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Played by: Matt Lucas Appearances: Series 2, episodes 1, 2, 4, and 6; Little Britain USA, episode 2, 3 and 6 Catchphrase: "Come on Harvey!" Sep 30, 2013 - Daffyd Thomas - Funniest character in Little Britain In Little Britain Abroad, Myfanwy opens a gay bar on Mykonos in Greece, but it does not fare well because Daffyd does not hand out flyers to the locals. It is also revealed in Little Britain Abroad that she speaks almost perfect Greek Little Britain. 2003 16+ 3 Seasons TV Shows. With an impressive lineup of quirky characters, this popular sketch comedy show cleverly pokes fun at all sectors of British society. Daffyd meets up with a group of gay Trekkies; and the Kelsey Grammar School gets a few new students. 4. Episode

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He always makes his statements outside his country manor, with his wife and children present, and will proceed to kiss his wife after finishing his statements. Although initially supportive, his wife grows irritable as he issues more and more statements, and she eventually walks away without even giving him a chance to kiss her. Roman DeVere is the husband of Desiree DeVere, and the ex-husband of Bubbles DeVere. He gets frustrated when Bubbles tries to interrupt his and Desiree's honeymoon. He appears to have some sort of a fetish for fat women as he enjoys seeing Bubbles and Desiree wrestle in the nude, and in one sketch, got an erection after seeing Bubbles naked (getting a slap from Desiree on it due to a believed sex scandal). Daffyd is dismayed when barmaid Myfanwy admits that she too is gay. Peter and Helen are a bit worried about leaving their child with new babysitter Boris. Little Britain, Staffel 2 (OmU) 2011 Little Britain, Series 3 2005 Zuschauer kauften auch Alle anzeigen. Come Fly With Me (dt.) 2011 Little Britain USA, Season 1 2009 Absolutely Fabulous. Little Britain. Lou and Andy. She pushed me. Big move: Matt, seen with Little Britain partner David Walliams, has been based in Los Ang. Little Britain - Inspiration for character design additional hair has been added on both characters, teeth and sallow tones of make up has also been use

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When Daffyd from Little Britain met Elton John. Micky Flanagan Fans. August 17, 2019 · So funny to see elton craking up.. Little Britain is a British character-based comedy sketch show which was first broadcast on BBC radio and then turned into a television show. It was written and performed by comic duo David Walliams and Matt Lucas.The show's title is an amalgamation of the terms 'Little England' and 'Great Britain', and is also the name of a Victorian neighbourhood and a modern street in London Little Britain Daffyd - reminds me when I was the only gay in school - then it came J. Little Britain Does Sport Relief 2016 - Duration: 5:49. British Alternative Music 380,460 views

He also has trouble with reading (like when he can't pronounce the words in Great Expectations, he just says "Shall we just watch the video?"), has a habit of making the boys in his class read aloud at random times, even in mid-word, writes his name (Mr Cleeves) as "Mr Wells" and his subject (Biology) as "French" and very roughly throws the exercise books at his pupils. It is implied that he deliberately marks correct answers as wrong. He also introduces strange new pupils into his class such as a dog, a boy from the 17th century and an adult. The school itself is bizarre as it arranges trips to the moon for only £5 entry fee, pilches £36 million during small car park jumble sales, has recreational and lunch periods only a few seconds long and has a robot for a careers advisor, which claims that there will be no jobs for human beings in the future. A major character in Series 1, Mr Cleeves made his last appearance in the programme in episode 8. Prior to the third series, The National Federation of Women's Institutes objected to this depiction and the BBC replaced the Women's Institute logo and changed the dialogue in subsequent showings of the programme.[citation needed] Little Britain. 2003 16+ 3 temporadas TV británica. y Daffyd hace una prueba sobre salud sexual. 6. Capítulo 6 28 min. La joven Vicky descubre que está embarazada; Anne, la paciente psiquiátrica, pasa unos días en la casa de su médico y el falso parapléjico Andy planea sus vacaciones. 7. Capítulo

Emily, whose real name is Eddie Howard, is an awkward and very unconvincing transvestite. She has only ever been acknowledged as a woman once in the entire series (the man in question then caught her in the male bathroom of the pub he was at). Rather than trying to be like a modern woman, Emily wears outdated, Victorian frocks and her behaviour follows that of the out-dated Victorian stereotype, including talking in an exaggeratedly high-pitched voice, an equally high-pitched nervous laugh, using the word "lady" as an adjective for almost everything and feigning a lack of strength, which only makes her even less convincing. Additionally, she is in the habit of using French words in normal conversation. Most sketches involving Emily revolve around the performing of stereotypically male behaviour (such as fixing a car or playing football) in spite of her appearance, or exaggerated attempts to persuade others that she is a woman and to allow her to perform exclusively female behaviour (e.g. entering a women's changing room). From the second series onwards, Emily has best friend Florence as a companion and is teaching her how to pretend to be like a lady.[1] In the last episode of Series 3, all of the students she had insulted in Series 2 and 3 came to tell her they wanted to place a formal complaint about her, but when she called Martin to sort it out, she referred to them as "the whole cast of Fraggle Rock" The tables were turned on her in a Little Britain Abroad deleted scene when her Australian counterpart, Germain, remarked that she had greying hair, smelt a bit musky, needed a shave and was on the wrong side of menopause ("The dried up old witch"), sending Linda out in tears.

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Little Britain: Daffyd Thomas: I'm the only gay in the village. Little Britain: Daffyd Thomas [to new gay in village]: No, you are not a gay. I am the gay. You're probably just a little bit poofy! Little Britain: Andy Pipkin [wheelchair character]: I want that one. Little Britain: 1 2: Little Britain - British Television comedy sketch show. Rachel (Walliams) and Nicola (Lucas) are two single women looking for love, who go to lunch together and keep track of dates and potential boyfriends by exchanging Polaroid photos of the men's genitals. Played By: David Walliams Appearances: Series 3 Alan works for the Donkey Hospice in the town of Achingballs. After contributors give him some money, he blatantly places stickers on embarrassing body parts, such as the genital region or breasts and on someone's rear in a deleted scene. He makes one appearance in Series 3. Played by: David Walliams Appearances: Since Series 3 Catchphrase: "Oh, 'ello dear!", as well as urinating uncontrollably Douglas Stirling is an author who is seen at a restaurant, meeting up with a potential publisher (played by Stirling Gallacher). He has written a masterpiece of nearly 700 pages, up until the last line which reads "Anyway, readers, I must go now, as my Mum is calling me for my tea". The publisher encourages him to change this line, although Douglas doesn't understand what is wrong with it. He then suggests other ridiculous endings, such as "The warmth of the sun reminded them that they were alive, ok bye" or "I've got to go now, as Graham Norton is just starting. Lots of love, Douglas". Douglas reluctantly agrees to remove the last line, to the publisher's relief, only for her to discover a new problem: the first line reads "Dear Mum".

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Little Britain Trivia Questions & Answers : Television L-P This category is for questions and answers related to Little Britain, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Related quizzes can be found here: Little Britain Quizze Anne is a patient at the Steven Spielberg Hospital in Little Bentcock, where she is being trained for integration into society. She is severely mentally challenged, except when answering calls on her mobile phone, when she converses in a completely coherent and polite manner. Unfortunately for her psychiatrist, Dr. Lawrence, who is almost always accompanied by Dr. Beagrie, she displays poor progress when observed. She often resorts to extreme behaviour, such as licking or stroking the faces of other people, or destroying things around her. Anne likes poo. She painted a picture out of poo and wrote "Merry Xmas" in poo. Anne has worked at a library (where she earns £5 but then, much to the doctor's surprise, intentionally drops the money into a drain), at a bowling alley and as a pianist in a restaurant; she takes a keen interest in amateur dramatics and home decoration. Her character is similar to that of Mr Doggy's owner. This is a list of characters for the British television and radio sketch show Little Britain (and its American spin-off, Little Britain USA). Played by: Matt Lucas Appearances: Radio Show; Since Series 1 Catchphrase: "I'll tell him you're busy." Played by: David Walliams and Matt Lucas Appearances: Series 2 episode 3 Catchphrase: "We must have the wrong house!"

Appearing in Episode 8 of Series one, Boris is an intense Russian man who works as a babysitter. In his appearance, he babysits the son of a couple who are about to go out for a work function. Due to his intimidating appearance and behaviour, the couple are nervous about leaving their baby with him. They decide to take their chances and leave. Despite their worries, Boris turns out to be a great babysitter, spending his time teaching the baby to play the Balalaika, showing it the silent film The Battleship Potemkin, playing with Stalin and Lenin puppets and dancing around with it on his shoulders. The couple return to find the baby sound asleep with Boris playing his Balalaika to it, and Boris leaves, still acting strangely (and responding to the question "did you have to change him?" with "No, is still the same baby."). The baby then says to the couple "Comrade Stalin salutes you!" Throughout the sketch, Boris mentions having a deceased mother called Piet'kà (Russian: Петька, the informal form of the name Peter) and a brother called Josef.

Played by : Matt Lucas Appearances: Little Britain USA Episode 3 Catchphrase: "I don't look at penis" Played by: David Walliams and Matt Lucas respectively Catchphrase: Andy: "I want that one...", "I don't like it", "I look a pillock", "Yeah I know!"; Lou: "Bit of a kerfuffle!" "Are you sure?" Appearances: Throughout entire series In one episode, he asks for "a record of James Last playing Nelly Furtado's hits on a banjo with a picture on the cover of James with his hands open showing stigmata" and Roy has the exact record he asked for.

Meet Emily, an unconvincing transvestite who runs a guesthouse by the sea, Jason, who is passionately in love with his best friend's grandmother, and Daffyd, the only gay man in his village (and that's the way he wants to keep it!) - to name just a few of the quirky characters that feature in this essential dissection of British life. It asks 'Just who are Britain Little Britain Usa: Grandma And Connor Some image caption 1 Little Britain Usa: Phyllis And Mr Doggy Some image caption 1 Little Britain Usa: Carol Beer Some image caption 1 Little Britain Usa: Daffyd Thomas Some image caption Little Britain - Daffyd hat eine Geschäftsidee by MyfanwyS3. 2:42. Little Britain - Anne hat einen Job in der Bücherei (2/3) by MyfanwyS3. 0:49. Little Britain - Fat Love bei den Fatfighters by MyfanwyS3. 2:22. Little Britain - Marjories kalorienreduzierte Eclairs by MyfanwyS3

Little Britain is a British character-based comedy sketch show which was first broadcast on BBC radio and then turned into a television show. It was written and performed by comic duo David Walliams and Matt Lucas. The show's title is an amalgamation of the terms 'Little England' and 'Great Britain', and is also the name of a Victorian neighbourhood and a modern street in London.[1] There are 3,000 census records available for the last name Daffyd. Like a window into their day-to-day life, Daffyd census records can tell you where and how your ancestors worked, their level of education, veteran status, and more. Search 1940's US census records for Daffyd

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  1. Played by: David Walliams Appearances: Since Series 3 Catchphrase: "Baby" (as opposed to Bubbles' "Dahlin" and usually pronounced "bebby", "babby" or "bubby")
  2. Information, interviews, photos and more for Daffyd Thomas on the HBO original program Little Britain USA
  3. g characters, announcing the time in a ridiculous manner, such as "nought o'clock", announcing an impossible time or date, such as 'one two o'clock' or 'It's a crisp morning in Octember', or replacing the hour with a person's name, such as 'half past Oliver' and also fictitious names for locations around Britain, such as villages called "Bruise", "Achey Balls", and the "Mike McShane Estate'. He will also give directions to certain places such as a McDonald's in a very strange location and "a town just southeast of Northwestshire".
  4. Margaret and her husband, Roy, own a shop frequented by Mr Mann. She is unseen throughout all the series and helps Roy when he calls to her from behind the counter. She usually takes a long time to reply whenever Roy calls out to her. One episode reveals that she is unseen because she has no arms or legs.

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Letty appears in only one sketch in Series 3, in which she appears to have an obsession for frogs ("froggies") as her house has in it many frog-related novelties, plus she loudly admits it. The sketch shows her birthday. When her friends present her with a real frog, she strangely reacts with fear and bludgeons it to death with a rolling pin. Originally intended as a recurring character, she also appears in several deleted scenes from Series 3. Letty also appears in the Little Britain video game. In a deleted scene, she lives in a small village called "Slut". Little Britain Wiki. The Little Britain Wiki is a wiki (a website that anyone can edit) devoted all about one of the funniest British TV shows ever made; Little Britain. You can find information about characters, places, catchphrases, cast and more here. And if you find something which should be here that isn't, then you can make it yourself When Jason later visited Gary's grandmother, he was aroused to see her kissing her sister, which was further enhanced by her offering a sandwich, which he interpreted as the sex position. A sketch is included in the deleted scenes on the Series 2 DVD, where Jason is having sex with Gary's grandmother. This sketch was originally planned for the TV series, but Matt and David have censored themselves by not showing it. In most of the early series, Kenny Craig sketches are based on him hypnotising one or more people into doing things or accepting as fact a ridiculous premise, some of whom aren't really hypnotised, but were merely playing along, or he may use his powers to get out of an awkward situation (such as hypnotising everyone present when he accidentally destroys a man's car).

High quality Daffyd Thomas gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Voiced by: Stirling Gallacher Appearances: Margaret is always off-screen, but she has been included since Series 1 Catchphrase: See Roy below

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They appeared in the radio series under the names of Sandra and Olivier Laurence, a play on the name of the actor Laurence Olivier. She goes to such lengths to get him parts, that she pretends it's his birthday, that he's dying, and even threatening to "tell 'em you touched him!". David Walliams and Matt Lucas return to Little Britain for a second season of the show that has been hailed as one of the most innovative comedies on TV. Prepare to meet some new faces in this season such as Florence (Emily's new lady friend), Carol, who has a love affair with her computer and Doug, the inexperienced drug counselor, as well as Daffyd, Prime Minister Michael and Sebastian A Guide to the Characters of Little Britain. The official website for Little Britain; part of the BBCi Comedy web site Myfanwy is the barmaid for The Scarecrow and Mrs King' . She encourages Daffyd to have more gay relationships and tells him off for his homophobic behavior. She is also a lesbian and had a civil partnership with Rhiannon, which Daffyd said was 'disgusting'. In Little Britain Abroad, she goes to Mykonos to set up a gay bar. She gets irritated at Daffyd when he 'hands out the flyers to the wrong.

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The two appeared alongside Robbie Williams in the Little Britain Comic Relief sketch for Red Nose Day 2009. Robbie played Ellie's best friend Candy-Marie in a sketch which parodies The Exorcist. Whitelaw appears only once in the entire Series, at her local charity shop. She is seen to browse through the clothes rack, and when she finds something she likes, she always asks the shopkeepers if anyone died in the clothes she is holding. The narrator delivers comedic monologues in many voice-overs by making unorthodox claims about Britain, its people or its history (such as "we invented the cat"), stating the obvious (such as 'I will state 3 interesting facts about Britain. 1. Britain is a country, 2. Britain is called Britain, 3. Britain.'), or by breaking the fourth wall, such as saying Anthony Head is not the real Prime Minister and he's "that guy out of Buffy". He will also make ironic statements (such as in Little Britain Abroad: "I went to Mykonos once. I loathed it...Too many gays! My boyfriend and I got the first flight home!" He also mentions in one episode that he was born without genitals.) Sometimes he would make very strange comments about a location such as 'the children of Britain are notoriously stupid and must attend school' and 'if you have a verucca you would like to share, then go to your local swimming pool'. Florence Rose is an aspiring transvestite and companion of Emily. He is even less convincing as a transvestite than Emily, in that he deliberately keeps his moustache; at one point being referred to as "a short fat bloke with a moustache" whilst attempting to purchase a dress.

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  1. Mrs Emery is a friendly old lady who is never one to back out of a nice long chat. Her sketches typically show her in some public place such as a library, supermarket or post office, and meeting someone with whom she is familiar or acquainted to there and then starts chatting to them. While conversing, she then starts urinating uncontrollably, much to the shock of the person in question.[1]
  2. Daffyd Thomas's song I'm Gay was recorded in a studio and released as an Internet-only single on the UK and Australian iTunes Stores. Comic Relief does Little Britain Live. This is a night of Little Britain Live with celebrity guests such as Kate Moss and Peter Kay. £3 from each DVD sale goes to Comic Relief
  3. Played by: David Walliams Appearances: Radio Show; Series 1, episodes 4, 5, 6 and 7 Catchphrase: "Here's one for ya!; "Got another one!"; (slaps his hand on the desk) "How's that for starters?"
  4. Daffyd - Daffyd comes out to his ma and da. 7. Marjorie Dawes and Fatfighters - The one with Vanessa Feltz. 8. Bank Clerk I - Computer says no to a loan of £2000. 9. Harvey and Jane - Jane meets.

David Walliams is set to perform a new Little Britain skit when he hosts this year's National Television Awards with 9.5million viewers tuning in to watch un-PC characters such as Daffyd, the. Stewie and Dale are two Scottish men working in their local supermarket. Whenever he sees a random person at a certain area of the shop, Dale will say that the person is a celebrity (he has said Whoopi Goldberg, Danny DeVito, and Macaulay Culkin), then Stewie will prove him wrong. Little Britain USA is an American spin-off-continuation of British sketch show, Little Britain, produced and aired by HBO.. As in the British series, Matt Lucas and David Walliams play the majority of the characters: originals such as Lou and Andy, Daffyd Thomas, Sebastian Love, Marjorie Dawes and Vicky Pollard, as well as new characters not previously seen in the British series Played by: David Walliams Appearances: Series 3 episode 3 Catchphrase: "I love me froggies" and "KILL IT" Daffyd Thomas. Played By: Matt Lucas Appearances: Season 1-3 Quotes: Everybody knows I'm the only gay in the village, Bacardi and Coke please, Myfanwy Daffyd is overweight and gay. He thinks, that he is the only gay person in the village Llanddewi Brefi. He doesn't want it to have true, that gay people live in this village.

Daffyd is upset that someone bought his copy of the Gay Times. Vicky is accused of pushing a little girl into the swimming pool. Prime Minister Michael's wife interrupts Sebastian's briefing. A Starsky and Hutch celebrity visits the hospital They also appear in a Series 1 deleted scene, going through a list of celebrities due to visit them. Daffyd is upset that someone bought his copy of the Gay Times. Vicky is accused of pushing a little girl into the swimming pool. Prime Minister Michael's wife interrupts Sebastian's.

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A man (with the appearance of a Beanie) from the town of Frottage is generally seen on a bus on its way to Dung market centre. He likes to blurt out various tunes at random, to the annoyance of the person sitting next to him. Carol Beer appears in Little Britain USA, in which she is the receptionist at a hospital. Her most recent escapades involved offering a child named Danielle Lloyd for double-hip replacement (saying that there is "only one Danielle Lloyd" using the hospital), verbally abusing and annoying a pregnant woman and her husband, and denying an injured patient an X-ray. In her final sketch, she tells an elderly patient that he's listed as deceased, as well as getting frustrated by his slow walking (eventually shouting "Oh, for fuck's sake"). The patient then gives Carol the middle finger after being ordered to move faster.

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  1. Little Britain Usa: Daffyd Thomas - Scene Or Clip Sep 28, 2008 12:00 AM EDT Little Britain Usa: Carol Beer - Scene Or Cli
  2. Played by: David Walliams Appearances: Series 2 Deleted Scenes Catchphrase: "Correct", "Incorrect", "Does that smell?", "Is it smelling?"
  3. g out; Bubbles tries to avoid paying her spa bill; Judy and Maggie judge homemade jams by who prepared them; Vicky Pollard turns on a.
  4. High quality Little Britain gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours
  5. His powers appear to improve as the series progresses, however; in later episodes he manages feats such as putting on a hypnosis show - in which he does nothing but hypnotise the audience into believing they have actually witnessed an incredible hypnosis show before sitting back to read a book for an hour (Andy McNab's Bravo Two Zero); finally taking them out of their trance at the timetabled end of the show.
  6. er who prefers it up the chuff or Gay Aled.In a sketch of Season 3, she suggested that Daffyd get himself a job, but he refused, believing that they don't employ the gays
  7. During the entire appearance, a lady in the rehab tries to leave, insisting she is at the wrong lecture, but he refuses her request each time. He made several more appearances in the Deleted Scenes of Series 2, in which his mother appears at his lecture and indicates that his supposed drug addictions are all made up and he has never actually done hard drugs. A more polite version of Doug appears in a deleted Peter Andre sketch from Series 1.

PCs Bryce and Rawlinson appear in Series 2 episode 3, in which they are trying to give some sad news to a Mrs. Harris, whose husband has died in a car accident. In the first sketch, they give the news to the wrong Mrs. Harris, and then laugh hysterically when they learn that they've made a mistake. However, when they give the news to the real Mrs. Harris, they laugh at the memory of their faux-pas. They then decide it's appropriate to share this with the bereaved Mrs. Harris. Myfanwy is the barmaid of a local pub (called 'The Scarecrow and Mrs. King') and best friend to Daffyd Thomas and often serves him Bacardi and Coke. She is very keen to help him find a gay partner, even going as far as to close her bar so he can have a gay night (which she promptly regrets because he orders all the gays who turn up to leave).

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Played by: Matt Lucas and David Walliams Appearances: Little Britain USA Mark and Tom are stereotypical American bodybuilders with enormous muscles, tiny penises and a tendency to boast to each other about their most recent workouts and sexual encounters. Despite talking about being with other women, they are shown to have homoerotic tendencies toward each other and often frolic about naked to the eyes of everyone in the locker rooms (which gives them erections at one point). They never mention their names onscreen making it hard to find out which is which, and in the last of their sketches they have had operations which gives the one played by Lucas a long tube of a penis and the one played by Walliams a woman's genitalia. Matt Lucas and David Walliams, the creators of this character-comedy sketch show, delight in all that is mad, bad, quirky and generally bonkers about the people and places of Britain. Daffyd : I am the only gay in the villag 'I love Little Britain, I'm a massive fan,' he declared. 'I could never pretend to be such a stupid character on television though.' However, things go awry when he starts quoting Daffyd's 'I'm the Only Gay in the village' catchphase - causing Dermot to turn up in PVC, mimicking Vicky's fast-paced talking Every time she goes out to give refreshment to the builders who are doing work on her garden, she gives them biscuits as if they were a dog. This is by throwing them on the floor or making them do tricks in order to get the biscuit.

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50+ videos Play all Mix - Little Britain USA - Daffyd gründet eine Schwulengruppe YouTube Rowan Atkinson Live | Earful #Comedy - Duration: 39:21. Earful Comedy 777,914 view In Little Britain Abroad, Carol was a rep for a holiday to Spain. When a woman became nauseous, and she and her husband got off the coach for fresh air, Carol drove off without them. When a couple wished to book an excursion, Carol said there was one place left, and asked if they’d be prepared to swim alongside. They then complained about Carol, saying that she'd been rude and unhelpful. Carol was furious when she discovered this. After Carol pretended to cry, they agreed to withdraw the complaint, and she called them "dirty shitters". Desiree (pronounced "de-zee-ray") is the rival of Bubbles and the new wife of Bubbles' ex-husband, Roman. Desiree, like Bubbles, is an obese woman (larger even than Bubbles) who frequently appears naked, wears only a small silver dress and is bald (though, like Bubbles, she wears a wig), but is a lot more spiteful than Bubbles.

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  1. When Whitelaw finds some pale blue silk pyjamas, the assistant keeper (Matt Lucas) says that, just the day before, an elderly lady came in with her husband's clothes, saying he died in his sleep. Whitelaw then buys them.
  2. Her office is decorated with counter-cultural and Communist paraphernalia (a bust of Lenin and several Soviet flags).
  3. ing her leg (and seeing her uncontrollable urinating), asks her if she has anything else wrong with her, which she denies. Her sketches attracted controversy soon after the launch of the third series when they were criticised by the UK incontinence charity, Incontact.
  4. Appearances: Radio Show; Series 1, episode 8 Played by: David Walliams Catchphrase: "Your baby is fine"
  5. Dafydd /ˈdæfɪð/ Thomas,[3] who lives in the small Welsh village of Llanddewi Brefi,[4] is a self-proclaimed gay man who dresses in a vast variety of tight PVC and latex rubber clothing and proudly proclaims that he is "the only gay in the village".[1]
  6. Cult British Sketch Comedy show with an array of bizarre characters. Performed by Matt Lucas and David Walliams, with narration by former Doctor Who star Tom Baker. It began life as a radio series, and the TV version ran between 2003 and 2005

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  1. Played by: Matt Lucas Appearances: Little Britain USA episodes 1, 4, 5 and 6 Catchphrase: "I love you more than (something nice)", repeats twice until "I love you more than (something vulgar)".
  2. Played by: David Walliams Appearances: Since Series 2 Catchphrases: "Martin, it's Linda", "How can I describe him/her?", "That's right, (insulting epithet)"
  3. Played by: Matt Lucas Appearances: Since Series 2 Catchphrase: "Call me Bubbles darling, everybody does!", (clapping hands) "Champagne! Champagne for everyone!", "'Ello dahlin!", "Why don't you take a photo? It'll last longer!"
  4. The talent show host and children's author shot to fame with Little Britain in the mid naughties, creating larger-than-life characters alongside his comedy partner Matt Lucas
  5. ‎Take a surreal tour of the British Isles in this comedy sketch show, adapted from an award-winning radio series, as it looks at life in the new millennium by following the lives of some extraordinary and sometimes sinister folk. Meet Emily, an unconvincing transvestite who runs a guesthouse by the
  6. In their final sketch they go over to a friend's house for sleepover. As they are parting, Ellie-Grace (who has been warned by her mother not to come up with any vulgar love sentiments) pressures her mother into sharing one more round of love sentiments, which she reluctantly complies with. However, just as it looks fine (when Ellie-Grace's sentiments turn out not to be vulgar), her mother accidentally comes up with one herself. This then traumatizes Ellie-Grace and her friends, who are then comforted by her friends' mother.
  7. ds Janet of Ivar and makes her start sobbing, while Eileen patiently consoles her. At the end of the sketch, she firmly re

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Little Britain USA: Daffyd Thomas > Back to top. Get to Know Us. Careers; Blog; About Amazon; Press Center; Investor Relations; Amazon Devices; Amazon Tours; Make Money with Us. Sell on Amazon; Sell Under Private Brands; Sell on Amazon Handmade; Sell Your Services on Amazon; Sell on Amazon Business; Sell Your Apps on Amazon; Become an Affiliate. Played by: David Walliams Appearances: Since Series 3 Catchphrase: "As far as I'm concerned, that is the end of the matter. Thank you." With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Little Britain Gifs animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>> Earlier this year, Walliams, 48, suggested that if he and Lucas made more Little Britain it might be more 'woke'. The original series featured characters such as Ting Tong the Thai mail order bride, wheelchair-user Andy, who was faking his disability, cross-dressing ladies Emily and Florence, Daffyd 'the only gay in the village' and. High quality Little Britain inspired clocks by independent artists and designers from around the world. Natural wood or black or white bamboo frames. Four hand colors. Thousands of designs by independent artists. Clocks give you so many ways to customize you might need two so you'll have more time to choose. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours

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Roman enjoys watching the two of them wrestling naked. He divorced Bubbles because she lost an amount of weight. She is believed to be former Miss Botswana and an ex-Olympic Showjumper. On one occasion, when she bends over to search for her wig, Bubbles remarks, referring to Desiree's anus, "Oh, it's like the Black Hole of Calcutta!", to which Desiree replies "How dare you make personal remarks about my a-hole!". In Little Britain USA, she is sent to boot camp in Utah after being thrown out of Disney World for beating up the Aristocats and setting fire to the Peter Pan ride. She enrages the coach, jabbering away during rollcall and refusing to follow orders. This behaviour continues until the other girls run off to get their first assignments and Vicky stays behind to express concern over one of the girls being possibly lesbian. She is told to 'run' by the coach. In another sketch, she smokes in the bathroom and her hair catches fire (she is saved by the concerned coach). In her final sketch in the series, she is in hospital on life support after jumping off the church roof. The coach is shown to be very caring towards her. Little Britain's colorful characters, all of whom are played by the versatile Walliams and Lucas, include Daffyd, the proudest gay resident of a small Welsh town, who sports a variety of skimpy rubber suits and takes offense when other homosexuals tread on his turf, and Marjorie Dawes, the leader of a weight-loss group called the Fat Fighters. Little Britain first aired in 2003 and ran for four series, the last in 2008. There have also been a handful of specials, with the last for TV a Comic Relief sketch in 2016. Daffyd - PC says no With Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Tom Baker, Paul Putner. Matt Lucas and David Walliams, the creators of this character-comedy sketch show, delight in all that is mad, bad, quirky and generally bonkers about the people and places of Britain

In one clip April gets Neville dismissed, by shifting the blame of having the mints to him. At the start of the final radio episode April met a fellow volunteer named Roy who used cigarettes. The two of them argued over each other's methods until they agreed on menthols when a woman collapsed. Des Kaye also made an appearance on the live show, making him one of only 2 characters to have had their last appearance on the show in series 1, the other being Ray McCooney. The act involved Des driving around in what is presumably a miniature fun bus and angrily throwing lollipops at the audience. He then proceeds to play a game called "Hide the Sausage", which involves him taking 2 men from the audience at random, asking them to hide a large sausage on a random body part and then molest the contestant who he thinks has the sausage until a loud siren goes off. In the Australian tour, Walliams received a letter of complaint for this strong scene, he then claimed he would respond with an apology. Andy is often dismissive and unkind to other characters, and kills Lou's replacement by pushing her off a cliff when she becomes too strict for him. The pair are the longest serving members of the cast of characters having appeared in every episode except the TV pilot and the radio series.

Played by: David Walliams Appearances: Series 2 Deleted scenes Catchphrase: "Is it Pornoo...?" Roland is a farm boy with a love of pornographic images, or "Pornoo" as he calls it. His suggestions for almost any question he is asked is various types of the subject, much to the concern of his family. The start of his sketches often sees him putting women's clothing on a pig. At the end of each sketch, he will take something off the kitchen table before returning to his room. little britain daffyd thomas posters. little britain daffyd thomas sweatshirts & hoodies. Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery Learn more. Secure Payments 100% Secure payment with 256-bit SSL Encryption Learn more. Free Return Exchange or money back guarantee for all orders Learn more Little Britain is a British sketch comedy, first appearing as a radio series between 2000 and 2019 and then as a television series between 2003 and 2020. It.

In the final episode of series 3, all the Fat Fighters attendees desert the group en masse after finally growing tired of Marjorie's hurtful remarks and poor weight loss advice. Marjorie is shocked at this. Also, during the Marjorie Dawes sketches, he expresses much contempt for overweight people, such as calling them "vermin", or expressing a desire to have them arrested, removed from the country, spat on or shot dead. However, in one such sketch he states that he would strangle the overweight people himself, but he can't because he's "too fat". In an Emily Howard sketch, he says that he is wearing a beautiful dress that belonged to his father; he routinely introduces Emily as "rubbish [or not very good, or some similar phrase] transvestite Emily Howard". Played by: David Walliams Appearances: Series 1 episode 6 Catchphrase: Do you know if anyone died in it? Played by: Matt Lucas and David Walliams Appearances: Series 2 Deleted scenes Catchphrase: "He's handy is he?"

[about Daffyd] I've said it before Vicar, and I'll say it again - what that boy needs is a nice big cock up his arse! This is the home of romance novelist, Dame Sally. I've always wanted to write a book, but unfortunately I don't have a pen David Walliams has said that Sebastian Love was inspired by Peter Mandelson.[2] By the time of Little Britain USA, Sebastian has risen to the post of PM, and has transferred his affections to the new US President and his jealousy to the first lady. A recurring character in Series 2, Viv Tudor is seen to be the manager of a jewellery shop. In her first appearance, the police are at her shop, investigating a recent break-in. When the police sergeant (David Walliams) asks her to describe the robbers, she is only capable of saying 'Ohhhh, he was gorgeous!', not helping the investigation. Little Britain Various Roles / Andy Pipkin / Daffyd Thomas / Marjorie Dawes / Vicky Pollard / World Record Breaker / Clive / Dame Sally Markham / Gary / Mr. Cleaves / Dr. Lawrence / Emily's Flirt / Ice Cream Man / Jeremy Rent / Joan / Kenny Craig / Minstrel / Mr.Cleaves / Neville Maddox / Officer Lindsay / Peter / Tax Inspector / Various Characters / Ye Olde Hotele Guest (2003-2006 Little Britain began as a radio show on BBC Radio 4 in 2000 and moved to TV in 2003. Daffyd 'the only gay in the village' and Lucas in black make-up as a Mr T look-alike..

Little Britain It was written and performed by comic duo David Walliams and Matt Lucas. The programme's title is an amalgamation of the terms 'Little England' and 'Great Britain', and is also, coincidentally, the name of a Victorian neighbourhood and a modern street in London Played by: Matt Lucas Appearances: Radio Show; Starting in Series 1 Catchphrases: "Oh man I love the cake!", "Dust?", "Oh, man, you is fat!", "'ave we got any neeew members?", "It's not easy is it?", "Hello Fatties!", "Do it again", "But YOU are sumin' else!", "Man, you fat, you fatty fatty fatty!", "Say it again?" "Ska-roo you!" Scottish owner of a hotel who speaks and acts like an Elizabethan fantasy character, even though he is often seen speaking and behaving perfectly normally. He answers questions from customers in a diffident manner using riddles, "spells", and a (intentionally badly dubbed) flute, which he refers to as a 'piccalillo'. He also refers strangely to ordinary objects, such as the radio, which he calls the "talking noisy box". His eccentric behaviour often annoys and confuses his guests. However, in his final appearance, two officers from the Inland Revenue service used it against him, tricking Ray into making overdue tax payments. His hotel is opposite IKEA. Played by: Matt Lucas and David Walliams Appearances: Series 2 deleted scenes Catchphrase: Ruth: "Muuuummmm!" Mother: "Meet me in the back in 5 minutes!" Pat and Don are a couple who eat at a local Indian restaurant, which has an unusually fast service. The dishes are delivered as soon as the couple is finished ordering, and even so, the waiter will sometimes apologise for the delay.

Series 1 (2003)edit

Matthew Waterhouse is an inventor who presents very silly and crazy ideas for musicals, board games, impersonators and cereals, with a sketch on each subject, and usually barges into the person's office uninvited. Little Britain was first introduced to the public on Radio 4 in 2000, before it was adapted for the screen two years later. Emily and Florence and Daffyd may fall foul of today's PC police Myfanwy is the barmaid for The Scarecrow and Mrs King' . She encourages Daffyd to have more gay relationships and tells him off for his homophobic behavior. She is also a lesbian and had a civil partnership with Rhiannon, which Daffyd said was 'disgusting'. In Little Britain Abroad, she goes to Mykonos to set up a gay bar. She gets irritated at Daffyd when he 'hands out the flyers to the wrong audience', being a 5 year old girl and a nun who later on comes in and says in Greek: "I'm looking for some fanny fun". Find and follow posts tagged daffyd thomas on Tumblr. Log in Sign up. hip-po-ster. #little britain #matt lucas #daffyd thomas #only gay in the village. 23,050 notes. #gay #little britain #daffyd thomas #memes #comedy show #userbox #original #my art. 240 notes. mycroftisthequeenofengland. #little britain #daffyd thomas #pride week

In his final sketch, undertakers come to his door to take away the body of Kitty, who has apparently died. However, they then discover she is not really dead and he begs them to "take her anyway". They refuse and he unhappily continues to take care of her. Played by: David Walliams Appearances: Radio Show; Series 1 and Little Britain Live Catchphrase: "A-Yeeeees!", "Ye know too much!", "Maybe I did and maybe I didn't"

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The sketches follow his engagement to Jane, through to their wedding day, which he interrupts near the end, saying "Bitty" instead of "I Do", gesturing for his mother to come up so he can have some of her breast milk. His parents do not seem even remotely perturbed by his behaviour. David Walliams states that Anthony Head got the role because "next to Steve Martin, he's the only man I'll ever turn gay for."

BBC Three - Little Britain, Series 3, Episode 1, The Dance Off

Series 2 (2004)edit

Sir Norman Fry is a Conservative MP who seems to be traditional, and has a wife, Camilla (Matt Lucas), and two children. He is always issuing statements to the press regarding embarrassing situations in which he has apparently been caught. His statements are written and delivered in an ineffective attempt to make his misadventures sound innocent and justifiable, using phrases such as "on entering the room, my clothes accidentally fell off" or "I followed the gentlemen into the toilet cubicle to discuss foreign policy", and to cover up his apparent homosexual urges, since all of his statements refer to encounters with other men. Yeah, I know. I don't like it! I want that one! Andy Computer says no. (*coughs*) Carol Beer Eh Eh Ehhh! Anne Dust... anybody? No? (repeated) Hello Fatties! I JUST LOVE CAKE! Marjorie Dawes No but, yeah but (reapeated) Oh my god, I just SO can't believe you just said that! Shut up! Vicky Pollard I'm a lady! I do ladies things!and shit. Emily Howard Hello. Aide to the Prime Minister, Sebastian holds a badly-concealed homosexual crush on his boss. Wildly jealous of anyone who takes the attention of the PM, Sebastian does everything in his power to bring the attention back to himself. He often "accidentally" finds himself in sexually suggestive positions with his boss, who is usually very patient with (and largely oblivious to or tacitly accepting of) his advances. He is also very defensive of his boss when he comes under fire from the press or general public (for instance, when some people present a petition saying that they want the PM to resign, he tears it up and throws it in their faces without showing it to anyone). In the finale of Series 2, he tries to kiss the PM but is at first unsuccessful and weeps. When questioned if he has a crush on his boss, he denies it, then kisses his boss. He believes that his feelings for the PM are mutual, as he occasionally seduces other men to make the PM jealous. The sketches generally involve Dudley and Ting Tong's relationship blossoming, only for Ting Tong to reveal a secret about herself. Dudley would then order her out. She would then try to convince him through various methods to let her stay, to which he always gives in. Ting Tong has many secrets: it is revealed she is a lady-boy, born Tong Ting Macadangdang. She admitted that she comes from Tooting in London, not from a remote Thai village called Pong Pong, as she'd originally claimed.

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Several examples of his ideas are breakfast cereal "Sugar Poofs: Real gay men frosted with sugar." or kissogram "John McCarthy-o-gram: I come in, handcuff myself to the radiator and talk about my time as a hostage in the Lebanon!" The character's name is a reference to the actor of the same name who played the character of Adric in the television science-fiction series Doctor Who in the early 1980s. Played by: Matt Lucas Appearances: Radio Show; Series 1, episodes 3, 5 and 7 Catchphrases: "Yes I heard it, Kitty!" Search, discover and share your favorite Daffyd Thomas GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. daffyd thomas 7136 GIFs. Sort: Relevant Newest. little britain # little britain. television, lb, matt lucas, little britain, daffyd thomas # television # lb # matt lucas # little britain # daffyd thomas. indiana jones, what the heck, conancon, thomas. Roy owns a store (that sells different items each episode) where Mr Mann always shops. His wife Margaret helps run the store but is never seen. He has stated that he hates Mr Mann because of his specific requests, and is sometimes shown to be reluctant to serve him. On one occasion, when Mr Mann complained about a picture he had just purchased, Roy's response was "Get out or I will strangle you". The long pause between Roy's calling to Margaret and her response was referenced in one sketch when, as soon as Roy had called to Margaret, he and Mr Mann both sat down, to read their books while waiting for her response. Marjorie appeared in Little Britain Abroad, where she went on an exchange to America and attended a meeting in Miami. A new member of the group was the local sheriff, who was less tolerant of Marjorie's rudeness and, after being pushed too far in a matter of minutes after being called "Boss Hogg," arrested her. Meanwhile, Marjorie's Texan counterpart, Blanche Chuckatuck (portrayed by David Walliams) went to take Marjorie's group in the UK. Although Blanche Tuckatuck was much more polite, more kind and gave more helpful weight-loss advice than Marjorie, she had one serious flaw - she was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Like Marjorie, she was also racist to Meera and pretends not to understand her. It is also noticeable that the narrator, in his voiceovers, expresses contempt towards people who are overweight, much like Marjorie's own contempt.

She also appears in deleted scenes in which she names a boy with half his right arm missing "Handy Andy" and a student with an upturned nose a “pig" (though she made no comments to Martin about the latter). Little Britain USA - Daffyd Thomas [Deleted scene] by b0guslaw2. 2:32. Love You More Than Cupcakes by TheJokerIsDead. 2:05. LITTLE BRITAIN - Andy loves Hitler by Aumann1. Little Britain - Season Two Deleted Scene - Cafe in Dump by strike1977. 2:10. Little Britain USA - George and Sandra by b0guslaw2 Gary and Jason are two friends who always visit Gary's grandmother, on whom Jason has a crush. Jason always tries to play on to Gary's grandmother, be it by performing the Heimlich maneuver on her or seeing her to the bathroom or wiping her spillings and sucking her toes, the latter of which horrifies Gary to the point of ordering him out of her house.

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Dr Lawrence is the Doctor in charge of Anne's progress. He rarely makes a fuss about Anne's childish behavior and is only seen being angry at her once, when she was going to chuck his children's guinea pig out the window, which she did moments later. Liz and Clive are a middle-aged couple who spend a lot of time eating in their local Chinese restaurant. Throughout these sketches, Liz loudly and endlessly claims that she had been a bridesmaid at Mollie Sugden's wedding, which angers and annoys Clive, especially when Liz makes him listen to her rather than talk to an old classmate of Paul McCartney's (the man is played by Ted Robbins, McCartney's real-life cousin).

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In Series 2, the owner of the spa, Mr. Hutton (Walliams) tries frequently to get her to pay for the increasing cost of her stay at the spa to no avail (Bubbles is prepared to go to any length to avoid doing so, including hiding so long in a tanning bed that she burns her entire body the colour of charcoal). Bubbles seeks to emulate the upper classes; she mispronounces many English words 'a la française' and is unable to pronounce 'v' in certain words ('diworce'). It is also frequently implied she is some kind of debutante, despite being 43 years old and divorced. He bears little resemblance to the real Dennis Waterman, except that his 'theme tunes' are based on the Minder theme tune that Waterman sang himself (among others), but didn't write. The character is inspired by Lucas and Walliams having met Waterman at an awards ceremony and been surprised to see that he was shorter than he appeared to be during fight scenes in Minder and The Sweeney. The real Dennis Waterman has been quoted as saying "I did watch it, but I never saw that bit. I just saw a lot of some bloke dressed up as a woman".[5]

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In the final sketch involving these characters, Liz is still endlessly ranting about being Sugden's bridesmaid when Sugden comes to the restaurant, causing Liz to suddenly get agitated and try to leave. Clive then approaches Sugden (with Liz trying almost physically to stop him) and she denies any knowledge of Liz, as her friend Helen had been her only bridesmaid. At this point, Liz suddenly stabs and kills her with a knife, revealing that she had been fabricating her claims of being Sugden's bridesmaid. As in the British series, Matt Lucas and David Walliams play the majority of the characters: originals such as Lou and Andy, Daffyd Thomas, Sebastian Love, Marjorie Dawes and Vicky Pollard, as well as new characters not previously seen in the British series. [citation needed]The first series started filming in March 2008 in Wilmington, North Carolina.. Denver Mills is a former silver medallist (gold medallist in the radio drama) in the 400 metres at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, who now acts as a guest speaker at various events. His speeches are always politically or factually incorrect, confusing and often offensive to the audience, such as his speech at a police dinner "...maybe being an Olympic athlete isn't so different from being a police officer. First of all, we both get a lot of practise running after black guys". In a typical sketch, he will be on his way to give his speech, but upon learning a detail in his speech is considered offensive, confusing or is not factually correct, he will proceed to throw a page of his speech away, until he is left with his greeting and dismissal. Once, he found out he would not only be meeting people with leprosy, but also hugging them, and, suddenly reluctant to do his speech, he threw himself out of the car after a discussion about lepers. He regularly goes on about his achievements, but gets little response for it. Played by: David Walliams Appearances: Radio Show; Since Series 1 Catchphrase: "I'm a lady! That's what I am, a lady! I do lady things!" and sometimes ending long statements with "... and shit." Played by: Matt Lucas and David Walliams respectively Appearances: Little Britain USA Catchphrases: "We didn't know any different!" Mildred is a "stereotypical Grandma" with a strong Deep South accent. She and her grandson Connor often chat about uneasy issues concerning what Connor has heard of or been involved in, such as drug testing, racism and homosexuality. Mildred then reveals certain strange details of her past, such as drug habits or homosexuality or incidents involving racism. When talking about drugs, she speaks to Connor as if he should've known better, but defends herself when mentioning her own experiences, claiming that "we didn't know any different." When mentioning all the drug habits she's ever had, she claims to be 28 years old (right after Connor comments that, despite her drug habits, she seems rather healthy and well-aged). In their final sketch, Connor admits to being homosexual, only to be called a "faggot" by Mildred.

Played by: David Walliams Episodes: Radio Show; Series 1, episodes 4 and 5 Catchphrase: "I love you Anne" and "I need you Anne" Peter Andre is a royal BBC correspondent who gets sacked after first making surreal and false claims about the Royal Family (such as Prince Charles having magical powers, describing The Queen as "The Main One" and mistaking Princess Eugenie for her mother, Sarah, Duchess of York) and then expressing his love for Princess Anne through song. He later attempts to enter a royal garden party to give her some drawings, despite being scruffy and without trousers, and is turned away by police. The character's name is a reference to the singer. There are also two deleted scenes in which Peter Andre appears backstage at the Royal Variety Performance and at a drug rehab centre. Ashraf is an Indian man working at the local computer shop. He has an unusual way of using a horse to help customers with their IT problems. Comic actors David Walliams and Matt Lucas take viewers on a cockeyed tour of Great Britain via a gallery of eccentric characters, including Daffyd, the only gay in his tiny Welsh village; teen delinquent Vicky Pollard; Fat Fighters mentor Marjorie Dawes; Sebastian, the flamboyant aide to the Prime Minister; dear old Miss Emery, who is sweet, friendly and totally incontinent; unconvincing. Played by: David Walliams Appearances: Series 3, episodes 4 and 5 Catchphrases: "Wife, [name of food], go!", "Britain fights back! (fist in air)" Little Britain (BBC Radio Comedy) Audio Preview Daffyd, the only gay in his village, Emily 'I'm a lady!' Howard, incoherent young offender Vicky Pollard, Kenny 'Look into my eyes' Craig, and Marjorie Dawes from FatFighters. Not forgetting Denver Mills

In Little Britain Abroad Maggie tries to seduce Judith, only to throw up when it's pointed out that this makes her a lesbian. Bernard Chumley puts the moves on an actor. Norman Fry accidentally slipped and fell inside another young man. Des Kaye in Little Britain Live, albeit with pederastic undertones me gay homosexual lgbt little britain daffyd thomas s2 ep 5 meme. 729 notes. Reblog. penultimxte Little witch academia Vickie Pollard little britain. 223 notes. (the only gay in the village) - Little Britain. mycroftisthequeenofengland . Follow. Unfollow. little britain daffyd thomas pride week Gerald Pincher is the father of Harvey Pincher. He is a crusty, conservative, upper class Brit, yet he is also warm and friendly. In Series 2 he has mousy brown hair and in Little Britain USA he has red hair. He appears to be unperturbed by Harvey's infantile desire for his mother's breast milk ('bitty'). In Little Britain USA he is seen changing Harvey's diaper. He appears to be interested in the Battle of Culloden. In Series 2 it is revealed that Gerald does not approve of vegetarianism; when informed about the need for a vegetarian option at Harvey and Jane's wedding he responds "Oh, bloody vegetarians! String up the lot of them, I say!". In Little Britain USA he expresses his dislike of modern art, "Hope they don't have too much of that 'modern art'!"

In the final episode he says "Brighton, Brighton, Bri... oh wait, Britain, Britain, Britain!". At the end he says that Little Britain is the best show ever and says he is "some kind of god that must be worshipped as such". Played by: Matt Lucas Appearances: Radio Show; Appeared in first 2 series Catchphrase: "Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around the eyes, look into my eyes (snaps fingers) you're under." (After dialogue relating to situation), "3, 2, 1... (snaps fingers) you're back in the room" When Daffyd from Little Britain met Elton John. British Stand Up Comedy Fans. 30K views · April 3. Related Pages See All. Micky Flanagan Fans. 720,031 Followers · Interest. Jimmy Carr. 1,424,907 Followers · Comedian. BBC Comedy. 1,742,629 Followers · Website. The Graham Norton Show -» Little Britain 10 Questions - Developed by: bob - Developed on: 2004-12-15 - 8.888 taken How much do you really know about the best UK comedy show

He also has a habit of organising gay-related events (such as a gay society) and then refusing other gays entry (by simply declaring that they are not genuinely gay). He has a mother (played by Ruth Madoc), and father who are not bothered by his self-proclaimed homosexuality, much to his chagrin; they in fact have many gay relatives. In Little Britain Abroad, he is shocked to learn from Myfanwy that his mother is in love with her aunt, and he even has a gay brother named Dewi (played by James Corden), who has a Spanish boyfriend named Pedro. In the final episode of Series 3, he decides to leave Llandewi Breffi for London because he felt he was an out, gay man. However, he decided not to go, because he learnt from Myfanwy what a gay man could do in London. Officer Lindsay appears only once in Series 1. He is a retired police officer in the town of Scoffage, who gives driving lessons. After persuading his student to drive at law-breaking speeds, he promptly pulls the car over, goes to the driver's window and interrogates the student for speeding as if he were still a policeman. Lindsay drives a brown Austin Allegro on which he has crudely painted the word 'Police', he also wears a policeman's uniform, claiming all his other clothes were in the wash.

The Newsagent made only one appearance in Series 2. In the sketch, set in an ordinary British off-license, a customer (portrayed by David Walliams) comes in and, being the only other person in the shop, is forced to do his shopping under the gaze of the newsagent, who attempts to make conversation by commenting on each of the items that the customer takes (for instance "Thirsty?" upon the customer taking a drink from the fridge, or "Hoping to write letter to friend or relative?" upon the customer taking a notebook). At the end of the sketch, after a few moments of awkward dithering, the customer reaches up to the top shelf of the magazine racks, where the pornographic ones are kept, prompting the shopkeeper to ask; "Planning a wank?" Embarrassed, the customer changes his mind and instead goes to pay for the items he has taken. The opening scene of the sketch shows that he allows a maximum of 200 students in his shop at one time. Harvey Pincher can be best described as a 25-year-old upper-class mummy's boy. He insists on "bitty" (breast milk) from his mother Celia (played by Geraldine James) even though he is an adult - much to the dismay of his prospective wife and her parents, so when they were speaking and they saw the "bitty", they would start stuttering and speaking rather slowly. Mr Cleevs is a traditional-looking yet eccentric teacher at Kelsey Grammar School (a reference to actor Kelsey Grammer). Mr Cleeves sets the pupils strange tasks such as finding "the square root of Popeye" and "Edward II divided by Henry V = Hydrogen Peroxide". He also asks for complete silence during a test, which is later revealed to be a test on crisps, but then he does various loud things himself, like playing the saxophone, vacuuming the classroom and setting off fireworks. Little Britain ran for three seasons on the BBC in the Noughties, It spawned characters including Lucas' fast-talking Vicky Pollard and Daffyd, known as the only gay in the village..

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