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Lottoland gives you a place to bet on EuroJackpot online safely and securely, guaranteeing all of its prizes with some of the world's most well known insurers. Lottoland also has an awesome array of unique and innovative ways to bet on EuroJackpot which only its members have access to. Here are some of the best features which you can only take advantage of by playing through Lottoland. Comprehensive Multi-Country EuroJackpot Jackpot History, including jackpot prize amounts, drawing dates, and jackpot change amount. Sort the listings any way you like


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  1. Eurojackpot originally had a rollover cap in addition to the jackpot cap. The lottery could only every rollover a maximum of 12 times. If, on the 12th rollover draw, the jackpot was still not won, the jackpot amount would roll down to the lower tier. From the 18th May 2012 to 10th August 2012 the EuroJackpot rolled continuously
  2. The latest Eurojackpot results are published here immediately after the draw has taken place. You can view the latest numbers including detailed information of winners and prizes.
  3. A magyar lottzkban hiba keressk az EuroMillions lott szelvnyeket, DE az Interneten keresztl brhonnan, knyelmesen s egyszeren tlthetnk ki s adhatunk fel valdi szelvnyt a mess nyeremnyek remnyben.
  4. imální jackpot 10 milionů euro. Eurojackpot je loterie s největšími výhrami na trhu
  5. imum jackpot of €10,000,000 that can rise to €90,000,000 when there is a rollover
  6. Loteria EuroJackpot are o limită a jackpot-ului de 90 de milioane € și, prin urmare, acesta este cel mai mare jackpot pe care poate să-l câștige orice jucător. Jackpot-ul de 90 de milioane € a fost câștigat pentru prima dată la 15 mai 2015, când un jucător ceh a câștigat un premiu echivalent în moneda locală cu 2,5 miliarde CZK
  7. The jackpot is capped at €90 million, but in the event that funds from ticket sales exceed this amount, the excess funds are rolled down and added to the second tier prize pool. Eurojackpot has 12 prize tiers and the winning combinations, as well as the odds of winning, are as follows: Odds of Winning. Lowest Ever Prize Amount [1


Did you know that many veteran lottery players prefer to bet the low value jackpots rather than going for the huge super draws? The reason for this is because since less people take part in the low value jackpots there is also less chance of sharing the prize if you win. Think about the math: being the solo winner of 10 million pounds is better than splitting a 30 million pound jackpot 4 ways! 24Lottos provides the latest EuroJackpot results right after the draw every Friday at 8 p.m. Central European Time. View the winning Eurojackpot numbers for the last 10 draws and find out if you win a prize with 24Lottos. If you don't win anything, just give it another try

Estimated Jackpot: €21,000,000. Price: $3.20 per line Redeem {{freePlayRewardRemain}} Free Play. Lucky Pick 5 Lines Lucky Pick 10 Lines Know more about EuroJackpot, why you should play this and why it is one of the biggest and most trusted lotteries in the world And that means, even though the jackpot is going to be a little smaller even when it caps out, you're still going to want to pick up one of these tickets because you're going to have a great chance of really getting somewhere with it in the long run when you buy Eurojackpot online The jackpot for the EuroJackpot starts at €10,000,000 and it can roll over up to € 90,000,000! With this kind of jackpot figures, Europe should prepare for a surge in the number of lottery millionaires. The EuroJackpot has a wide following with about 50 Millions lottery players participating each week

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There were over 1,007,000 winners in this draw. Find out if you have won... There were over 1,119,000 winners in this draw. Find out if you have won...

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  1. den sorsolskor 7 nyerszmot hznak: 5 golyt az 1-50 szmtartomnybl, vala
  2. Welke prijzen zijn deze week gewonnen met het spelen van Eurojackpot? Check snel je loten! Dit is de officiële Nederlandse Eurojackpot uitslagpagina
  3. Eurojackpot maksimālā uzkrājuma prognoze - 90 miljoni eiro. Izvēlieties 5 skaitļus no 50 un 2 papildskaitļus no 10. Izloze - katru piektdienu
  4. €24 Million R. Friday 14 th February 2020. €13.1 Million R. Friday 7 th February 2020. Friday 31 st January 2020. €85.9 Million R. Friday 24 th January 2020. €69 Million R. Friday 17 th January 2020. €54.5 Million R. Friday 10 th January 2020. €41.6 Million R. Friday 3 rd January 2020. €30.1 Million R. Friday 27 th December 2019
  5. Here are the EuroJackpot NL Results for 21/02/2020. The Winning Numbers are: In this draw no players matched the five numbers and two Euro numbers, which means there is a Jackpot Rollover to the next draw. The next EuroJackpot draw takes place on 28/02/2020 at 11:00pm with an estimated jackpot of € 35,000,000
  6. den pénteken, Helsinkiben húzzák. A húzás helyi idő szerint este 9 órakor történik. A

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"Sajnos, szeszlyeink kielgtsre sosem sajnljuk a pnzt, mindig csak olyankor alkudozunk, ha hasznos, vagy szksges dologrl van sz."(Honor de Balzac) U ovom izvlačenju bilo je više od 1.478.000 dobitnika. Saznajte jeste li dobitnik/dobitnica... Eurojackpot Winning Lotto Numbers for the whole of February 2020. At Multilotto you will never miss a draw again EuroJackpot Prizes. EuroJackpot prizes are based on the total prize fund which includes the minimum guaranteed jackpot fund of €10 million, plus any rollovers and new ticket sales up to a maximum jackpot of €90 million. At each of the 12 possible payout tiers, a smaller pool is set as a percentage of the overall prize fund **Eurojackpot uzkrājums šeit tiek atspoguļots kā prognoze, tā var nesakrist ar izmaksājamā laimesta lielumu, kurš tiek aprēķināts pēc faktiskajiem izlozes datiem. Latvijas Loto izmaksā 1. grupas (5+2) un 2. grupas (5+1) faktisko uzkrājuma summu

Eltalltad a heti EuroJackpot nyerszmokat? Itt megtallod a hten kihzott, friss lott szmok listjt, az EuroJackpot eur-millis nyeremnyeinek aktulis nyerszmait. Eurojackpot results for 24 April 2020. The Winning Numbers for Eurojackpot Draw were 6, 13, 15, 34.. By using the application Florida lottery results you can view real-time results of draws for Eurojackpot, the payout and the past results. With Lottery Eurojackpot results you have the possibility to have the Eurojackpot numbers and to consult the history and the prize. You have missed the latest drawings of the Eurojackpot, with our Eurojackpot solution you forget the problem of the results.

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UK Lotto Wades Through a Sea of False Lottery Claims - - On 9 January 2016, the record £66 million UK Lotto jackpot was won by two ticket holders. The owners of the first ticket, Carol and David Martin from Scotland, came forward relatively soon after the draw. The other £33 million has yet to [ U ovom izvlačenju bilo je više od 1.164.000 dobitnika. Saznajte jeste li dobitnik/dobitnica... 2020 Archive; Eurojackpot Results From 2020. Below is a comprehensive list of all Eurojackpot results for 2020 ,beginning with the most recent. For more information on a particular draw just click on the 'Prize Breakdown' link Eurojackpot prizes. The Eurojackpot lottery offers 12 different prize tiers, with different odds of winning and different ways to win. The jackpot starts at €10 million and can reach a maximum of €90 million! For more information about the different prizes, check out the prize table in the FAQ section Bet on the EuroJackpot lottery securely online! Skip the queues and save yourself time and money by taking advantage of the best lottery deals anywhere on the web.

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Ha rteslni szeretnl az oldalunkon megjelen hrekrl, akkor kedveld, s kvesd Facebook vagy Twitter oldalunkat! Question: How do you win with Eurojackpot? Answer: You have 12 chances to win on Eurojackpot, from matching two main numbers and one Euro number for the smallest prize up to matching all five main numbers and both Euro numbers to win the multi-million Euro jackpot. Full details of the prize tiers and your odds of winning in each are available on the Eurojackpot Prizes page Eurojackpot is a double-matrix game, requiring players to match all five main numbers from a possible 50 plus two Euro numbers from a pool of 10 in order to win the jackpot. In every draw, there are eleven additional prize tiers in which players can win a prize for matching fewer numbers The EuroJackpot is a European lottery that is organised by the 16 participating European countries. Because of this, the EuroJackpot can be considered one of the biggest lotteries of Europe. The EuroJackpot kicks off with a jackpot amount of € 10 million and can add up to the amazing amount of € 90 million

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Há 12 categorias de prémios do EuroJackpot que pode ganhar, a maior é evidentemente o jackpot que é ganho ao acertar em todos os 7 números e a categoria mais baixa pede apenas que acerte em 2 números. U ovom izvlačenju bilo je više od 1.359.000 dobitnika. Saznajte jeste li dobitnik/dobitnica...

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The Eurojackpot has jackpot odds of 1 in 95 million (or 1 in 95,344,200 to be exact) These are far lower than the EuroMillions, which returns odds of 1 in 139 million for a jackpot win. In fact the Eurojackpot has some of the best lottery odds in the world Estrazioni Eurojackpot Con l'app Eurojackpot (Euro Jackpot) puoi controllare tutte le estrazioni senza essere in ricevitoria ! - Ultima estrazione del gioco Eurojackpot (Euro Jackpot): Visualizza l'ultima estrazione del gioco Euro Jackpot con montepremi, quote del concorso e numero di case vinte ! -Archivio estrazioni Eurojackpot Visualizza tutte le estrazioni del gioco Euro Jackpot Jackpot pre nasledujúce žrebovanie 22.05.2020 je 21 000 000 € EUROJACKPOT. Prepnúť na hru EUROJACKPOT JOKER. Výsledky žrebovania hry EUROJACKPOT. Dátum žrebovania. 15.máj 2020 (piatok) 20. stávkový týždeň Archív žrebovania V 20. stávkovom týždni boli vyžrebované čísla.

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EuroJackpot Jackpot. The EuroJackpot Lottery offers a good bang for your buck thanks to its competitive odds that offer players higher winning chances. There will be a rollover every time there's no winner, with the jackpot amount starting at €10,000,000 and going up to €90,000,000 In the summer of 2018, with just her second ever Lottoland bet, 36-year-old cleaner Christina won an incredible €90 MILLION payout betting on the outcome of the EuroJackpot. Christina won the lotto's maximum jackpot after effortlessly placing a bet on her phone Pravidlá hry EUROJACKPOT Aké sú pravidlá hry EUROJACKPOT? Číselná súťaž JACKPOT je hra typu loto s powerbalovým prvkom. Hráč tipuje 7 číslic, pričom najskôr si vyberá 5 číslic v rozmedzí od 1-50. Následne tipuje 2 čísla v rozmedzí od 1-10. Aká je cena za tiket v hre EUROJACKPOT? Minimálna výška vkladu sú 2 eurá. The EuroJackpot winning numbers are drawn every Friday in Helsinki. The draw takes place around 8 pm local time. The draw on was offering a jackpot of € 10 million. Unfortunately, no player in Europe was able to correctly predict the seven winning lottery numbers this time. Datum izvlačenja. Petak. Vrrijeme izvlačenja. EuroJackpot lottó. Az EuroJackpot lottó 5/50 és 2/10-es rendszert használ. Így minden sorsoláskor 7 nyerőszámot húznak: 5 golyót az 1-50 számtartományból, valamint 2 Euro-golyót az 1-10 számtartományból. Az nyeri a főnyereményt, aki minden lottószámot eltalál, de van még további 11 nyereményszint is: itt már 3 szám eltalálásával (pl. 2 lottószám + 1 Euro-szám.

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  1. The main prize in the jackpot lotto is won by the person who correctly guesses five main numbers from the range of 1 to 50 and two bonus numbers (Euro Numbers) from the range of 1 to 10 which is all seven numbers. So in a word, in order to win one has to guess the biggest amount of numbers and euro numbers. his kind of drawing creates quite a.
  2. Eurojackpot rezultati - Posljednji Eurojackpot rezultati i jackpot Pobjednički brojevi na euro-jackpot.net
  3. Eurojackpot is a lottery drawn every Friday that offers jackpots of up to €90 million. Played in 18 European countries, the game offers a total of 12 prize tiers and a guaranteed jackpot of at least €10 million in each draw
  4. EuroJackpot originally had a rollover cap in place, in addition to the regular jackpot cap - the lottery could only roll over a maximum of 12 times. If, by the time the 12th draw came and the jackpot was still not won, the jackpot amount would roll down to the lower tier. From May - August 2012 the EuroJackpot game rolled continuously
  5. Eurojackpot is more popular than a lot of lotteries because it is relatively easier to win. It offers more attractive winning odds and 12 winning levels. The jackpot may be very hard, the other lower levels are much easier to win. The site where you played the game also matters. A reputable and one of the best sites to play Eurojackpot is.
  6. There were over 1,578,000 winners in this draw. Find out if you have won...

Sajnos egyik európai játékos sem tudta ezúttal helyesen megtippelni a hét nyerőszámot. Meespelen met Eurojackpot is kans maken op de grootste Jackpot van Nederland. De Jackpot start altijd op 10 miljoen en kan oplopen tot wel 90 miljoen This page shows a breakdown of the 18 most common Eurojackpot Main numbers drawn, as well as the most common Euro numbers in Eurojackpot. Results are ordered by frequency with the most common at the top. Eurojackpot Number Draw Frequency for Main Numbers: 19. Drawn 52 times. Last Drawn: 52 days ago (3/27/2020) 49

Ennustatav jackpot 390 000 € Mängima Vaata tulemusi. Ennustatav jackpot 30 600 000 € Mängima Vaata tulemusi. Peavõit 300 000 € Bingo loto Vikinglotto Eurojackpot Keno Tulemused Statistika Leia kiiresti KKK Võitude. Material Copyright Euro-Jackpot.net 2020. The content and operations of this website have not been approved or endorsed by any of the official operators of the Eurojackpot lottery.

Ao jogar EuroJackpot online deve sempre assegurar-se de que está a jogar com um operador licenciado e assegurado. Ao jogar com um website sem licença arrisca-se a perder o seu dinheiro para amigos do alheio. Lembre-se de que o EuroJackpot não necessita que os jogadores deixem uma fiança para poder abrir uma conta, não caia nesta armadilha. A nossa empresa online favorita, a Lottoland, é uma marca que já provou ser digna de confiança e todos os prémios são assegurados por algumas das maiores e melhores seguradoras da Europa.SMS kôd za provjeru dobitka možete pronaći na potvrdi o uplati ili u Povijesti igara (samo za listiće "u igri"). U ovom izvlačenju bilo je više od 737.000 dobitnika. Saznajte jeste li dobitnik/dobitnica... The EuroJackpot results could be shown immediately and you can have your ticket ready so that you can watch each number and see if it matches the numbers that you have on your ticket. If it does match you're going to be one of the first people to know it and you can immediately get out there and see what needs to be done in order to claim.

Official lottery results for Eurojackpot, 27 December 2019 - Find the latest winning numbers here. Stay up to date with the best lottery website in the world Výsledky žrebovania EUROJACKPOT JOKER. Dátum žrebovania. 15.máj 2020 (piatok) 20. stávkový týždeň Archív žrebovania V 20. stávkovom týždni boli vyžrebované čísla. 0 5 5 6 0 4. Spil Eurojackpot nu hos Danske Spil og vær med i trækningen om den ekstra store pulje. Der er 133.000.000 kr. i Eurojackpot lotto på fredag Ovdje se objavljuju najnoviji rezultati neposredno nakon održavanja izvlačenja. Možete pogledati najnovije brojeve, uključujući i detaljne informacije o dobitnicima i nagradama. V Česku lze EuroJackpot hrát ale až od října 2014, kdy Sazka získala potřebné oprávnění od Ministerstva financí. Hra se losuje každý týden a minimální jackpot je 274 milionů Kč. Maximální výhry v loterii EuroJackpot mohou dosáhnout neuvěřitelných 2,45 miliard Kč (90 milionů eur)

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There were over 737,000 winners in this draw. Find out if you have won... In the summer of 2018, with just her second ever Lottoland ticket, 36-year-old cleaner Christina won an incredible ₹720 Crores jackpot playing EuroJackpot. Christina won the lotto's maximum jackpot after effortlessly playinh on her phone The jackpot. The Eurojackpot lottery has a minimum jackpot amount of €10,000,000. That's definitely going to be a huge benefit for you and a big difference in your life, right? Well, you're definitely going to have no problem getting some really cool stuff with that money or paying off debts or anything else. But that's only the minimum Tulokset-sivulta voit tarkistaa viralliset Eurojackpot-tulokset. Katso heti oletko sinä tuore Eurojackpot-voittaja Die Zahlenlotterie mit garantiertem Jackpot Mit EuroJackpot bei Lotto24.de Millionengewinne abräumen! 14 europäische Länder beteiligen sich an der internationalen Zahlenlotterie EuroJackpot

U ovom izvlačenju bilo je više od 1.007.000 dobitnika. Saznajte jeste li dobitnik/dobitnica... Lottery Post is proud to bring you complete game information for EuroJackpot, including the latest lottery drawing results, as well as jackpot prize amounts and past winning numbers Euro Jackpot 21. kolo - izvlačenje brojeva u petak, 22.05.2020. u , Očekivani EUROJACKPOT iznosi Igra Euro-jackpot.net; Eurojackpot Results; Eurojackpot Results. The latest Eurojackpot results are published here immediately after the draw has taken place. You can view the latest numbers including detailed information of winners and prizes. Latest Resul Big news! Eurojackpot gets 3 new members and bigger jackpots form October 2014. The EuroJackpot is the newest multi-national European lotto, offering bigger prizes than most of the world's famous lotteries along with much better odds. Now for the first time it's possible to bet and win the EuroJackpot lotto online from anywhere in the World

A fnyeremny 90 milli eurig halmozdhat, ha addig nincs nyertes, a nyeremnyt az alsbb nyerosztlyok kztt sorsoljk ki. Magyarorszgon a fnyeremny s az 5+1-es tallat nyeremnye tutalssal, kizrlag eurban vehet fel, melybl SZJA kerl levonsra. A nyertesek a kisebb nyeremnyeket kizrlag forintban vehetik t, azok mr adzott, nett nyeremnyek. Hilf deinem Glück auf die Sprünge und tippe jetzt einfach die am häufigsten gezogenen EuroJackpot-Zahlen:

Všetky práva vyhradené © 2015 TIPOS, národná lotériová spoločnosť, a. s.Účasť na lotériových hrách je ZAKÁZANÁ osobám mladším ako 18 rokov Eurojackpot offers full 12 prize categories, from 5+2 to 2+1. If you score 5+2 you win the European millionaire jackpot. Eurojackpot is always worth millions. Even after a win, the jackpot restarts from €10 million and grows faster and faster with each passing contest Ukoliko ne možete pronaći ono što Vas zanima, molimo kontaktirajte Odjel za podršku – 0800 600 607. There were over 1,554,000 winners in this draw. Find out if you have won...

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Materijalna autorska prava Euro-Jackpot.net 2020. Sadržaj i poslovanje ovog web-mjesta nisu odobreni ili podržani od strane ni jednog službenog operatera Eurojackpot lutrije. But that same jackpot can grow up to an amazing €90 million. The amount that has already been won three times in the last six years since the Eurojackpot lotto was established. Join all of the lucky players from 18 European countries and play Eurojackpot today Az EuroJackpot lott (npnyelven: "eurolotto") a szintn pneurpai lott, az EuroMillions lott mintjra jtt ltre. Mindkt lott azonos rendszert hasznl azonos szelvnyron: a jtkosoknak 5/50 norml lott szmot s 2 ptszmot kell eltallniuk. A klnbsg annyi, hogy az EuroJackpot ptszmait 10 Euro-goly, mg az EuroMillions ptszmait 12 Star-goly kzl sorsoljk ki. Ez az aprnak tn klnbsg jelentsen nveli az EuroJackpot jtkosainak nyersi eslyeit az EuroMillions lottval szemben. Az EuroMillions legkisebb fnyeremnye 17, legnagyobb fnyeremnye 190 milli euro, s 13 nyeremnyszintet knl (mr a 2+0 is fizet) a heti kt sorsols alkalmval (kedd s pntek).

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Hvis puljen går videre til næste uge uden at være udløst, ryger der yderligere 1 million € euro i eurojackpot jackpot puljen, og denne er herefter op 11 millioner € i uge 2 uden den har været udløst. Puljen kan rulle over 12 gange, hvorefter bonussen på 1 million euro (7 millioner kroner) den den 13. gang vil blive fordelt ned. 21. kolo – izvlačenje brojeva u petak, 22.05.2020. u   ,   Očekivani EUROJACKPOT iznosi  

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There is a total of 12 prize tiers, each with a different prize, way of winning, and odds of winning. You win the jackpot of the Eurojackpot lottery by matching all 5 main numbers and the 2 bonus numbers U ovom izvlačenju bilo je više od 1.554.000 dobitnika. Saznajte jeste li dobitnik/dobitnica... Ha eurban szeretnl jtszani s a nyeremnyt is abban szeretnd, s mellznd sorbanllst, akkor az interneten keresztl is megjtszhatod a szmaidat a theLotter segtsgvel, aki a nevedben valdi lottszelvnyt vsrol.

While the guaranteed minimum jackpot prize for Euromillion is €15 million, Eurojackpot is €10 million. However, the chance of winning the Eurojackpot mega prize is 1/95,344,200 while the chances of Euromillions are lower at 1/139,838,160 Most common lottery numbers - Eurojackpot 2012-03-23 - 2020-05-15; Number Frequency Drawn ago Days ago Last Drawn Dat How to Play Eurojackpot. Eurojackpot requires you to pick five numbers from 1-50 and two numbers from 1-10. To win the jackpot you must match all seven numbers. The minimum jackpot is € 10,000,000 and can rollover up to €90,000,000. There is one draw per week on Friday at 21:00 CET held in Helsinki, Finland. View the latest Eurojackpot.

Se de nyeste Eurojackpot vindertal her. Du kan både se resultater på de seneste og tidligere Eurojackpot trækninger. Hele 133.000.000 kr. i puljen denne fredag To win the jackpot, you will need to match all 5 numbers and the 2 bonus numbers. However, there are 12 prize tiers in Eurojackpot, with different odds of winning - have a look at the prize table below There were over 1,478,000 winners in this draw. Find out if you have won... Há 12 categorias de prémios do EuroJackpot que pode ganhar, a maior é evidentemente o jackpot que é ganho ao acertar em todos os 7 números e a categoria mais baixa pede apenas que acerte em 2 números If you have been playing the EuroJackpot game for a long time now, chances are you probably picked one of these worst combinations. Your goal as a EuroJackpot player is to win the jackpot. Therefore, you should choose between pattern #1 and pattern #2 or maybe play both of them. And you should avoid pattern #29 to #56. It is as simple as that

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Euro-jackpot.net Startseite; Rezultate igre Eurojackpot; Rezultati igre Eurojackpot. Tukaj so objavljeni zadnji rezultati igre Eurojackpot takoj po zaključku žrebanja. Ogledate si lahko zadnje izžrebane številke, vključno s podrobnostmi o dobitnikih in dobitkih. Zadnji rezultat Eurojackpot - A better chance to win a giant jackpot! Eurojackpot was first drawn in 2012. It is a transnational lottery that attracts millions of players every week, and you can bet on every draw through the Multilotto website. You can play Eurojackpot wherever you are in the world, taking advantage of huge jackpots and favourable odds If your country is among the countries participating in the EuroJackpot than playing via your local convenient store is easy, however if you are based in the UK you do not have this facility. However you can now bet on EuroJackpot online from anywhere in the world with Lottoland, the fastest growing independent international lottery provider in the world. Az EuroJackpot számait minden pénteken, Helsinkiben húzzák. A húzás helyi idő szerint este 9 órakor történik. Amint a részvevő országok összes megvásárolt szelvénye feldolgozásra került, a 12 nyereménykategória eredményei itt kerülnek feltüntetésre. Ezután megtekintehti, hogy nyert-e, és ha igen, mennyit. A 22/05/20 i húzás jackpot összege 3.546 millió forint volt.

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For maximum info, consult our EuroJackpot Statistics, which offers a full list of the numbers drawn most often, when they were last drawn, how many times they have been in a jackpot-winning line, and the dates the game paid out on that number - you might be surprised at just how different the figures can be The DoubleJackpot is a one-of-a-kind feature allowing you to double Jackpot pool prize! If you manage to beat the odds and win the EuroJackpot, those 7 lucky picks would make you richer than Steven Spielberg and David and Victoria Beckham! Eurojackpot € 21 Million. 3. days Valletta VLT 1432, Malta), is Operating Jackpot.com. Lottomatrix Operations is Licensed and Regulated By the Malta Gaming Authority; License Reference MGA/B2C/362/2016 issued on 13/02/2017. Gambling can be addictive..

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Eurojackpot winners column is worth taking a closer look, it may be easily seen that each draw of this lottery brings hundreds of thousands of winners. Don't worry if you haven't hit the jackpot, just check the Eurojackpot results online again, maybe you are one of the lower-tier prize winners The biggest Eurojackpot winners. A phenomenal grand prize of 90 million Euro attracted Eurojackpot players from across the continent on Friday 14 October 2014 and a lucky ticket holder from Germany grabbed the lot to win the biggest jackpot ever awarded in the game. In total, there were over 1.6 million participants who received cash bonuses, including eight players who shared the prize in the. Eurojackpot Results and prizes. The last Eurojackpot Results are published shortly after the draw. That is to say, on Friday 29th March, the numbers 42 15 24 9 4 and two numbers additionally, 8 and 9 were drawn. Overall, the jackpot was € 19,614,132 and there were surprisingly over 760,000 winners 1,391,535.60 € 19,481,498.40 € 1,285,470.20 With a minimum jackpot guaranteed at €10,000,000 and record jackpot of €90,000,000 it's always going to be a life changing win if you jackpot with the EuroJackpot. Find out more about the EuroJackpot lottery including the odds, prize breakdown & history at our EuroJackpot lottery info page

U ovom izvlačenju bilo je više od 1.119.000 dobitnika. Saznajte jeste li dobitnik/dobitnica... The first EuroJackpot draw was held on March 23, 2012 with the minimum jackpot amount of €10 million announced by the founders. The minimum amount of the lottery jackpot is still in force and it can grow from draw to draw owing to rollovers up to the highest level of €90 million specified by organizers of the second biggest Euro Lottery U ovom izvlačenju bilo je više od 1.578.000 dobitnika. Saznajte jeste li dobitnik/dobitnica... In this draw no players matched the five numbers and two Euro numbers, which means there is a Jackpot Rollover to the next draw. The next EuroJackpot draw takes place on 22/05/2020 at 11:00pm with an estimated jackpot of € 21,000,000

Eurojackpot; Eurojackpot. Eurojackpot is a pan-European lottery that was launched in March 2012 as a counterpart to EuroMillions, which is only offered in select countries.The game offers a starting jackpot of €10 million, but the value of the top prize can quickly increase due to rollovers Eurojackpot. Eurojackpot offers prizes worth up to €90 million every Friday night. The jackpot begins at a minimum of €10 million and can quickly grow with rollovers. Its huge prizes and favourable odds of winning make it one of the most popular lotteries in Europe Ao ofexrecer probabilidades que rivalizam com as melhores lotarias do mundo, o EuroJackpot dá-lhe as melhores hipóteses de tornar-se num multimilionário, ganhando um jackpot que pode torna-lo tão ou mais rico que a maioria dos famosos portugueses! Eurojackpot - 20. krog, 15.5.2020: Dobitek Število Vrednost (€) Država; 5+2 Jackpot: 0: 0,00 : 5+1: 3: 625.675,40: Nemčija 2x Norveška: 5+

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EuroJackpot offers sensational jackpot prizes ranging from € 10.000.000 to € 90.000.000. The highest of EuroJackpot's jackpots - including maximum jackpot payouts worth € 90 million in Germany and the Czech Republic, and a € 61 million win in Finland - have smashed national lottery jackpots in their respective winners' home countries All the latest lotto numbers for Eurojackpot, 17 April 2020 - Check Lotto Results and play for huge jackpots every week. Play Lotto online at Multilotto.net U ovom izvlačenju bilo je više od 813.000 dobitnika. Saznajte jeste li dobitnik/dobitnica... In the summer of 2018, with just her second ever Lottoland bet, 36-year-old cleaner Christina won an incredible €90 MILLION jackpot betting on the outcome of EuroJackpot. Christina won the lotto's maximum jackpot after effortlessly placing a bet on her phone This is a complete list of all Eurojackpot results drawn in 2020. Select a result to view more information, including full prize breakdowns and other draw information. Friday 14 th February 2020. Friday 7 th February 2020. Friday 31 st January 2020. Friday 24 th January 2020. Friday 17 th January 2020. Friday 10 th January 2020

Jackpot behaviour. Compared to other lotteries like the EuroMillions and the German Lotto 6 aus 49, the Eurojackpot is designed to pay out more frequently (1:95 million odds versus over 1:139 million for the EuroMillions and the German Lotto). As a result, it is not anticipated that the lottery will grow to the same record-breaking sizes achieved by the EuroMillions, as it will most likely be. Eurojackpotissa on Suomen suurimmat potit - jopa 90 miljoonaa. Tästä miljoonajahtiin tai tarkista Eurojackpotin oikeat numerot EuroJackpot is a pan-European lottery with draws taking place in Helsinki every Friday at 21:00 EET (20:00 CET) with a top jackpot of €90 million. You can play EuroJackpot online or, if you live in one of the 18 participating countries, from your local ticket agent The biggest Jackpot for the EuroJackpot was set on September 13th, 2014 where a Lucky winner from Espoo, Finland won the €61,170,752.70 Jackpot! In January of 2013, another Finnish player from Seinäjoki was the happy winner of the €29,540,642 Jackpot, making it the biggest EuroJackpot prize won up to that time

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U ovom izvlačenju bilo je više od 1.419.000 dobitnika. Saznajte jeste li dobitnik/dobitnica... For residents of countries that do not play Eurojackpot will be available online. Jackpot and winnings. The organizers have planned 12 levels of profits, which greatly improves the chances to win. The starting jackpot will be € 10 million and will grow with each edition, which has not won The EuroJackpot was designed to give players across Europe a better chance of striking the jackpot in comparison to the EuroMillions lottery. The odds of winning EuroMillions is 1 in 117 million exceed the odds of winning the EuroJackpot at 1 in 95 million. The EuroJackpot can rollover to a maximum of around €90 million Eurojackpot draws take place on Friday nights. This page provides details of the results, prize values and number of winners for the last ten Eurojackpot draws ; so dig out your old tickets, one of them may have made you a millionaire! There were 839,027 Winners in this draw! Find out if you have won. There were 734,612 Winners in this draw As probabilidades mais favoráveis ao jogador do EuroJackpot foram um fator determinante no crescimento rápido deste loto que atraiu milhões de jogadores de toda a Europa. Se quer ganhar a lotaria não temos dúvidas que as sua melhor aposta é a de jogar no EuroJackpot!

The EuroJackpot lottery has a jackpot cap of €90 million, and as such, that is the highest jackpot prize that any player can win. The €90 million jackpot was won for the first time on 15 May 2015, when a Czech player won a prize equivalent in his local currency to CZK 2.5 billion There are 12 prize tiers in Eurojackpot and they are the same for all participating countries. You must match at least two main numbers and one Euro number or one main number and two Euro numbers to win a prize. The jackpot is claimed by matching all seven numbers drawn There were over 1,359,000 winners in this draw. Find out if you have won... There were over 1,419,000 winners in this draw. Find out if you have won...

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- Duration: 3 minutes, 16 seconds. Eurojackpot Ziehungsvideo 13.12.2019. - Duration: 3 minutes, 15 seconds. Eurojackpot Ziehungsvideo 06.12.2019. - Duration: 3. Wysokości wygranych odnotowanych w Polsce są przeliczane na złote i powiększane o ewentualną nadwyżkę z korzystnej wymiany kursowej złotego na euro. Wysokość doliczonej do danej wygranej nadwyżki poznasz po najechaniu kursorem na wartość wygranej oznaczonej kolorem. Więcej informacji o możliwych wygranych w Eurojackpot znajdziesz tu Se for jogador do EuroMilhões ou da Powerball é provável que saiba bem o que é sentir a frustração de nunca acertar nos números. O EuroMilhões é uma lotaria projetada para pagar prémios altos mas as probabilidades são baixas. Em nítido contraste a lotaria do EuroJackpot foi projetada para dar aos jogadores mais hipóteses de ganhar. Embora os prémios sejam menores que o EuroMilhões os jackpots são ganhos mais frequentemente, e tem muito melhores probabilidades de ganhar ao jogar no EuroJackpot! There were over 813,000 winners in this draw. Find out if you have won... Play EuroJackpot online with a systematic form and you can win multiple times in more than one prize division on the same ticket. EuroJackpot's starting jackpot is €10 million and it can rollover as high as €90 million! EuroJackpot has reached its jackpot cap a number of times since the lottery's establishment in 2012

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