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Our Wild Malygos Druid deck list guide for the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion, will teach you the ins-and-outs of this combo deck! This Malygos Druid guide includes Card Choices, Mulligans, Gameplay Strategy, and Card Substitutions!Fan of knives seems very good tech. turn 5 with Thalnos or simply clearing all lackeys against rogue to prevent next turn Toggwagle is sweet. 

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Malygos Druid is a combo deck, albeit a very flexible one. The most important combo pieces – Malygos, Flobbidinous Floop, and Elise the Enlightened – cannot effectively be replaced, but there are some secondary cards that can. Malygos. 9. Ysiel Windsinger. Source. Das sind die Decks, die ich am interessanten fand und auch meisten Spaß gemacht haben. Danke fürs Vorbeischauen heute und ich hoffe, ihr konntet euch einen kleinen Eindruck von der neuen Expansion verschaffen. Deckcodes in den Kommentaren This guide is presented to you by Kat, a professional Hearthstone player competing at the highest level since closed beta. She is a consistent legend player in both Wild and Standard with multiple high-rank finishes.He was the second legendary I ever opened.  I have 2400 wins with Malygos Shaman, 600 wins with Maly Rogue, and 600 wins with Maly Druid. I have made legend 10 times with Malygos in my deck. Fair to say I am a fan

Malygos Rogue deck list guide - Ashes of Outland

This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Malygos Druid in Ashes of Outland expansion. Malygos Druid #13635 Deck List and Win-Rate calculated using data from Last 4 Days. Win-Rate vs popular archetypes. Last Modified: 2020-05-19 18:59:0

I regularly find my hand full 7-10 cards while missing combo pieces, but with UI’s in hand, so I cant actually dig without burning cards. Am I doing something wrong or is this just a super common occurrence? play both Ancestor's Calls to summon Kael'thas Sunstrider and Malygos play a fully upgraded Sapphire Spellstone on Malygos (should be free from Kael'thas) play your Lightning Bolts and Frost Shock for 67 damage. cards you might change: the Frost Shock is there just so you can use a Lightning Bolt early on if needed Budget Malygos Priest Basic Description Your main goal with this deck is going to be to draw into Emperor Thaurissan with Holy Smite and Mind Blast . Against almost every deck you want to start with Twilight Welp or Northshire Cleric It's a really fun deck but it's difficult to have the HP left and empty your deck and also invoke enough before you get murdered. 

At times, however, UI can be a bit of a liability. In slower matchups, you simply cannot afford to lose one of the combo pieces required to kill your opponent. Occasionally, this means dumping cards before you hit ten mana, even if it means getting little value from them. Spreading Plague spawns many scarabs in these matchups, anyway, so it’s often a good candidate to throw away. Similarly, if you already have an Ultimate Infestation in hand, Branching Paths can be used to generate armor, even if you don’t necessarily need it.The individual cards in Wild Malygos Druid can be sorted into the following categories: Mana Ramp, Defensive Tools, Card Cycle, Combo Pieces, and Damage Spells. Thanks to the flexibility of the Druid class, a handful of cards in Wild Malygos Druid fall into more than one of these groups.Miracle Rogue is capable of generating incredible amounts of burst damage. Argent Commander and Eviscerates can combine to deal in excess of 12 damage in a single turn, entirely from hand! However, you will need to stick a minion or two to the board in order to find the rest of the damage you need to kill your opponent. While the number of minions in the deck is limited, there are many cards in the deck that can snowball out of control. Questing Adventurer and Edwin VanCleef are both excellent cards at snowballing out of control. If left unchecked, any one of these cards can easily amass 10 or more damage to get opponents low enough to be burst down. At the very least, the huge threat these minions pose will draw out removal and increase the chance a future Gadgetzan Auctioneer will survive multiple turns to rapidly cycle through your deck. Handlock Warlock Warlock deck, played by Thjis in Hearthstone, Saviors of Uldu This is a Hearthstone Guide for Malygos Rogue, complete with mulligans, strategy, and deck-building advice. Malygos Rogue is an OTK/Combo deck that uses Kobold Illusionist and Necrium Vial to create multiple copies of Malygos in a single turn

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Malygos Druid #13412 Deck List and Win-Rate calculated using data from Last 4 Days. Win-Rate vs popular archetypes. Last Modified: 2020-05-19 20:59:1 Malygos Druid, NEW LEVEL! Dieses Deck treibt den Value auf die Spitze und vernichtet den Gegner binnen 1-2 Zügen! Geschickt ausbalenciertes Verhältnis von Carddraw, Ramp, Control und Damage machen dieses Deck zu einem riesen Spaß, aber auch zu einem der schwersten Decks, welche ich je gebaut habe  Hey dud this deck is amazing, since i played this deck i have 3 wins in a row, i know its low, but i didnt loose any matchup, 1 mage and 2 priests, i dont even come to make the otk, if u draw alex with 0 its already mostly a win. This is a Hearthstone Guide for Malygos Druid with Card List, Mulligan, Strategy, and Variants. Malygos Druid is a combo deck that aims to use the Spell Damage boost of Malygos to inflict huge amounts of damage in a single turn, often killing opponents from full health Hearthstone Database, Deck Builder, News, and more! Probably not. The reason Ysera is good is not because of the body, but the dream cards. Playing Malygos as just a huge body will just have him removed, and you lose the game shortly after. If that happens with Ysera you at least get a dream card, and if kept alive can give you many more

Miracle Rogue is capable of playing some of the most cost-effective minions in all of Hearthstone turn after turn. If Miracle Rogue is ever able to stick one of these minions on the board, the deck can easily cobble together massive amounts of burst damage in a single turn with Eviscerates and Argent Commander. Due to the burst-oriented nature of Miracle Rogue's damage, the deck tends to be excellent against control decks.I'm glad that you gave alex a second chance - she can be invaluable for sure. Also how are your pharaoh cats going? Sometimes I miss them but I haven't got enough place for them and instead after adding thalnos I added even more support as you probably saw on my imgur link because I thought that thalnos needs a package to be even stronger (I was even considering a fan but couldn't find that much space and si7 sometimes is too game changing to lose him).You are mainly concerned about two things when playing against aggressive decks: getting run over before you can stabilize and big minions that you cannot effectively deal with.Remember to account for Malfurion the Pestilent’s hero power in your calculations if you’ve already transformed into a Death Knight.

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  1. Malygos Druid is an interesting deck, although it's not cheap, having 4 Legendaries and 5 Epics, none of which can really be replaced, so think twice before crafting it for yourself. If you do decide to craft it though, I hope my guide helps you a lot. Playing this deck will also make you more experienced in playing Combo decks in genera
  2. Our Malygos Rogue deck list guide features the best Ashes of Outland deck list for Season 73 of Hearthstone (April 2020). Our Malygos Rogue guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.. Malygos Rogue is a deck that seeks to gather plenty of spell damage cards together, get the titular Malygos card in-hand as well, and then use its devastating damage-boosting effect to.
  3. ions).. 2. Malygos + double Ger
  4. Piocher Malygos. Poser Malygos. Lancer 3 sorts. Gagner. Résumé du deck. Le principe de ce deck est de survivre en piochant jusqu'à atteindre un serviteur à Dégâts des sorts et des sorts

I see, fatiguing someone who draws four cards per turn shouldn’t be that hard. Thank you very much for your help! Your advices already carried me to rank 5 and I hope this season I’ll reach my first legend. Not every type of deck should be medium-sized minions fighting. There needs to be small minions, big minions, and there needs to be some Malygos decks and other tricky decks that have different.

The primary aim of Malygos Druid is to safely reach the late game while drawing as many cards as possible. You should try to keep an unused Mana Crystal in the early game in order to utilise the effects of Untapped Potential Quest and Crystal Merchant. Once your Quest is complete, you should begin to secure the board using Oasis Surger and Starfall. With the board secure, you should make use of Nourish and Crystal Merchant to draw through your deck as quickly as possible. In the late game, you should try to manipulate your hand in such a way that you can use Imprisoned Satyr on Malygos by having very few minions, ideally just Malygos, in your hand. From here, you can either duplicate Malygos further using Elise the Enlightened or simply use Malygos in combniation with spells like Swipe and Moonfire to burst down your opponent. Find popular Hearthstone decks for every class, card and game mode. Compare winrates and find the deck for you 1. Invoke Galakrond, the Nightmare with Praise Galakrond!, Seal Fate, Shield of Galakrond and upgrade twice.. 2. Play a lot of spells with Gadgetzan Auctioneer to empty your deck quickly.. 3. Play Malygos and put it back in the deck with Togwaggle's Scheme a couple of times.. 4. Play the most upgraded Galakrond, the Nightmare and draw 4x 0-mana Malygos.Deal 46 damage with 2x Sinister Strike

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I wanted this type of deck to work so bad.  I've played about 20 games with it, tweaking it here and there and have gotten off the combo ZERO times.  It's just way too slow there's no way to get it off.  I've been close a couple times and I've won games with it, but there's just no way to draw multiple 0 mana malys with combo unless your opponent is just terrible and passes a late round turn without doing anything. You forgot that the combo is also available if jepetto hits Kun, then you play Maly+Kun, and your damage spells without mana discount ^^ Also you don’t always need the combo to win, if you manage to live until turn 10, you can win by playing kun, another one thanks to floop, and other things with your 16 mana leftHi, I completely agree with you: I feel like 2 UI’s are massive overkill because they often end up as an unplayable card in your hand. I simply replaced 1 UI by 1 Wrath and had much better results with it. Also, it gives you an extra tool against aggro, extra card draw and a way to trigger Counterspell.Flobbidinous Floop in general will not keep any discounts when it changes into another minion. Emperor Thaurissan or Dreampetal Florist hit on Flobbidinous Floop is largely wasted, unless you want to play it as a copy of one or the other. Playing Flobbidinous Floop as a Dreampetal Florist is very useful sometimes, if you can then guarantee a discount on your Malygos. Malygos Shaman is a Shaman combo deck.It revolves around its ability to cheat out Malygos for a very low cost followed by cheap direct damage spells.. The deck aims to cycle heavily during the early to mid-game, keep control of the board with strong area of effect clears such as Volcano and Lightning Storm, and then assemble their combo and begin their burst phase in the late game

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  1. ion or just dagger going and most of the time it won't roll a taunt for them - some guys don't count cards all the time and you can burn them smart with dirty tricks etc. ;) being smart and getting rewarded for it doing everything you can to win is my way to have fun and only rogue can give me that - it is addicting tho for sure and that's why I will thank you again => thinking=OP  ^^
  2. ion is still very strong even if you don't get to use his Spell Damage instantly.
  3. After openning golden one in brawl deck, i tried to make deck with druid  in 2k17 its fun to play; http://i.imgur.com/VRQhgcT.png
  4. With fully buffed galakrond you can make lethal combo even on turn 7 if you pull some needed cards because of Alexstrasza in the deck. Now, when Alex gone off the list, you can find her from a dragon lackey. I moved Alex because usuallu it was absolutely dead card till late game.
  5. Ville "Old Guardian" Kilkku is a writer and video creator focused on analytic, educational Hearthstone, and building innovative Standard format decks. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/OldGuardian Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/old_guardian

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This is a combo deck, you need to stall the game till turn 10 or more. So at the start of the game try to be in tempo.With the coin you want to have Pharaoh Cat, Edwin VanCleef, Backstab, EVIL Miscreant. Without coin you want to have Pharaoh Cat, Backstab, Seal Fate, EVIL Miscreant IANOTHER episode of Deck Doctor, this time w/ Malygos Galakrond Rogue. •Subscribe for more cool videos! ----- •Watch Firebat Stream Live on Twitch at: twitch.tv/firebat •Follow Firebat on. DO NOT play Malygos if you are not closing the game the same turn.DO NOT play Galakrond, Azeroth's End having more than 7 cards in hand. Galakrond must be seventh card in hand to prevent burning needed combo pieces.DO NOT play your Sinister Strike cards before Malygos. This is you finishing combo for at least 16 damage. Alexstrasza knows how to make it happen.DO NOT be shy to play not fully buffed Galakrond if it is a matter of surviving against aggro decks.ALWAYS count lethal and think ahead. Your main goal is to maximum decrease your opponents health, if not playing Alex and, ofcourse, stay alive till your combo.Yeah I know the deck sucks, but this was already upvoted before the expansion went live. I didn't expect that the deck was this weak though.Okay so I did a small break and apparently it worked like a charm! Got new decklist that got me to diamond 10 at least - gonna try some more tomorrow - I am also curious what do you think maybe for you will be too heavy with alex haha  ( https://imgur.com/a/01OkJJ0 ) Have a nice day!

If you're playing Rogue and struggling to find a deck, go to Icy Veins, and find the Lackey Rogue deck, named "Lackey Rogue Deck List Guide - Descent of Dragons December 2019"Often, assembling the full combo isn’t necessary to end the game. Make sure you’re spending time on your opponent’s turn paying close attention to you and counting the damage you have available. The goal of this Hearthstone Standard Druid OTK combo deck is to use Kael'thas Sunstrider combined with Malygos to perform a miracle! We do this by summoning Malygos from the Strength in Numbers side quest. Then, we use Sunstrider's ability to draw our damage spells (Swipe, Moonfire, Starfire)! Challenging, but fun meme deck! Good luck Have a wonderful day everyone and stay on the bright side - don't get consumed on the "negativity bias" and stay calm.       Cheers!Miracle Rogue is a deck that relies heavily on performing multi-card combos in order to create huge bursts of tempo. To facilitate this, the deck has a very unorthodox mulligan that prioritises finding key combo cards.

Key Cards. Kobold Illusionist: This minion's deathrattle allows you to summon a 1/1 copy of a random minion from your hand.It is the first step of the deck's combo, but you want to make sure that Malygos is the only card in your hand when you pull the trigger.; Necrium Vial: A new card from the Boomsday expansion, this 5-mana spell triggers a friendly minion's deathrattle, not once, but. Our Malygos Hunter Deck List Guide will walk you through the ins-and-outs of this new deck in the Rise of Shadows meta! We're featuring the most popular deck list, mulligan guide, play strategy, card choices, and even substitutions if you are missing some of the cards. Malygos Hunter is a bit of a surprise deck [ Malygos Rogue deck comparison and guides. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies There are several important interactions with these special tools that you should be aware of when playing the deck.

Malygos Hunter Strategy. Your main aim with Malygos Hunter is to survive until the late game. As the deck consists almost entirely of removal spells, you should use them to remove opposing minions 1-for-1 to stay on top of the board Every card in the deck attempts to advance one of these three goals, some of them multiple at once. Draw cards whenever you can afford to do so. Use your tools to ensure your survival, including sacrificing some combo pieces as necessary. Figure out how to use your combo to win the game. That’s what playing Malygos Druid is all about.

You should always count lethal with this deck. Especially when in the late game your opponent have less or equal 25 health. Sometimes you can finish the game even without Malygos being played. If you have a board, full of threats and eqiupped with a 5/2 Claw. Do not underestimate Kronx Dragonhoof and his additional 5 face damage or buffing your minions for even more stats, if you have at least 3 of them on board.A wide, token-based board can be managed fairly easily with Spreading Plague. A handful of large minions can be more problematic, however. In these situations, upgraded Lesser Jasper Spellstones may help, but Poison Seeds may be necessary to avoid being overrun.

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  1. played 5 games. I only won 1 game which was a turn 2 10/10 van cleef. absolute horseshit against the meta
  2. 4. Play the most upgraded Galakrond, the Nightmare and draw 4x 0-mana Malygos. Deal 46 damage with 2x Sinister Strike. 
  3. imum, afin de maximiser les chances de laisser Malygos ou Kun dans le deck et réduire son coût à 0) en utilisant les disciples maudits (qui comptent pour.
  4. I ve played a few games with this deck, maybe like 20 - I ve never used Toggle's scheme - way to slow. IF i menaged to kill somebody with Malygos it was with help of coins or preps, or just simple maly+sinister for 8 more dmg. The aggresive part of the deck is kinda ok, lackys can carry earlygame and help making cheap damage so yo ucan finish them later with maly +2 spells. 
  5. Same here. only managed to win a couple matches by luck. Had the combo ready but still had like a third of my deck left. Managed to get a 0 cost Malygos from Wandrous Wand was able to draw 3 of them and get 26 damage all in the same turn.
  6. Miracle Rogue is one of the oldest and most established decks in all of Hearthstone. The deck's core of powerful cards come largely from the Basic and Classic sets, which will never rotate from Standard. Among these cards is Miracle Rogue's long-time card drawing engine, Gadgetzan Auctioneer, which is the true namesake of the deck. In combination with Rogue's 0-Mana spells, Preparation, Shadowstep, and Backstab, it is not uncommon to see a Gadgetzan Auctioneer draw and play a "miraculous" number of cards in a single turn. Miracle Rogue typically won by building a massive Edwin VanCleef or Questing Adventurer in a single miracle turn.

Often, Wild Aggro decks are capable of quicker lethal than their Standard counterparts. To live through this onslaught, you’ll need to seek out defensive tools early on to prevent too much repetitive minion damage.So this is it. If you have any questions - let me know in comments. If you have any success stories with this deck, please share it. GL!Update after day : got diamond 5 with the same list as above 40-21 going from dia 10 to dia 5 is not that bad I guess but I had a moment where I was getting a star , downranking a star but after some matches I feel more comfortable for sureUpdate 30.03.2020: i did some changes to the list and made legend with it today. + added new WR screenshot (total 132 games) Gegen aggressive Decks versuchen wir das Spiel langsam zu machen und mit Pflege und Goblinauktionator wichtige Karten für unsere Malygos Kombos im Late Game aufzubauen. Gegen Control Decks versucht der Malygos Druide den Gegner in einem Rutsch mit Malygos und Schadenszauber (Mondfeuer, Lebendige Wurzeln etc.) runterzubursten

deck works wonders against those pesky mages and priests (those never ending games with tons of value from your opponent is a joke against Maly), currently Diamond 3 with it, aiming another legend with this list. also adding updated WR. have fun and dont forget to share your vibes with this deck in comments!1. Invoke Galakrond, the Nightmare with Praise Galakrond!, Seal Fate, Shield of Galakrond and upgrade twice.  9 Malygos - Als essentieller Teil der Kombo ist diese Karte natürlich unersetzbar - zumindest, wenn man ein Malygos-Deck erstellen möchte. Dazu gehören natürlich noch einige Karten, die Zauberschaden verursachen. Bei denen hat man jedoch einige zur Auswahl. Schadenszaube Kael'thas Sunstrider Malygos OTK Druid | Hearthstone wild deck guides xceed. Loading... Unsubscribe from xceed? # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone Similarly, if they begin to stall out and/or you stablize, you can go for the tempo Malygos play. Often, they won’t be able to remove him and you can score the kill. If they do kill him off, that’s 12 damage that isn’t going to your face.

Hyped Malygos Freeze. posted by: @Hyped Apr 17, 2015. Description. created for Meta Snapshot #12. Comments (10) Add Comment. Tempo Storm User. 0/1000. Cancel . Post . Recent Relevance. IcyMind 5 years ago. Doomsayers and antonidas are essential for playing the deck. Doomsayers are required to combo with freeze spells to clear the board while. With Doom in the Tomb bringing Emperor Thaurissan and Kun the Forgotten King back to Standard format, the current Malygos Druid has many ways to play out its combo. There are, in fact, more options on how to combo people down with Malygos and damage spells than you can comfortably fit in a deck, so the exact combo can differ from one variant of the deck to another.I got rank 2 and all stars but got down to dia 5 again and gonna try my luck today - if I will come up with any reasonable changes I'll let you know but for I'll try my luck with what I have (copied the deck to have more specific info on my tracker gonna post some notes after todays grind).  Our Wild Malygos Druid deck list guide for the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion, will teach you the ins-and-outs of this combo deck! This Malygos Druid guide includes Card Choices, Mulligans, Gameplay Strategy, and Card Substitutions! Introduction to Wild Malygos Druid. Malygos Druid is a deck with a long history in Hearthstone Jepetto Malygos Rogue Edit Deck. POSTED BY: ZachO | PUBLISHED: January 19, 2020 | DUST COST: 13320 CLASS: Rogue | Tags: DRR#151 | Format: Standard | Era: Descent of.

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  1. The deck of the zoologist is used by players actively. The essence of the tactics is to fill the battlefield with cheap creatures as quickly as possible, simultaneously finishing off those whom the enemy expose, suppress with quantity and take the upper hand before the game reaches 10 mana crystals
  2. Note that while sometimes you need a lot of damage against slow decks that armor up, often you can also deal considerably less damage to win the game, as you have already dealt some occasional face damage during the game. For example, just a simple Malygos + Moonfire + Moonfire is 12 damage.
  3. Since the release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, however, the interaction between Kun the Forgotten King and Aviana essentially grants Druids an extra turn. Thanks to these two class Legendaries, along with rampant mana acceleration and powerful card draw engines, Druids can consistently land a Malygos-enabled OTK.
  4. Against aggressive decks, the game plan is more about surviving the onslaught of damage than it is about pulling off the combo as soon as possible. Fortunately, Malfurion has several defensive tools available to bide enough time to close out games against the most relentless aggro decks.

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  1. Great deck really, I like it a lot and it is somehow similar to my favourite Exodia Mage (which was killed by last standard rotation, that’s why I decided to move to wild and try out this deck). However, I’m struggling to find a way to win versus a tempo secret mage. With the ridiculous amount of burn it has (a total of above 30 damage), strong early game and draw, I just can’t preserve a life-total high enough to survive and I can’t rely on combo because explosive runes deny my Aviana. Is there anything I’m missing?
  2. Our Malygos Druid deck list guide goes through the ins-and-outs of this combo deck that has been rejuvenated by the returning Wild cards in Saviors of Uldum Doom in the Tomb! This guide will teach you how to mulligan, pilot, and substitute cards for this archetype!
  3. In these matchups, Branching Paths is best used to accumulate massive amounts of armor. Similarly, an early Malfurion the Pestilent can lock out the game thanks to the ability to generate three armor each turn.
  4. DECK DOCTOR Malygos Galakrond Rogue | Firebat Hearthstone - Duration: 22:38. Firebat Recommended for you. 22:38. 1400 dust Legend Zoolock with upgrade path (Hearthstone Galakrond's Awakening) -.
  5. Malygos Rogue Latest Malygos Rogue Deck Lists. New Updated Top Rated - Week Top Rated - Month Top Rated - Year Top Rated - All-Time. Deck Class Updated Score; Malygos Rogue - #105 Legend (J_Alexander) - Ashes of Outland. Use the checkboxes to compare up to eight decks! Compare Decks
  6. Malygos Quest Druid Edit Deck. POSTED BY: ZachO | PUBLISHED: April 5, 2020 | DUST COST: 9920 CLASS: Druid | Tags: #AOO | Format: Standard | Era: Ashes of Outlan

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Whenever 46 damage is not enough to kill your opponent it should be a good idea to run a Platebreaker in the deck for sure.Against slow decks, you want to draw cards as quickly as possible. Prioritize card draw over everything else. Whether your opponent wants to defeat you with an OTK combo or with an endless stream of N'Zoth, The Corruptors, you just want to get to your win condition first and burn them down. Your ability to clear large boards is limited, so board after board of pressure in the late game can be fatal, unless you are very close to your combo by the time your opponent gets rolling. On the bright side, even a board full of Khartut Defenders matters little to you if you have enough health left, because you can deal 30 or more damage in a single turn.No offense.  I really wanted this deck to work for me.  It just didn't.  I don't know why this is up voted so high.  I made my contribution and down voted it. You might also be interested in... Galakrond Rogue #1 Legend - 我在等风也等你 April 21, 2020; Highlander Rogue #19 Legend - _FAST44 May 3, 2020; Highlander Rogue #29 Legend - DarkkHs April 24, 2020; Highlander Rogue #205 Legend - JiminatorHS May 2, 2020; Highlander Rogue #176 Legend - firenoodle_hs April 26, 202

awesome will try them immediately- I was wondering maybe I will miss some healing but these effects can do it too I guess - will update after some gamesThe objective in the first four turns of the game is very simple: play minions on curve and dagger on Turn two. The dream sequence for a Miracle Rogue is virtually Dagger Mastery on Turn two, EVIL Miscreant on Turn three, and then a Hench-Clan Burglar on turn 4. Though it is important not to get behind on board against aggro decks, the limited number of on-curve plays this deck has in the early game means you will frequently have a limited number of options in the first few turns of the game.

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Against Control decks, your game plan shifts significantly. In these matchups, you typically have the time to mana ramp and draw into your combo. Here, you’re looking to get your mana acceleration rolling in the early turns in order to out-scale your opponent’s mid to late game.The Malygos Druid archetype has existed in multiple forms throughout the history of Hearthstone. While the tools in the deck may have changed between each version of the deck, the overall strategy has remained the same, which is to use Malygos in combination with cheap spells like Moonfire to create huge burst-damage combos. But I feel like there is a lot of useless cards, or at least non-optimal ones. I like the idea of Maly galakrond rogue, but I'm afraid you need to make it faster and with less complicated combo. 

A card game veteran, Roffle has been infatuated with Hearthstone since closed beta. These days, he spends most of his time tinkering with decks on ladder or earning gold in Arena (f2p btw). In particular, Roffle has a wealth of experience in competitive Wild Hearthstone, including a top 16 finish in the inaugural Wild Open Tournament and numerous high end of season finishes since the format’s inception.@Danteh It is a tier 1 deck, I can testify that as I’ve reached legend rank 36 with it from rank 8 in wild. Basically against burn mage, you just have to look for defensive cards (oaken summons, wrath, swipe, malfurion, spreading plague). As for giantslock, look for poison seeds and armour, and try not to damage your opponent’s face to prevent from reducing the cost of molten giant. Also against both of these decks, try your best to have an early ui to draw the combo Our Malygos Druid deck list guide goes through the ins-and-outs of this combo deck that has been rejuvenated by the returning Wild cards in Saviors of Uldum Doom in the Tomb! This guide will teach you how to mulligan, pilot, and substitute cards for this archetype! Introduction to Malygos Druid. Malygos Druid has existed in the game for a long. Often, I prioritize armor gain from Branching Paths against Mage. This helps pull you out of range of their burn. Likewise, an early Malfurion can make the difference in the game. I keep him in my opener against mage. Finally, ensure that your armor gain doesn’t get countered. Sometimes this means throwing away spells (including ramp) to make sure your life total is protected.

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Floop Malygos Druid deck comparison and guides. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies Malygos is a great end game unit for the Rogue since many of her cards benefit from Spell Power. Soulfire (Warlock): This is another 0 cost spell that can be played on the same turn as Malygos Tout savoir sur la carte Hearthstone Malygos, Aspect de la Magie de l'extension Envol des Dragons. Il s'agit d'un serviteur légendaire Mage. Découvrez les capacités de cette carte et les meilleurs decks l'utilisant Comment by 2OfDiamonds Malygos has been killed by the new nihilum/sk-gaming combo guild on magtheridon-eu on the 15th of november, 3 days after wrath of the lich king came out, as i type this, its 5 and a half hours ago he was killed. From screenshot-s id say they are mostly in sunwell gear still, so much for nearly full naxx gear i guess ;) More info and loot to follow im sure, just wanted to. Malygos Druid has existed in the game for a long time. It has taken many shapes over the years, but it has always been a combo deck based on the additional spell damage granted by Malygos combined with cheap damage spells, first and foremost Moonfire. Sometimes Malygos has been discounted, sometimes it has been copied, and sometimes there have been additional damage spells such as Living Roots and Swipe as part of the combo; each era has had its own variant.

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Don’t be afraid to be patient in these matchups. Unless you’re staring down another combo deck, you should have plenty of time to work towards your OTK while safely dealing with threats and accumulating armor. Our Malygos Shaman deck list guide features the best Rastakhan deck list for Season 57 of Hearthstone (December 2018). Our Malygos Shaman guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.. Malygos Shaman is a Hearthstone deck that's been getting some serious attention again since the latest card reveals for Rastakhan's Rumble. There is a little scepticism as to whether it.

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Reno Quest Mage #114 Legend - therottedzombie. February 19, 2020 You want to stall for as possible to get the Aviana, Maylgos, Double Faceless, Double Moonier Combo. This deck is just for fun so if you don't want to drop rank play this on casual Thank you! This is an amazing deck! I have 75% WR, but I've played only 8 games so far. But killing an opponent with full HP is a great pleasure! It has some difficulties with aggro matchups, but meta is a little bit slow now, so that's not a problem. I have only 2 stars left to legend and I think, I will go further with this deck.

Florist is never a better choice as it is way to slow and much harder to set up. Dosent matter if gepetto miss hits is still draws 2 cards. Also it is impossible to win against shaman or hunter, as the shaman has lethal turn 5 or 6 guaranteed, and hunter has lethal latest turn 8. Every other game is easy winNew meta, but still deck is good. Switched to it and on a win streak against all those DH and spell mage\druid decks. Added Maiev instead of our beloved Zilliax.  The core of the deck is tempo. Cards like Zombie Chow, Twilight Drake, Blackwing Technician and Imp-losion ensure strong early and mid-game presence, outvalue-ing the opponent. As the deck enters the late game, it starts gathering power with Blackwing Corruptor and eventually drops a potentially game ending Malygos One of Druid’s core mechanics is ramping mana crystals. In this deck, the more you’re able to ramp in the early turns, the sooner you’ll be able to cast Ultimate Infestation and draw into your combo pieces.

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A combo deck is nothing without combo pieces. Wild Malygos Druid leans heavily on the interaction between Aviana and Kun the Forgotten King to generate an extra turn’s worth of mana. Fortunately, unlike Exodia, this deck doesn’t always require all five pieces to end the game. Often, a mere Malygos or two will suffice.With Kobolds and Catacombs came the addition of Ixlid, Fungal Lord who offers the potential to summon as many as four Malygos. This absurd amount of Spell Damage can easily kill opponents from the highest of life totals in a single turn.It's probably one of the best moments to craft Maly, cause 4 classes playing him in standard and 6 in wild ;) Malygos Hunter deck comparison and guides. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies I played around 60 132 games with it. Ofcourse it is not 500 or 1000 and you can say that this sample size means nothing, but unfortunately i do not have so much time to play test decks like Popular streamers, but i have my stats with this deck and you can approximately make a picture of what it is in terms of competition. These statistics were made on the range of Legend-r5 ranks. Actual WR may be different for the other region or rank.

As you can see, there are many variations of Elise the Enlightened, Emperor Thaurissan, Jepetto Joybuzz, Dreampetal Florist, and Flobbidinous Floop interacting with each other to deliver lethal damage. More Malygos Druid Decks. Dane's Kael'thas Miracle Maly Druid. by Theodrinus 1 month, 3 weeks ago 11 7800 2192 1. Double Combo Druid [SoU Theorycraft] by Erodos 9 months, 1 week ago 7 16840 1376 5. Titanar's Malygos Druid - CN vs KR Team Championship. by FrostyFeet 1 year, 1 month ago 0.

GetMeowth's Reno Malygos Warlock Edit Deck. POSTED BY: Fenom | PUBLISHED: February 21, 2020 | DUST COST: 21600 CLASS: Warlock | Format: Wild | Era: Descent of Dragon As above, you're hoping for Dragon consort>Thaurissan>Alexstrasza>Tirion>Consort>Malygos + Consecration. If you manage to Thaurissan Malygos, Consecration, and Thalnos that's 8 damage to everything on board, and their face, lets you get through just about anything. Clean them up with avenging wrath and hammer of wrath, or your weapons

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Burning cards in most decks isn’t frequently a big concern. In a combo deck such as Wild Malygos Druid, however, losing a single combo piece can be a disaster. As such, managing the size of your hand is crucial, especially against other slower developing decks.Ultimate Infestation is typically the biggest offender in this regard. As soon as you draw the card, start mapping on how and when you can empty your hand enough to cast the 10-mana spell. Occasionally, this means dumping Wild Growth on nine mana or throwing away Moonfires or Lesser Jasper Spellstones at low-value targets. Generally speaking, you’re safe to cast Ultimate Infestation when you have five cards in hand (or six if you have a Moonfire to pitch away). Malygos Druid is a deck that plays around with massive card draw, can respond everything that is played against it, has tons of proactive spells and a bunch of fair mechanics that become unfair.

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Find stats and different Malygos OTK Rogue decklists Malygos is an OTK combo enabler, and several classes have core cards that synergize with it (Moonfire, Sinister Strike, Lightning Bolt, etc.) Unless it gets moved to HoF (within the realm of possibility), it's probably going to see play again at some point My current list isn't that great vs DH but I came into conclussion that if backstab/seal/praise isn't enough vs them then I lose regardless  (god even gala+alex sometimes is not enough when they know their outs and closing with perfect lethal after skulls and altruis ;) also not trying to be salty just giving my 3 cents because sometimes you feel hopeless for sure and going for alex & gala resets sometimes even is not enough but I try to play to the chances)  so I decided to follow my personal taste and I don't have any room for cats (dh matchup felt that for sure 10-14 haha) - currently tring out more spell heavy variants switching between one shiv or fan) - d2 right now we will se how it will go ;) Tout savoir sur la carte Hearthstone Malygos. Il s'agit d'un serviteur légendaire neutre. Découvrez les capacités de cette carte et les meilleurs decks l'utilisant

Perhaps more importantly, the latest expansion provided Druid with potent additional armor generation tools. These new defense options ensure Malygos Druid survives long enough to assemble the combo pieces necessary to close games. Branching Paths and Oaken Summons, especially, make it easy to accumulate ridiculous amounts of armor for opponents to chew through. Find stats and different Malygos Druid decklists Edwin VanCleef is perhaps the trickiest card to use correctly in the entire deck. When is it safe to go all-in on a big Edwin? When should you simply play it as a 4/4 for tempo? The answers to these questions depend entirely on the kinds of cards your opponent is playing in their deck, as well the favorability of your matchup against them. Generally speaking, the more favorable the matchup is for you, the less you should be taking risks. Against the likes of Control Priest (highly favorable matchup for Miracle Rogue) you do not need to take big risks in order to win, and going all-in on an Edwin is only setting yourself up to lose to a Shadow Word: Death. Malygos Druid is a somewhat unusual combo deck in that it does not have one specific combo that ends the game. All of its combos are based on Malygos and damage spells, but there are many variations of the theme, and the deck does not need to draw all of its cards to win, unlike some other combo decks such as Holy Wrath Paladin or Mecha’thun Warrior. Therefore, you need to constantly evaluate how you intend to win each game, depending on the resources you find first and any combo pieces you need to sacrifice in order to survive. Malygos Druid is a pretty old archetype that utilizes the power of magic to boom on your opponent with cheap spells like Moonfire. This is a combo deck, you are looking to stay alive in the short term and hold off your enemy while you build up your combo pieces to finish them off in one or two turns. The Boomsday Project buffed this deck in a big way I played this deck in wild in jan and can say that it’s a really strong deck against both aggro and control. it does well against aggro decks with oaken summons, plague and paths (secret and tempo mages) and control (mostly cubelock, giants lock) with seeds.

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