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A different version of James Gordon Jr. appears briefly in the films Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, in which he is portrayed as the young son of James and Barbara. In the latter film, Two-Face tries to kill the boy in order to get back at Gordon, whom he blames for the death of his fiancée, Rachel Dawes. Batman saves James Jr. by tackling Two-Face off of a roof, killing him. Barbara was then divorced from Jim Gordon and living with their son James in Chicago. ( Batman: Turning Points #1) The divorce is also shown in Batman: Night Cries when James Jr. is slightly older Gordon and his wife start attending marriage counseling. Loeb is forced into early retirement and that means he is arrested and on trial. Falcone is in the hospital and will be heading to prison as soon as he heals, while Flass makes a deal with prosecutors to testify against him. Gordon, meanwhile, is promoted to captain. When a criminal who "calls himself the Joker" threatens to poison the city's reservoir, Gordon summons Batman with the Bat-Signal and waits on a rooftop for the Dark Knight to arrive. During the One Year Later storyline, Gordon makes a reference to his ex-wife "doing well". Jim Gordon is prisoner C89262 in the California Men's Colony at San Luis Obispo. He killed his mother on June 3, 1983, by pounding her head with a hammer, then finishing the job with three plunges of a butcher knife into the ribs James Worthington Jim Gordon is a supporting character in DC Comics' Batman series. Created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, he first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939). He was the first Batman supporting character to be introduced. In most incarnations of the Batman mythos, Gordon is the police commissioner of Batman's home of Gotham City

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Jordan received a vote for speaker of the 113th Congress from a fellow right-wing conservative, Tea Party Caucus chairman Tim Huelskamp of Kansas. Jordan received two votes for speaker during the 114th Congress.[15] Thanks to Eric Clapton's association with Delaney & Bonnie and his appreciation of their work, Gordon and Radle, along with keyboard player Bobby Whitlock, ended up on Clapton's first solo album and also played with Clapton on George Harrison's All Things Must Pass -- that album, in turn, paired him with Ringo Starr, then the most famous drummer in the world (albeit not for being a drummer so much as being the Beatles' drummer), and elevated him to star status before the public; his drumming became some of the most recognizable in the business, second only to Blaine and perhaps Ringo. It was then a short jump -- growing out of the "Apple Jam" sessions on the Harrison album -- to the formation of Derek and the Dominos, the Eric Clapton band whose short-lived career generated the single "Layla" and the accompanying album, which became two of the biggest selling records of the 1970s. Gordon not only played on the album but also co-authored the title song with Clapton, contributing the extended instrumental finale. Over the next few years, Gordon was fully employed within the music business and highly visible, playing with everyone from Joan Baez to Frank Zappa. James Gordon in Florida. We found 100+ records for James Gordon in Panama City, Plant City and 63 other cities in Florida. Select the best result to find their address, phone number, relatives, and public records In the prequel to the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us, Gordon learns via Superman's x-ray vision that he has terminal lung cancer. Later on he, Bullock and Montoya join forces with Batman's Insurgency to fight the Regime, and together they attack the Hall of Justice. Batman's inside man, Lex Luthor, notes that Gordon's cancer is worsening due his taking "super pills" that give people superhuman abilities. Gordon takes two of the super pills to save Barbara from Cyborg on the Watchtower, as he is scanning to find her location, accelerating the cancer to the point that he has only minutes to live. After the battle, Gordon thanks Batman and says goodbye to Barbara as he dies, looking down on the Earth. Having been the Police Comissioner for the last Ten years. Jim Gordon had put in some thought about retiring from it, feeling like he's done his job and retire with all theservice he has done. But, when he had his ecounter with Jeremiah who had threaten to kill his daughter, he saw a shadow figure, more like a man lurking around the cielings and knocked out Jeremiah. He knew that he and Barbara Lee Gordon wouldn't have make it out of there, if the mystery ma hadn't shown. Later that night, he lit up the GCPD distress signal with Harvey, Alfred and Lucius. They all looked up to the rooftops and saw the mysterious man looking down on them as well. From that moment Jim knew he couldn't retire just yet and that he knew he was a "Friend"

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In 1983, as parliamentary assistant to Minister of Health Larry Grossman, Gordon was able to secure a decision by the government to establish a cancer treatment centre in Sudbury, which now serves Northeastern Ontario.[4] The development of a cancer centre allowed patients and families to remain closer to their homes in the north during treatment as well as making Sudbury a major medical centre within the northeast.[5] The sophistication of the cancer treatment centre as both a treatment centre and an important research facility was one of the cornerstones Gordon was able to leverage in his pursuit of a medical school for Northern Ontario. AKA: James Wilson Gordon , Gordon James , Gordon James Wilson , James W Gordon Education: YORK SUBURBAN HIGH SCHOOL. Work: Hialeah Top Sales LLC - Manager. Reputation Score Range 3.62 - 4.81 View Full Details. James Gordon , 25 Chicago, IL. Reputation. James Gordon Jr. James is one of Jim Gordon's children in The Dark Knight.He is depicted as being fond of the Batman.At the film's climax, he is chosen by Two-Face for death in revenge for the.

Gordon is also referred to in the first issue of the series, All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, set in the same universe as and prior to The Dark Knight Returns. He made a full appearance on issue #6, as a police captain, having a conversation with his ex-partner, Sarah Essen, about Batman. He's still married to Barbara Kean, who is now an alcoholic, and has a son, James Jr. Just as other continuities, his daughter, Barbara, who is 15, becomes Batgirl. Frank Miller has commented that the series is set in his Dark Knight Universe, which includes all of the Batman works by Frank Miller, therefore Barbara's inclusion confirms that Gordon had two children during Batman: Year One, at least in Miller's version of the continuity. At the end of the series, it's implied that, despite being married to Barbara Kean, he's still in love with Sarah. SKF NOTE: When Jim Keltner called me at Modern Drummer to ask if we would be interested in interviewing his friend, Jim Gordon, the answer was an unequivocal yes.It was a time when we MD Editors felt, to an extent, as if we were playing catch up securing interviews with the long line of drummers we felt deserved interviewing. I've said it before, but it bears repeating: before MD there were.

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Jim Gordon, Camera Department: Volcano. Free Movies and TV Shows You Can Watch Now. On IMDb TV, you can catch Hollywood hits and popular TV series at no cost. Select any poster below to play the movie, totally free Gordon is visited by Sofia, who wants to continue seeing him, citing her confession to Cobblepot as a matter of trust but Gordon rebuffs it. Sofia tells Gordon about it but he soon finds that she is using this as an excuse to kill Cobblepot. Gordon then meets with Cobblepot to make a deal in which both will make sure Sofia leaves Gotham at nightfall and let Cobblepot continue ruling his empire.  After talking with Sofia, Gordon arrests her and sends a detective to scold her to the train station.  Fox tells Gordon that their recent DNAs showed that Pyg's real identity is Lazlo Valentin, a serial killer in the South. Gordon goes to visit Pyg but finds him gone, a guard dead and "It's been fun James - Lazlo" written in the wall with the guard's blood.   According to The Dayton Daily News, Jordan "is known for being one of Congress' most conservative members."[38] Jim grew up within the suburbs of Gotham City, the son of a successful but corrupt district attorney. He was sheltered as a child, giving him a different perspective of Gotham as a child, opposite to the one he would be exposed to during his career as a police detective. As a child, he favored his mother and resented his father's strength.[1] When Gordon was nine and riding in the car with his father their car was hit by another car and Gordon watched his father die. Gordon and everyone else believed Michael Ness, the other driver, was drunk at the time but in reality, he'd been hired to kill Peter Gordon. In his later years, he joined the army and became a war hero by the time he retired from the service.[2] During his time in the army, he had saved and befriended another soldier, Eduardo Dorrance. He also became engaged to Barbara Kean at some point. After returning to his home city, Jim joined the Gotham City Police Department in hopes of cleaning up and saving the city which he had romanticized in his mind over the years.[3]

Gordon worked closely with the proponents of two major developments in the arts community over the past two decades: Music and Film in Motion,[20] and Cinéfest. In Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, Gordon and Bruce Wayne are portrayed as close friends in their civilian identities, with Gordon having discovered his identity years before around the time of Bruce's retirement in his mid-forties (Bruce is explicitly identified as being 55 at the time of the story). Jordan won the Republican primary for the 4th district in 2006 after 26-year incumbent Mike Oxley announced his retirement. Jordan defeated Democrat Rick Siferd in the general election with 60 percent of the votes.[9] In the alternate timeline of the Flashpoint event, James Gordon is the chief of police, instead of being commissioner, and also works with Thomas Wayne, the Flashpoint version of Batman.[35] Later, Gordon tries to convince Batman that he does not have to fight villains by himself, but Batman refuses. When Gordon locates Martha Kane (this continuity's version of the Joker) in old Wayne Manor, he goes in without backup. Gordon is then tricked into shooting Harvey Dent's daughter, having been disguised as Joker, as she had been taped to a chair and had her mouth taped shut with a smile painted on the tape. Martha then appears and slashes Gordon's throat, and Gordon dies by Joker venom.[36]

James W. Jim Gordon was the commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department. In this capacity, he was a staunch ally of the Batman and the Batman Family. Gordon was also the father of Barbara Gordon, who worked secretly as Batgirl. Besides his work as Police Commissioner, Gordon was also a member of the Mystery Analysts of Gotham City, who were a group of high-profile detectives that. James Worthington Jim Gordon is the commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department and an ally to Batman. He is the father of Barbara Gordon and James Gordon Jr., and he is the ex-husband of Barbara Eileen When Gordon was fourteen, he broke his femur while jumping a fence to escape a truant officer

Jim Gordon is one of the more renowned rock drummers of the early '70s, and also one of the saddest cases in rock music. Born in California in 1945, Gordon began playing drums as a boy, and by the end Read Full Biography. Overview ↓ Biography ↓ Discography ↓ Songs James Jim Gordon is the Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department and a close ally of The Batman. Sometime in the late 1990s, a vigilante began clearing up Gotham City, which including a corrupted Police Department. Gordon, who was Commissioner at the time, formed an initially uneasy alliance and before long, subsequent friendship with The Batman. Gordon created the Bat-Signal as a. In Congress, Jordan voted to open the Outer Continental Shelf to oil drilling, prevent the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases, and bar greenhouse gases from Clean Air Act rules. He voted against enforcing limits on carbon dioxide (CO2) global warming pollution, tax credits for renewable electricity, tax incentives for renewable energy and energy conservation, and curtailing subsidies for oil and gas company exploration.[65]


James Gordon is one of Batman's first supporters, helping him fight against crime and corruption in Gotham City. He eventually rose to the rank of Commissioner in the Gotham City Police Department. Since his retirement from politics, Gordon continues to serve as chair of NetCentral, a not-for-profit community based network operating in Northern Ontario. He also served as chair of Parkside Older Adult Centre from 2010 to 2011, and as a member of the board from 2007 to 2011. In 2005, he served as honorary co-chair of the Sudbury Samaritan Centre, a facility designed to help residents in need including the homeless, with services that include a soup kitchen, drop-in mission, health centre and a support program to help people re-establish themselves in the community. He was a member of the board of Northern Artists Gallery/Artists on Elgin, a gallery which exhibits and sells work from northern artists and helps to market the local art industry to the surrounding community. He served as a member of the executive committee of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine from 2003 to 2011. Jim is a man in his mid to late 30s with a slender build with blue eyes and brown hair. Early on in his career at the GCPD he had short hair, although he later began to grow it. Unlike his partner Harvey Bullock, Gordon was always well kept whilst on the line of duty, wearing mostly a fresh suit and was always clean shaven and professional looking. Although on some occassions (such as being on the run after being framed by Edward Nygma) he developed an unkempt appearing and grew a stubble for a short time.

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  1. James Worthington Jim Gordon, Jr. is the son of Jim Gordon and Barbara Eileen-Gordon. Biography Edit. During The Joker's reign of chaos over Gotham City, Jim's mother was called by his father's trusted detective Anna Ramirez, who told them to go to the place where Rachel Dawes was killed. Unbeknowest to both mother and son, this was actually trap set by Two-Face to get revenge on Jim's.
  2. Jim Gordon is President at Cape Wind Assoc LLC. See Jim Gordon's compensation, career history, education, & memberships
  3. Jim Gordon was the greatest. This is are second car we bought at Brandon Ford. We sat down and described to Jim what we wanted & what we wanted to pay. He brought us a 2016 Fusion to the show room to look at we checked it out sat down went over the terms

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Gordon arrives just as Bullock is leaving the Captain's office. Gordon continues receiving threats from Pyg, who has now pitched a tent with two corpses being eaten by pigs outside the GCPD, tells Gordon that the corpses were filled with materials that produce paper so he and Detective Harper set to investigate a closed paper mill. However, they are ambushed by Pyg, who grabs Harper and takes her hostage before escaping. Gordon arrives at the fundraising but is captured by Pyg and gets left tied up and gagged in a storage closet. He is shown struggling to get free but is unable to do so successfully. However, soon after, Harper opens the door to the closet and enters, which surprises Gordon because he thought she was captured as well. Harper explains she was able to evade Pyg before he could tie her up. Meanwhile, Pyg serves Gotham's Elite, including Sofia and Cobblepot the people pies. When Sofia questions him, he stabs her in the hand. Gordon was appointed as chair and led the investigation of the ALC bed crisis at Sudbury Regional Hospital. He consulted with many groups including the Sudbury Physician's Task Force, the North East Community Care Access Centre, the Sudbury Regional Hospital and the North East LHIN. Over time, this strategy proved effective in pursuing the establishment of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine,[6] which would train doctors to serve rural, northern and aboriginal communities, as well as other initiatives such as broadband infrastructure in Northern Ontario. Gordon and Harvey Bullock are investigating the cleaner's scene, getting shocked after seeing his mutilated corpse. While Lucius Fox shows Gordon the toxicology reports on the case of the victim, Bullock informs them that the woman refused to press charges against Symon, seemingly being paid off, and a judge ordered his release.Mario talks with Gordon in private and he confronts him that he preferred to save Lee rather than Valerie in the tea party. Gordon calls him weak and Mario punches him in the face but Gordon decides to let it pass just for Lee. Gordon leaves the party after talking with Barnes and discovers Symon, who is nearing death. Gordon asks who threw him off, and Symon responds, "Barnes". In another part of the city, a police officer investigates a gunshot. While searching the area, he is butchered by a man wearing a pig mask.

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After Jim was infected by a drug known as the Red Queen, he was forced to face his fears, as he admitted to a hallucination of his late father, Peter Gordon, that the reason why he gave up on his relationship with Lee Thompkins and did not return to the GCPD, was because he was afraid of letting people down, after his hallucinations had ended, Jim finally overcame his fear, as he became a police detective again. Barbara Eileen Kean[28] is Gordon's ex-wife and mother of Barbara Gordon in Post-Crisis continuity. Her history and existence has been repeatedly retconned over the years, sometimes implying that she died in a car crash, other times that she left Gotham with James for Chicago. James Gordon appears in Batman: The Telltale Series and Batman: The Enemy Within, voiced by Murphy Guyer. Gordon served on the town council of Espanola in 1965[3] before moving back to Sudbury. He ran as a Progressive Conservative candidate in the Sudbury constituency in the 1967 election, but was not elected.[3]

Commissioner Gordon is a supporting character in the Batman: Arkham franchise where he is voiced by Tom Kane in Arkham Asylum, Rick D. Wasserman as a young man in a flashback in Arkham Asylum, David Kaye in Arkham City, Michael Gough in Arkham Origins and Jonathan Banks in Arkham Knight. In 1999, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care appointed Dr. Robert McKendry to report on physician supply and demand in the province. The report gave weight to the view that "the established medical schools had paid insufficient attention to preparing students for rural and northern practice".[7] McKendry came to the conclusion that meeting underserviced areas' needs might best be met by building a new medical school.[7] James Jim Gordon is the commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department, the father of Barbara Gordon, as well as a long-time ally of the costumed vigilante Batman. James Gordon was born on January 9, 1955. In 1997, Jim and his wife had a daughter named Barbara and moved to Gotham City shortly after In October 2001, Harris came to Sudbury to name the implementation management committee with Gordon as chair.[14] Its purpose was to develop a business and implementation plan for the school and to communicate with northern communities to establish a vision statement. While serving in the Ohio Senate, Jordan supported the Tax and Expenditure Limitation Amendment, a state constitutional amendment that would require a vote of the people to raise taxes or increase spending over certain limits.[70]

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Jim Gordon is one of the more renowned rock drummers of the early '70s, and also one of the saddest cases in rock music. Born in California in 1945, Gordon began playing drums as a boy, and by the end of the 1960s was one of the top drummers in Los Angeles, having worked with the Everly Brothers, Joe Cocker, Andy Williams, and Glen Campbell, among others In most versions of the mythos, Gordon is ignorant of Batman's identity. There is usually the implication that Gordon is smart enough to solve the mystery, but chooses not to in order to preserve Batman's effectiveness and maintain his own plausible deniability. In the 1966 Batman film, Gordon explicitly states his desire not to know for just such a reason. Gordon was instrumental in getting the province of Ontario to agree to make Science North an agency of the province, thereby providing a solid base of operating funding for what is now Canada's second largest science centre. James Gordon in Massachusetts. We found 76 records for James Gordon in Lowell, Marshfield and 61 other cities in Massachusetts. Select the best result to find their address, phone number, relatives, and public records

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  2. Former wrestling team members David Range,[80] Mike DiSabato and Dunyasha Yetts asserted that Jordan knew of Strauss's misconduct. Yetts said "For God’s sake, Strauss’s locker was right next to Jordan’s and Jordan even said he’d kill him if he tried anything with him”.[81] No wrestlers have accused Jordan of sexual misconduct; however, Jordan was named as a defendant in a lawsuit against the university by four former wrestlers.[82][83][84] Several former wrestlers, including ex-UFC fighter Mark Coleman, allege that Hellickson contacted two witnesses in an attempt to pressure them to support Jordan the day after they accused the congressman of turning a blind eye to alleged sexual abuse.[85][86]
  3. In May 2019, DiSabato filed a Title IX lawsuit against OSU. In one count of the court papers, DiSabato claimed that a second cousin of Jordan's attempted to "intimidate and retaliate" against DiSabato.[93][94] In 2019, DiSabato shared text messages with NBC News that were corroborated by another former wrestler[95] indicating that Jim Jordan, Russ Hellickson, and high school wrestling coach Jeff Jordan (Jim Jordan's younger brother)[96] conspired to engage in witness tampering and intimidation when they called Coleman and Coleman's parents to pressure Coleman to recant his earlier accusation that Jordan was aware of the abuse.[95]
  4. imize urban area and increase the rural area; it is now gerrymandered to avoid having Toledo, Columbus or Cleveland (or their respective suburbs) in the district which stretches from Lake Erie nearly to Dayton. A three-judge federal panel unanimously ruled in May 2019 that Ohio's congressional district map is unconstitutional due to partisan gerrymandering and ordered the state to create a new map in time for the 2020 election. As of May 2019, the issue remained unresolved.[7][8]

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In one story, Gordon and his daughter, Barbara, visit the grave of his late wife, Barbara Eileen Kean.[citation needed] This story is later retconned and it is revealed that she is not dead, but instead they are divorced and she is living in Chicago with their son, James Gordon Jr.[29] Jordan was born and raised in Champaign County, Ohio. He attended and wrestled for Graham High School, graduating in 1982. He won state championships all four years he was in high school and compiled a 156–28–1 win-loss record. He then enrolled at the University of Wisconsin–Madison where he became a two-time NCAA Division I wrestling champion. Jordan won the 1985 and 1986 NCAA championship matches in the 134-pound weight class.[1][2] He graduated with a bachelor's degree in economics in 1986. He lost the 57–62 kg featherweight semi-final match at the 1988 US Olympic wrestling trials and did not make the Olympic team. Gordon tells Bullock inside his office that they needed to bring in Strange. However, as acting captain, Bullock told Gordon that he couldn't without a charge, as the entire city had him under a microscope. While leaving, Gordon crosses paths with Bruce who informs him that Professor Strange had Selina Kyle. At Wayne Manor, Gordon and Lucius Fox decide to use this opportunity to infiltrate Arkham Asylum and find the secret laboratory where Hugo Strange was creating monsters. The next day, Gordon was let out of the trunk of the car, with Lucius telling him that if he saw anything suspicious he would mark it with white chalk. Gordon then entered the Asylum disguised as a security guard. Later, Gordon finds the marking Lucius left on the wall indicating that it was the entrance to the Indian Hill facility. Gordon is later taken ahold of by orderlies on the orders of Strange. Gordon is brought to one of the laboratories in Indian Hill where Strange had a helmet placed on his head, and a solution poured in. Strange removed the helmet and Jim came face to face with Basil. The helmet was then put on Basil, and afterward, Jim was surprised to see Basil had a face identical to his, and Strange then put a wig on him so he looked identical to Gordon. Basil then mimicked Gordon, to Gordon's horror.[45]

During the 1990s Sudbury experienced a substantial loss of population along with stagnant municipal assessment. Recognizing the importance of diversification and development to the city's survival, Gordon spearheaded specific major initiatives. Gordon worked with others at all levels of government and fostered a strong relationship with city council to achieve fiscal strength for the city and projects that would benefit the community and the Northeast. Created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, Gordon debuted in the first panel of Detective Comics #27 (May 1939), in which he is referred to simply as Commissioner Gordon. The character's name was taken from the earlier pulp character commissioner James W. "Wildcat" Gordon, also known as "The Whisperer", created in 1936 by Henry Ralston, John Nanovic, and Lawrence Donovan for Street & Smith. Gordon retires from the police force after having served for more than 20 years. He remains in Gotham, and occasionally enjoys nighttime visits from Batman. Despite being retired, Gordon often finds himself drawn to a series of life-and-death circumstances, such as the Joker sending him flowers during Last Laugh, or being contacted by the temporarily reformed Harvey Dent to stop Batman from killing the Joker, to being kidnapped by Francis Sullivan, grandson of one of Gotham's notorious serial killers, during the Made of Wood[4] storyline. After the attack by Sullivan, Batman gives Gordon an encrypted cellphone, the so-called Batphone, in case he needs to contact him, which also carries a transmitter in case of trouble.[5] He also still has contacts with the country's law enforcement agencies, which the sheriff's departments request Gordon to contact Batman to help investigating a series of unusual murders on a suburb territory outside the city's limits; it turns out to be a paranormal case involving black magic, occult rituals, and the supernatural.[6] Commissioner Michael Akins has taken his position, with many officers expressing reluctance to follow him out of loyalty to Gordon.[7]

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In March 2017, Jordan criticized the newly introduced American Health Care Act, the Republican replacement bill for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, calling it an unacceptable form of "Obamacare Lite."[30] On May 4, 2017, he voted to pass a revised version of the legislation.[31][32] During the Hush story arc, while working with Superman, Batman discusses whether or not Perry White has figured out Superman's secret identity. Theorizing that White is too good a reporter to not have figured it out, he draws the same comparison to himself and Gordon, stating that Gordon is too good a cop to not have figured it out. In that same story arc, Gordon, in an attempt to stop Batman from killing the Joker, tells Batman to remember who his role models are (his parents) and the beliefs they instilled in him. As well, he asks Batman to remember who and what made him who he is, a rather obvious reference to the criminal who gunned down his parents in front of him, suggesting that Gordon knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman. In Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #2, shortly before their planned wedding, former Lieutenant Arnold Flass (Gordon's former partner) beats Gordon and kidnaps James Jr. for ransom in exchange for letting a corrupt judge go free. Batman saves James Jr., while Gordon, Essen, Flass and the judge are trapped and must work together to escape. When Hugo Strange attempted to determine Batman's identity early in his career (in a story written in the post-Crisis era), he began his research by focusing on muggings and murders committed in the last few years based on the idea that Batman was prompted into his current role by a traumatic loss as a result of criminal activity, prompting Gordon- upon learning of Strange's research- to reflect that Strange had already made a mistake as he was underestimating the physical demands that would be required for Batman to have reached his current level of skill by looking at crimes committed such a short time ago, suggesting that Gordon had already considered such an avenue of investigation (even if he may or may not have followed it up). A chronologically later storyline involving Strange pre-Crisis involved Alfred being hospitalized as part of Strange's scheme, and during a conversation between Gordon and Batman over the phone after Strange's defeat, Gordon pointedly tells Batman to inform an unnamed 'mutual acquaintance' that Gordon has checked on the acquaintance's friend in hospital and the doctors expect a full recovery.[25]

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On July 26, 2018, Jordan announced his bid for house speaker following resignation of Paul Ryan,[16] but lost to Kevin McCarthy.[17] His campaign ended when Democrats took the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.[16] Subsequently, Jordan campaigned for house minority leader. Former Ohio state representative Capri Cafar said that Jordan, "...is someone who has built a reputation as an attack dog, someone who is media savvy, someone who is a stalwart supporter of the president and who has the skill necessary to take the lead for the GOP."[18] He lost his bid to California Republican McCarthy in a 159–43 vote.[19] GCPD Commissioner James Gordon is the Dark Knight's greatest ally, and one of his closest friends. Batman may be the sworn guardian of Gotham City, but the man who makes it possible for the Dark Knight to safeguard its streets is James Gordon. A veteran cop who rose through the ranks by putting his foot down on rampant corruption—even when.

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  1. In the Batman: Year 100 storyline, which takes place in 2039, Captain Jim Gordon, grandson of commissioner Gordon, finds an old laptop in the attic of a country home owned by Gordon and discovers a secret file which he assumes contains long-lost information on Batman. After unsuccessfully trying numerous passwords with relevance to the Batman universe he inputs "Bruce Wayne" and is granted access to the file contents.
  2. Gordon and his uncle frank go to cabin in the woods to fully talk. Frank explains that he came back to Gotham in order to solve the problems between him and Gordon. He then explains about the Court of Owls, a secret society that controlled Gotham for centuries which wanted balance to the city. However, time passed and it became corrupt. He says that he and Gordon's father, Peter, were both members of the Court and they want Gordon to join them. he also explains that Peter discovered what the Court planned and as such, the Court had him killed on an car accident and the Court sent him to another place during these years to prove his loyalty and he returned to ask Gordon to join him in taking down the Court. Frank leaves later, reporting to Kathryn about their progress.
  3. Gordon is offered the position of Captain by Mayor Burke but he remains doubtful. Gordon attends a police ceremony in honor of the fallen in the courthouse but when Bullock fails to show up, he is forced to start the ceremony without him. After a bitter argument with Bullock, Gordon decides to sign the offer and officially becomes the new Captain of the GCPD's Central Precinct. Gordon meets with Sofia where he confronts her for everything that happened to make him Captain. She explains that Bullock needed to go. Gordon decides to end his relationship with her for good.    
  4. Jim Gordon, a gifted musician, writer, arranger and sound designer, brings to life Native American Flute and Percussion in his newest creation. Feel the irresistible power of the music as it leads you on a healing Shamanic journey for the sacredness of life and reverence for the earth
  5. Detective Sarah Essen suggests Wayne as a Batman suspect and she and Gordon witness Batman save an old woman from a runaway truck. Essen holds Batman at gunpoint, but Batman disarms her and flees to an abandoned building. Loeb fraudulently orders a bomb dropped on it, forcing Batman into the fortified basement. A SWAT team is sent in, led by trigger-happy Lieutenant Branden, whom Batman attempts to trap in the basement. Branden manages to climb out of the trap through a collapsed chimney, and joins in the gun battle. Enraged as the team's careless gunfire injures several people outside, Batman beats the team into submission, but is wounded during the fighting. Using a signal device to attract the bats out of his cave to distract the police and conceal himself, Batman escapes amid the chaos. Selina Kyle, after witnessing him in action, dons a costume of her own to begin the life as Catwoman.
  6. Commissioner Gordon is Gotham City's head of police and friend of Batman. James Gordon is the Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department, and one of Batman's greatest allies. He is a controversial political figure in Gotham City because of his willingness to work alongside a vigilante, but he is one of the most honest cops on the force, often struggling against corruption from within.
  7. Jim also has a soft spot for children. He was the only cop to comfort Bruce Wayne after his parents death. In Selina Kyle, he shot one of the child traffickers because he was about to kill the children he kept downstairs in a building. Once he heard about the crime in question, he was furious to the point that he allowed Harvey to beat a man in jail for answers.

During the Forever Evil storyline, commissioner Gordon enters Blackgate Penitentiary in order to save the warden.[10] When a turf war erupts between the Arkham inmates, Gordon helps to evacuate the citizens from Gotham City.[11] Jim Gordon Interview (Full) Tape A - Side A - Duration: 40:17. Scott K Fish 328 views. 40:17. The Making of Full Metal Jacket - Duration: 30:50. MakingOfHollywood Recommended for you Although the two kidnappers escaped, Jim and Bullock were able to recover the children, allowing Mayor Aubrey James to send them all upstate. The Gotham City Police Department soon learned the buses taking the children upstate had been hijacked by the child snatchers. Jim and Bullock attempted to discern their location by interrogating Morry Quillan who was in GCPD custody, learning from him that the truck the snatchers used had a plate with a fork on it. After getting every truck with a plate on a fork on it searched, Jim realized it wasn't a fork that was on the truck, it was a trident. Jim arrived at Trident Intercontinental Shipping, just in time to save Selina Kyle, and rescue the other homeless children who were in the process of being ready to be shipped overseas. At the GCPD headquarters, he later learned from Selina that she had seen the Waynes' killed, and the face of their murderer.[4] Jordan was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives in November 1994 and represented the 85th Ohio House district for three terms.[citation needed] On June 13, 2018, Jordan and Mark Meadows (R-NC) filed a resolution to compel the Department of Justice to provide certain documents to Congress relating to the ongoing congressional investigations of interference by Russia in the 2016 election. The resolution asserted that the DOJ was stonewalling congressional oversight and sought to give the DOJ seven days from its enactment to turn over documents related to both Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller as well as various decisions made by the FBI during the 2016 presidential election. Jordan issued a press release that stated:

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James Jim Gordon is the Police Commissioner of Gotham City. He shares the Batman's deep commitment to ridding the dark and corrupt city of crime. Although he is somewhat skeptical of Batman's vigilante method, he ultimately recognizes the necessity of Batman and the two have a mutual respect and tacit friendship. Gordon is also the father of Barbara Gordon, who fights crime alongside. Later on, after being dosed with the "Red Queen" drug by Jervis Tetch, he went through a hallucinogenic experience which helped him come to terms with his past enough to convince himself to re-join the GCPD as a detective once again. After he was infected with the Alice Tetch virus, Jim was going to leave Gotham with Lee until Bullock convinced Jim to cure himself and Lee. When Penguin came up with a new license of crime, Jim looked to Carmine Falcone for help but actually ended up working with his daughter, Sofia. Jim is later promoted to the rank of captain after saving a squad of cops from Professor Pyg's trap.

In addition to the efforts being made by the university community and medical professionals in the north,[8] Gordon realized that political initiative was required to put pressure on the government of Premier Mike Harris.[8] To that end he arranged, on behalf of the Northern Ontario Mayors Coalition, a coalition of the mayors of the five major cities in the north, to meet with Health Minister Elizabeth Witmer to plead their case. Witmer agreed to have the government's expert panel receive a proposal from the north, a proposal that laid out a model for an entirely new school.[8] James Hannah (Heather) Jim Gordon VC (7 March 1909-24 July 1986) was an Australian recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces. Gordon was born in Rockingham, Western Australia and grew up in Gingin, Western Australia In 2000, Jordan defeated independent candidate Jack Kaffenberger to win a seat in the Ohio Senate with 88% of the vote. In 2004, Jordan defeated Kaffenberger again, this time with 79% of the vote.[citation needed] In the Batman: Damned miniseries, printed under the DC Black Label, Gordon is seen questioning a homeless man who had apparently witnessed the showdown between Batman and the Joker that led to Joker's death.[39] Gordon is next seen at the police standoff with Harley Quinn and the rest of the Joker's henchmen, attempting in vain to get them to stand down.[40]

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In Blackest Night: Batman, Gordon is present when Deadman refers to the current Batman as "Grayson" and after the current Robin took Gordon and his daughter to the new Batman's underground base. It is implied that Gordon is unconscious when they meet Alfred Pennyworth. Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach with the Ohio State University's (OSU) wrestling program from 1987 to 1995.[71] Ohio State University began an independent investigation in April 2018[72] into allegations of sexual misconduct by former wrestling team physician Richard Strauss; Strauss was the team physician during Jordan's tenure as assistant coach.[73][74] Strauss committed suicide in 2005.[75] In The New 52, James Jr. appears in the Batgirl series. He escapes from Arkham, and begins stalking his sister, whom he views as a rival for his father's affection. The series reveals that he deliberately caused the divorce of his parents: he killed a cat his mother had bought for Barbara and then threatened to kill his sister if she did not leave the family and threatened to kill Barbara if she tried to contact them ever again.[32][33] When Jim Keltner called me at Modern Drummer to ask if we would be interested in interviewing his friend, Jim Gordon, the answer was an unequivocal yes. It was a time when we MD Editors felt, to.

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In June 2016, the DC Rebirth event relaunched DC Comics' entire line of comic book titles, in which Jim Gordon has a continued role in Detective Comics and the third volume of Batman. In December 2017, DC Comics ended the Rebirth branding, opting to include everything under a larger DC Universe banner and naming, and Gordon continues to be featured in Detective Comics and the third volume of Batman. He explains that everyone will eat the pies that are made of homeless people or he will kill Martin. When one of them dismisses Martin for being an orphan, Cobblepot kills him. He then forces everyone to eat the pies. Gordon and Harper show up, and Gordon fights with Pyg on the table, eventually stabbing Pyg in the arm and defeating him. Pyg is later sent to Arkham Asylum and Gordon gets praise from the media.  The Transformation. James S. Gordon, MD, a Harvard-educated psychiatrist, is internationally recognized for using self-awareness, self-care, and group support to heal population-wide psychological trauma.He is founder and executive director of the nonprofit Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, D.C., a clinical professor at Georgetown Medical School, and was chairman (under Presidents.

James Gordon's clever daughter Barbara is home after her college graduation, she's beginning a career as a librarian. Barbara's dad does some matching and pairs her with his friend, handsome bachelor millionaire Bruce Wayne. The Penguin abducts Barbara to force her to marry him hopefully avoiding criminal prosecution Gordon travels to Miami to meet with Falcone. He joins Falcone at a table, also accompanied by Sofia, Falcone's only daughter. He asks for Falcone's help in taking down Cobblepot but Falcone says he can't because he's dying and leaving the city would be risky for his health. Sofia then volunteers to stay with Gordon while he remains in Miami. Later, while meeting up at the beach, they end up kissing.  Gordon returns to Gotham and is shocked to find Sofia there, seemingly wanting to help him. Gordon strongly supported multicultural initiatives and associations in Sudbury throughout his career, including the Sudbury Multicultural and Folk Arts Association, an umbrella organization of 50 delegate groups with a client population of over 30,000 citizens of Sudbury. He attended numerous functions and provided guidance and assistance.

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Jim is protective of the individualss he cares about, as seen when he tried to warn Lee about her fiancé, Mario Calvi being infected by Alice Tetch's blood, though she did not believe him and believed he was trying to sabotage her relationship with Mario out of jealousy, when he went to try and save Lee, and bring Mario in alive, he was forced to kill Mario in self-defense when he tried to kill Lee, but he still felt guilt and remorse for what he did to him, despite his dislike of Mario (due to the latter's arrogant, rude and disrespectful traits) this protectiveness of those he cares about was also seen when he found out that Nathaniel was infected with Alice's blood, and he tried to bring him in alive, and succeeded. The main difference between bringing Nathaniel in and his failed attempt to bring Mario in alive was that he had no choice but to kill Mario; because he was about to kill Lee, whereas Nathaniel was in a standoff with Jim, and Jim outdrew and non-fatally shot him. CMBM was founded by James S. Gordon, MD in 1991. Dr. Gordon is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Family Medicine at Georgetown Medical School, and chaired the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy under Presidents Clinton and G.W. Bush. About Dr. Gordon Gordon tries to rebuild his relationship with his family after Essen leaves Gotham. While leaving home, Gordon spots a motorcyclist enter his garage. Suspicious, Gordon enters to see Falcone's nephew Johnny Vitti and his thugs holding his family hostage. Gordon realizes if he lets them go, they will most likely kill his wife and son. Therefore, Gordon shoots the thugs and chases Vitti, who has fled with his baby son James Gordon Jr. Bruce Wayne, on a motorcycle, also rushes to chase Vitti. Gordon blows out Vitti's car tire on a bridge and the two fight, with Gordon losing his glasses, before Vitti and James Gordon Jr. fall over the side. Bruce leaps over the railing and saves the baby. Gordon realizes that he is standing before an unmasked Batman, but says that he is "practically blind without [his] glasses" and lets Bruce go. When facing the injustice within the police and government systems, this tends brings out the darker aspect of his personality more than anything. While battling corrupt GCPD members such as Arnold Flass and Gillian Loeb, he shows more aggression, somewhat unusual fitting the "Boy Scout" perspective people get from Jim. His ultimate shift in morality began when he killed Theo Galavan in cold blood. Due to knowing what kind of monster Theo was and the influence he held allowed him to get away unscathed and also due to Parks, a rookie cop being killed by Eduardo Flamingo. Jim had Flamingo at gunpoint but did not kill him causing a feeling of guilt. Knowing a man like Theo can not be brought down so easily and he would only kill more people if he was allowed to walk freely, Jim took justice into his own hands by allowing Theo to be tortured by Oswald and shot him in the chest. Jordan chaired the Republican Study Committee[11] during the 112th Congress[12] while turning down a position on the Appropriations Committee.[13] During the U.S. government shutdown of 2013, he was considered[by whom?] the most powerful member of the committee.[14] That group was the primary proponent and executor of the Republican Congressional strategy to force a government shutdown, in order to force changes in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.[14]

Gordon provided encouragement and support through Greater Sudbury Development Corporation for the city's first nationwide CBC television program, Chilly Beach. March Entertainment, the show's creators, relied on the broadband network [21] to do the back-office work for the program in Sudbury and the front-office work in Toronto. Jim Gordon is Managing Partner/Founder at Edgewater Funds/The. See Jim Gordon's compensation, career history, education, & memberships From these consultations, Gordon recommended 47 short-term and long-term measures to address the bed crisis. [24] Based on his report, city council called on the Ontario government to adopt several measures to address the ALC crisis. City council also ratified Gordon's recommendation to house ALC patients at another site. James K. Gordon CM (born March 6, 1937) is a Canadian politician, who served as mayor of Sudbury, Ontario from 1976 to 1981 and from 1991 to 2003, and as a Member of Provincial Parliament for the provincial electoral district of Sudbury from 1981 to 1987.[1] He briefly served in the Executive Council of Ontario, holding the position of Minister of Government Services in 1985.

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After Barbara requires surgery to counter the life-threatening effects of the Brainiac virus, Gordon visits her in Metropolis. She reveals to him her current role as Oracle, as well as her past as Batgirl. Gordon admits that he knew of her life as Batgirl, but is pleasantly surprised to know of her second career as Oracle. James Gordon in Alabama. We found 60 records for James Gordon in Dothan, Peterman and 50 other cities in Alabama. Select the best result to find their address, phone number, relatives, and public records View Jim Gordon's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Jim has 9 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Jim's connections. This Looks Amazing, Your Jim Gordon looks better than mine that i designed for R4pid. Also if you make a young Bruce Wayne (You don't have to do this but i included this in the pilot script and Bruce will mostly have it for the rest of his life) but add a Scar on Bruce's Forehead from a Gun Wound. Jim Gordon at a rally for Cape Wind on the Boston Common in 2015. globe file photo/Globe Freelance What a slow death it has been for the state's first proposed offshore wind farm. But now, its.

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He is Sudbury's longest-serving mayor, having served a total of 17 years. In 2000, the Canadian edition of Reader's Digest named him one of the three most influential and innovative mayors in Canada.[2] This coalition gave the largest northern municipalities a unified voice in their dealings with the provincial and federal governments. This group, representing approximately 70 per cent of Northern Ontario's population, worked for projects benefitting the whole of Northern Ontario. By Jim Gordon winemag.com — Petite Sirah is the black sheep of California wines that never broke out into mass popularity on its own. Simultaneously, it's well loved by winemakers and beef eaters for its awesomely dark color, its plump blueberry and dark chocolate flavors, and its notoriously thick texture

Gordon, Bullock and several officers of the GCPD come to Arkham Asylum with a court order to inspect the office of Hugo Strange. However, when they went into his office they found all his document shredded, which he excused as "spring cleaning". Later Gordon, Bullock, and Tabitha arrive at the Gotham Cemetery to recover Azrael's actual sword, but Azrael arrives and attacks them. Minutes later, Gordon was informed of what happened inside the crypt and that Theo had remembered his mission to kill Bruce Wayne. Gordon then swiftly apprehended a police car, after trying to call Wayne Manor. While driving to Wayne Manor, Gordon calls Alfred, warning him that Galavan was after Bruce once again. Later before Azrael could kill Bruce with his sword, Gordon appears from behind him and shoots him with gun Theo, though it fails to kill him. Gordon then helps Bruce to his feet, and Alfred arrives, with them both tending to Bruce. Meanwhile, Azrael came to his feet, and although Gordon got out his gun to shoot him, his gun had no bullets left. However, Penguin and Butch arrive, and Butch shoots him with a rocket launcher, blowing him to smithereens. The two then leave, with Butch telling Gordon, Bruce, and Alfred good night.[44] As mayor, Gordon worked with city council to establish a climate in which collaboration and cooperation was encouraged to find a way to hold the line on property taxes. The mayor worked in partnership with the city's management and the unionized employees to use the zero-based budgeting process and to find millions of dollars in efficiencies in the city's budget without layoffs. As a result, the city was able to hold the line on taxes while continuing to provide the level of service that citizens expected. In 1994, Sudbury topped the list of local municipal efforts to control property taxes in Ontario, according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (Members’ Opinions Survey #34, July 1994), a survey based on 8,058 face-to-face interviews with members from 18 communities. James Gordon covers the Senators for The Athletic Ottawa. He spent more than 11 years at the Ottawa Citizen in various capacities, including sports editor, general assignment reporter, national. James Gordon. Gordon James W Cpa. Gordon James W CPA PC. Categories Accountants-Certified Public, Accounting Services, Bookkeeping Gallery. Be the first to add a photo! Add a Photo. Reviews. Hi there! Be the first to review! 5 First-class 4 Better than most 3 About what I expected 2 Not the worst... 1 Disappointing During the events of the No Man's Land crisis, Jim has a brief fling with his ex-fiance Barbara, which led to her getting pregnant. The subject of the pregnancy garnered conflict between him and Lee which was eventually put to rest when the two of them finally get married in a ceremony inside the GCPD. Following the end of the No Man's Land crisis and Gotham joining the mainland, Jim was promoted to commissioner of the GCPD which he would hold for over 10 years.

INCO became very interested in participating in this project because it would benefit both the company and the community, and through negotiations, eventually received a grant from the Ontario government. The mining machinery manufacturing company that was set up by INCO, now known as Continuous Mining, has since been purchased by Bob Lipic. View Jim Gordon's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Jim has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Jim's connections. In the GCPD, Gordon and Bullock find new evidence that Kathryn possesses multiple properties around Gotham and the duo set off to find one of the properties to find the bomb. On the property, they find a crystal owl and using their lights, they discover a map of Gotham City. A grenade is thrown and Barnes arrives in a suit, taking Gordon with him. Gordon is taken to a property where he is confronted by Kathryn and then left with Barnes, who is treating Gordon on a trial acting as his "judge, jury and executioner." Just before his attempted beheading by Barnes, he is rescued by the GCPD while Barnes escapes. Bullock has Kathryn arrested and taken to the GCPD. When Alfred discovers this, he enters the interrogation room and stabs Kathryn to force her into revealing Bruce's location. Barnes arrives, knocking everyone in the building out with a grenade. Kathryn tries to reason with Barnes, who responds by decapitating her. Gordon manages to get a shotgun and shoots at Barnes' axe-tipped glove, cutting his hand and then knocking him down.  Bullock has the owl statue fixed and displays the map but is notified that Barnes has escaped on its transference. They also find that the vial of blood with the virus has been taken. Gordon finally discovers who took it.  In her just published memoir Delta Lady (Harper), Coolidge details a songwriting session with Jim Gordon, who went on to co-write and record Layla alongside Eric Clapton. Coolidge says she. 8,764 records for Jim Gordon. Find Jim Gordon's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online directory for contact information

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Jim Gordon is the Founder and Managing Partner of Edgewater Growth Capital Partners. Prior to forming Edgewater, Jim was President of Gordon Foods, Inc. and Gordon's Wholesale, Inc. In 1982, Jim engineered a leveraged buy-out of his personal and family interests in The Gordon Companies and in 1986 sold the company to a European multinational. Gordon was a cabinet minister in the short-lived government of Frank Miller, serving as Minister of Government Services from May 17 to June 26, 1985 until Miller's government was defeated by the Ontario Liberal Party sweep of David Peterson in the 1987 election.[1] Gordon was defeated by Sterling Campbell in Sudbury.[3]

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In the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher film adaptations of Batman, Commissioner Gordon is portrayed by Pat Hingle. Ten years following his promotion to commission of the GCPD, Gordon's hair had slightly lightened due to his aging. For a short while he grew a mustache, although when a couple of those close to him made remarks about it, he chose to shave it off and remain clean shaven, even admitting that he didn't think it suited him.

Rep. Jim Jordan Is Named in New OSU Sexual Abuse Lawsuit A new class action lawsuit on behalf of former athletes has named the Ohio congressman for failing to prevent sexual abuse perpetrated by a. Son of Sir Robert Gordon and Lady Marion Accarson. Husband of Margaret Crighton. He died in the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh. The Battle of Pinkie Cleugh, along the banks of the River Esk near Musselburgh, Scotland on 10 September 1547, was part of the War of the Rough Wooing. It was the last pitched battle to be fought.. Jordan earned a master's degree in education from Ohio State University in Columbus and obtained a J.D. degree from Ohio's Capital University Law School[3] in 2001. In a 2018 interview Jordan said "Never took the bar exam, so don't, like - I'm not - I'm just a wannabe.".[4] On the occasion of the official visit of Lieutenant Governor Hilary Weston on July 1, 2001, he received recognition from the multicultural community at the Canada Day celebrations. He has been made an honorary lifetime member of the Societa Caruso and been awarded the Gold Combatants Cross in recognition of his assistance to the Polish Combatants Association, an organization originally established by 5,000 Polish veterans who had fought with the Allies in World War II and who were allowed by the Canadian government to immigrate to Canada. Jim Gordon For the first time, Gordon's family joined in asking the state to keep the Layla songwriter and acclaimed rock drummer incarcerated for the 1983 killing

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During No Man's Land, Batman attempts to regain Gordon's trust by revealing his identity. Gordon refuses to look at him after he removes the cowl, however, stating that if he wanted to know Batman's identity, he could have figured it out years ago, and even cryptically saying, "And for all you know, maybe I did." Jim Gordon Read more about this and other GRAMMYs news at GRAMMY.co Commissioner James W. Gordon was the head of the Gotham Police Department. He had one child, a daughter named Barbara, who would go on to become Batgirl and later succeeded him as Head of Police. An experienced police officer, James Gordon was also unique among many of Gotham's civic leaders in his trust of Batman Born July 14 1945, Los Angeles, California Jim Gordon began as a professional drummer with the Everly Brothers in 1963 and was a popular session drummer in Los Angeles, recording with Mason Williams on the hit Classical Gas, Pet Sounds with The Beach Boys, Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers and The Notorious Byrd Brothers with The Byrds in 1968 Gordon was a member of the Northeastern Ontario Smart Growth Panel appointed by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. This panel was composed of leaders from industry, educational institutions, First Nations, community organizations and the municipal sector "to develop recommendations for bringing increased prosperity and growth to northeastern Ontario". The provision of a tax incentive zone was one of many recommendations made by this panel.

Victor Zsasz believes he owes Jim Gordon, after the GCPD Captain spared his life from Oswald's wrath. When he goes to Jim's apartment to offer his services, he discovers that the golden boy hero of Gotham isn't so different from himself Of Scottish descent, Gordon had served in the United States Marine Corps prior to becoming a police officer. In most versions of the Batman mythos, Jim Gordon is at one point or another depicted as commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department. Gordon frequently contacts Batman for help in solving various crimes, particularly those committed by supervillains. Generally it is Gordon who uses the Bat-signal to summon Batman, and it has become a running joke of sorts that the Dark Knight will often disappear in the middle of the discussion when Gordon's back is turned. Gordon is usually depicted with silver or red hair, eyeglasses, and a mustache. In most incarnations, he is seen wearing a trenchcoat, necktie, and on occasion, a fedora hat. He is also sometimes pictured with a cane, although it is not revealed why he uses it. Because DC Comics retconned its characters' history in the 1985 miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earths, and because of different interpretations in television and film, the details of Gordon's history vary from story to story.

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Jordan and his wife Polly live near Urbana in central Champaign County. They were introduced by her brothers. Jim Jordan explained in an interview with the Washington Examiner in 2014 that he competed in wrestling with Polly's brothers. He told the newspaper, “I decided it would be a lot more fun wrestling with Polly than her brothers.” They started dating when he was 13 and she was 14.[103] They have four children and two grandchildren.[104] Jordan's son-in-law, Jarrod Uthoff, is a professional basketball player in the NBA G League.[105] Jim Gordon is one of the more renowned rock drummers of the early '70s, and also one of the saddest cases in rock music. Born in California in 1945, Gordon began playing drums as a boy, and by the end of the 1960s was one of the top drummers in Los Angeles, having worked with the Everly Brothers, Joe Cocker, Andy Williams, and Glen Campbell, among others. Over six feet tall and extremely muscular, he created a startling figure on-stage and played with a power and stamina that made him a top choice among the younger generation of percussionists. He was one of the two busiest session drummers in Los Angeles, second only to the legendary Hal Blaine, when he found himself unexpectedly thrust into a regular band situation -- he was recruited into the Delaney & Bonnie band after their regular drummer, Jim Keltner, pulled out ahead of a tour. The Delaney & Bonnie tour paired him off with veteran bassist Carl Radle, with whom Gordon became a musical double act over the next couple of years. Gordon introduced zero based budgeting, a back to basics form of analyzing municipal budgets. The city was fiscally constrained in the 1970s. He would later use this policy as mayor in the 1990s to achieve zero increases in taxes and develop a more effective and efficient workforce in the city's many departments. Jordan has supported the continued production and upgrades of M1 Abrams tanks in his district.[43] He achieved his Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) at Assumption University in 1960. In his final year of university, he married Donna Drew. In 1961, they returned to Greater Sudbury, Ontario. In addition to CKSO Radio and Television, Gordon worked in sales for UPJOHN Pharmaceuticals and then became a secondary school teacher.[1]

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As Gordon tries in vain to catch him, Batman attacks Falcone, stripping him naked and tying him up in his bed after dumping his car in the river. Assistant district attorney Harvey Dent becomes Batman's first ally and he conceals this from Gordon. During his time as a bounty hunter going after the escaped experiments from Indian Hill, Jim donned a black leather jacket.

Gordon was born in Rouyn-Noranda in 1937, and grew up in Sudbury. He was part of the first graduating class of St. Charles College. During high school he was president of the student council and hosted his own radio program, Time for Teens, Saturdays between 1951 and 1955 on CKSO radio in Sudbury. He competed in distance running, one and two mile, in track and field.[1] Gordon viewed the establishment of the medical school as his and the North's major political achievement.[15] It was the first time the entire North was united and achieved a project of this magnitude.[16] Gordon and Bullock began searching for Jerome by confronting people on the streets about his whereabouts, throwing them out of windows. Afterward, the Detectives decide to check with Jerome's father, Paul Cicero to see if he knows where his son is. Gordon and Bullock arrive to find an already dead Cicero and Jerome manages to escape. Jim is later called by Leslie who informs him that Jerome and Barbara were at the Gotham Children's Hospital Gala. When Jim finally arrives, Jerome talks to him on Leslie's cell phone telling him he has 10 minutes before he starts killing people and that tells him he has his "performance" was being broadcast on every TV in Gotham. As Jim is arguing with the fellow police officers he sees Selina coming out of the secret entrance giving Jim an opportunity to get into the Gala. Jim arrives as Bruce is about to head back into the gala to save Alfred. Jim gives him a gun to give to Alfred, and after Jerome drags Bruce and holds him at knifepoint, neither Alfred or Jim can find a clean shot that won't hurt Bruce leaving the three in a standoff until Theo who regains consciousnesses stabs Jerome in the neck, saving Bruce. Before anyone can react Barbara escapes through a trap door on the stage. Jim later has Leslie kiss him in front of Alfred, when the latter tries to flirt with her.[27]

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