've read variations of this theory. It's just doesn't click with me. Bethany is the dead girl in the grave so she's a different person. I guess I could buy the theory that Charles wanted to be a girl and that's why he hates Alison, but it just seems off Later, she delivers the four girls food for "A" but runs off once they all start yelling to her, believing she is Mona. Search results for pll cast GIFs. Create and share your own pll cast GIFs, with Gfyca


That night is Emily goes to The Radley Hotel to get an answer out of Sara. She sees her sitting at the bar and goes over to her, demanding an answering about the question she asked the day before, asking why she is in Rosewood. Sara says the police asked her to stay because she might be able to help. Emily says that she is talking about the funeral, questioning why Sara would go if Charlotte was as horrible as she said. Emily asks if she lied in court so that she could walk out as a victim, but Sara turns it back on Emily, saying she's lucky she was able to walk out of there at all. Emily asks her what that is supposed to mean and Sara says she doesn't know about the others but she knows Emily feels guilty. Emily says they couldn't have done anything because it all happened so quickly. Sara questions who she is trying to convince: Sara or herself. Emily then leaves. Dre Davis, Actress: Pretty Little Liars. Dre Davis was born as Adreian Lyn Davis. She is an actress, known for Pretty Little Liars (2010), Madame Hollywood (2016) and Scavenger Killers (2014)

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  1. You know you have fallen in love with people when you watch over 15 hours worth of Netflix of the same show. It wasn't my fault. It wasn't my fault that I had nothing better to do with my life. I did finish Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars and I literally told myself, Tha
  2. RELATED: Pretty Little Liars: 5 Characters Who Got Fitting Endings (5 Who Deserved More) There were enough bad guys around, and the relationship between Sara and Em was another very unnecessary one. That being said, way too much was seen of this supporting character. 2 Wanted More: Emily & Al
  3. I suppose technically the Liars could feel responsible for leaving her there, but really the damage may have been done by Sara herself. And personally, I'd much rather that be the case than the alternative — where the Liars intentionally harmed Sara in the aftermath of her unmasking. Because as much as I dislike Sara, I'd hate to see the Liars resort to such A-like tactics.
  4. As CeCe tells Alison her story, she reveals that she sent the other Red Coat to the Lodge that night as a decoy. The third Red Coat goes into the woods and meets up with CeCe. She takes off her mask to reveal Sara and tells CeCe that Mona has no clue that CeCe isn't really about to meet her. CeCe also reveals that she sent The Black Widow to Wilden's funeral. The Black Widow gets into the limo and CeCe asks if she saw Wilden's body. She lifts the veil and its Sara. She says that Wilden is dead.
  5. Aeriel Miranda is the actress who portrays the role of Shana Fring
  6. Dre Davis, aka Sara Harvey on PLL, used to be a wig model -- you're welcome It turns out the model/actress isn't new to the world of pinning fake hair to her head. In addition to playing.
  7. Gabriel, who plays Harvey Specter in the US legal drama, arrived in the UK earlier this week with his wife Australian actress Jacinda Barrett. Sarah Rafferty, who plays Harvey's fiesty secretary.

'Pretty Little Liars' creator Marlene King opens up about the possibility of an 8th season of the show, and doesn't out rule the possibility Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family tonight with an all new Tuesday, August 2, season 7 episode 6 called Wanted: Dead or Alive and we have your Pretty Little Liars recap below. On tonight's episode, The ladies question if Rollins is actually dead, as the police begin to catch on to the Liars' cover-up Pretty Little Liars has put its core quartet through hell over the past five years, but the ABC Family drama has never been heavier — or better — than it was Tuesday night. We may never know. Were you prepared to say goodbye to Sara Harvey? That was a huge question after Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 6 for our panelists. Below, TV Fanatics Rachel Miller, Yana Grebenyuk and Jay. Sara's coat is recovered from the Lodge by a firemen, who throws it back down. Toby and Spencer later go to the Lodge and attempt to find it with no luck.

Ashley Victoria Benson (born December 18, 1989)is an American actress and model, known for her role as Hanna Marin on the mystery television series Pretty Little Liars. She has also portrayed Abigail Deveraux on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives , Mia Torcoletti on the supernatural television series Eastwick , and Brit in the 2012 crime. Troian Bellisario, best known for her role as Spencer Hastings on ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars, will reprise her role as Claire on the Aug. 12 episode of USA drama Suits, the. Sara Harvey is found in the Season 6 premiere of 'Pretty Little Liars' on ABC Family The Pretty Little Liars series is a tangled web of murder, trickery, and all-out backstabbing (both literal and otherwise) and the TV show definitely stays true to that.. But even if you've read. The stunt person used to play Charles in the dollhouse is named Bryan Thompson. You can find him on IMDB, and he was just used as a stand-in for the real actor. apart from the pacing at the end, is that Red Coat AND Black Widow had to be Sara Harvey. That was unnecessary, but I hope reasons for her major involvement will be explained in.

#summer finale #pll #pretty little liars #pll reaction #game over charles #cece drake #cece is a #sara harvey #shower harvey #a #summer of answers #face to face #Aria Montgomery #Hanna Marin #Spencer Hastings #charles dilaurentis #Emily Fields #Alison DiLaurentis #wren kingston #Ezra Fitz #toby cavanough #caleb rivers #marlene king #vanessa ray. After Charlotte's funeral, the Liars go back to The Radley and Spencer says she thinks the person the cops should really be talking to is right over there, motioning to Sara, who is at the sign in desk. She signs to the clerk that she can't do it and her driver comes over to sign it. The Liars question if she really can't sign her own name. Emily asks them if they still haven't told anyone about what happened and Hanna shakes her head no. Aria asks if they really believe she doesn't remember any of it. Hanna says she thinks Sara is lying, just like she lied about having "Swedish Syndrome". Spencer corrects her to Stockholm Syndrome and Hanna says that Sara was never kidnapped, but was living out in the real world and chose to help Charlotte torture them. Spencer mentions that if Sara really was brainwashed it would give her a strong motive to murder Charlotte.

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  1. Love her or hate her, Sara Harvey has had a major impact on this season of Pretty Little Liars. After escaping from the dollhouse alongside the Liars, she has moved in with Emily and the two have started a relationship. In this week's episode, Sara moves out of Casa Fields so she can properly date Emily. But who is this girl really
  2. Later, Claire comes to the Brew where Emily is working to talk. She says that Sara was a terrible person, and everything she gave them, she took two things away. Claire says that she actually wished Sara was dead before she disappeared, and says that Emily is lucky that Alison is dead and gone, as it means they're done, while Claire says they will always be known as "Sara's friends".
  3. The penultimate episode on Pretty Little Liars before the season 6 finale next week, Did You Miss Me decided to deliver the liars a surprise
  4. Dans l'épisode 14, Hanna montre à Spencer et Emily une photo de Sara sur son ordinateur et leur dit qu'elle pense qu'il se pourrait qu'elle soit la personne enterrée dans le cerceuil d'Alison. Hanna dit qu'elle pense ça car elle a disparue à la même époque qu'Alison, elle est blonde, a le même âge et n'habitait pas loin de Rosewood. Elle ajoute qu'elle a envoyé un e-mail aux anciens amis de Sara, en leur disant qu'ils pourraient se soutenir étant donné qu'ils ont vécus la même chose, pour obtenir des informations sur sa disparition. Hanna aura la réponse de Claire, une amie de Sara. Mais Ce n'est pas la fille dans la tombe d'Ali.

I think we've found out where Jenna has been hiding. Pretty Little Liars actress Tammin Sursok bared her pregnant belly over the weekend, while on a boat ride with husband Sean McEwen in California. The 29-year-old starlet and her actor/director husband are expecting their first child. Sursok donned a teeny weeny black bikini, while her [ Spencer receives a video call from Emily. Emily says she needs to show her something and flips the camera around, where we see Mona sitting down with a man. Emily asks Spencer if that's who she thinks it is and they realize it is the helping hand who accompanied Sara to Charlotte's funeral. They question why he would be with Mona. Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars has certainly delivered on the promise of bringing back our favorite villains. So far, we've seen the return of Sara Harvey, Noel Kahn (!!!), and, of course, Jenna. There were a lot of teenaged blonds running around in frilly yellow tops the night of Alison's disappearance all those years ago on Pretty Little Liars. Could the girl we now know as Sara Harvey.

While nothing concrete has been confirmed on the actual show — other than the fact that Sara's hands are definitely burned and the Liars feel somewhat responsible — Janel Parrish, who plays Mona on the series, recently took to Twitter to answer a fan's question about the circumstances surrounding Sara's mysterious injury. "She got electrocuted when they stopped the bomb in the finale," the actress explained on the social media site. "She can't use her hands." The original tweet has since been removed, but you can still view a screenshot of her response here: Surprise! Sara Harvey was working with CeCe the entire time! Emily really knows how the pick 'em, doesn't she? CeCe teamed up with Sara, and hired her as Red Coat Sara Harvey é uma personagem fictícia da série de televisão Pretty Little Liars, interpretada por Dre Davis. Sara é introduzida como falsa protagonista, apenas para ser revelada como cúmplice de A. Interpretação. Em 25 de março de 2015, foi anunciado que a participante. The next day while Pam is talking to Emily about dropping out of college, she sees that Sara is watching from across the street and begs Pam to discuss this later.

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  2. Pretty Little Liars is an American teen drama, mystery-thriller television series loosely based on the popular book series of the same title, written by Sara Shepard.The show premiered on June 8, 2010 on ABC Family. After an initial order of 10 episodes, ABC Family ordered an additional 12 episodes for season one on June 28, 2010
  3. There may also be insight on what happened to Sara Harvey. The Liars find out that Sara has lost use of her hands, but currently no one knows how. However, Pretty Little Liars actress, Janel Parrish, may have spilled the beans, in a reply to a fan's question on Twitter. Sara was supposedly electrocuted while attempting to detonate the bomb set to blow up Radley Sanitarium as the Liars.
  4. g second half of the final season of Pretty Little Liars. According to Refinery 29, Mary's (Andrea Parker) backstory, and most likely Jessica's, will be one of the focuses in the final 10 episodes of the Freeform series.The showrunners have reportedly picked the actress who will play the dual role
  5. 5. Who killed Sara Harvey? Signs pointed to Noel for a while, but as regular PLL viewers know, the most obvious answer is usually not the right one. So maybe it was Jenna, and Noel was just.

Who Killed Sara Harvey On 'Pretty Little Liars'? It's A

  1. Pretty Little Liars had been one of the most intriguing mystery shows on television in the past few years. Based on a book series written by Sara Shepard, Pretty Little Liars is set in a fictional suburban town called Rosewood, and centers around a group of girls (the Liars) who are rattled by the disappearance of their friend, Alison
  2. So far, Pretty Little Liars Season 6 has been a lot more about the Liars and their road to recovery and a lot less about Charles. And while the change of focus has been refreshing, the nagging.
  3. Whew, that was one hell of a ride, Pretty Little Liars fans. All in one episode we found out that CeCe is A, Bethany Young killed Toby's mom, CeCe hit Ali in the head with a rock, and Sara.
  4. I doubt Parrish gave us the full explanation, which means there's probably a big reveal involving this incident still to come. And if that's the case, Sara's hands might not be the only thing that gets burned this season. For more PLL theories, check out Bustle's latest podcasts below:
  5. Pretty Little Liars was a teen drama television series that ran from June 8, 2010 to June 27, 2017. The show was loosely based on the book series of the same name, and it was all about a group of girls; one of them disappeared, and all of them started receiving mysterious messages from the anonymous A
  6. Sursok's IMDB page reveals that Jenna will have a fairly significant presence in the first half of Pretty Little Liars season 7. Her guest appearance will begin in episode 4 and will.

Sara communicates with Mona through a cellphone from the plane. She arrives at the Lodge and gets off the plane. She heads into the woods, as Spencer follows her, but disappears. Later, she pulls the girls, minus Hanna, out of the burning lodge. Dre Davis Name: Dre Davis Birthplace: Cornwall, Connecticut Nationality: American Birth date: February 24, 1986 Years Active: 2010 - Present Occupation: Model Actress Character: Sara Harvey Season(s): 6 Dre Davis, is an actress, known for Scavenger Killers (2013), David Gandy's Goodnight (2013) and On the Other Side (2011). Filmography Gallery Add an image This page uses Creative Commons. 'Pretty Little Liars' is bAck! The season 6 premiere was filled with tons of drama, tears and girl power. This is the summer of answers, and we're definitely going to be getting them this season A Hazug csajok társasága (eredeti cím: Pretty Little Liars) egy amerikai tini dráma, rejtély és thriller televíziós filmsorozat, megalkotója I. Marlene King, és kis részben Sara Shepard ugyanazon című könyvén alapszik. A sorozat 4 gimis lány életét követi nyomon, akiknek a bandája széthullik a vezetőjük eltűnése után. Egy évvel később az egymástól elidegenült. Sara Harvey has never really been the most well-liked character on Pretty Little Liars, especially after discovering her involvement on the A Team. So when it was revealed that the Liars had somehow burned Sara's hands on PLL , it was difficult to drudge up any kind of sympathy for her. (You know what they say about karma.) But that doesn't mean it hasn't made for an interesting side story throughout Pretty Little Liars Season 6B. Sure, our main focus may center around Charlotte's killer, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit Sara's "accident" or "The Jenna Thing 2.0" hasn't grabbed my attention on more than one occasion. I may not feel much (if any) sympathy for her, but I do want to get to the bottom of what happened.

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