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The New Jack Hustler singer Ice-T has two daughters and a son. Ice-T's daughter Letesha Marrow was born on the 20th of March, 1976 to his ex-girlfriend Adrienne.Letesha is the eldest amongst all of Ice-T's children. The 42-year-old daughter of Ice-T, Letesha Marrow was raised by both of her parents Venture beyond the Vieux Port. Though it’s the second most populous city in France, Marseille stretches over twice the surface area of Paris—93 square miles to Paris’ 41 square miles. This urban sprawl is divided into by quartiers, each with its own personality, that make the 860,000-person city feel like the 111 villages locals describe it as. So don’t get stuck in the city center of Vieux Port. Spend time in the hillside bobo (“bourgeois bohemian”) enclave of Vauban, the Hausmannian calm of Longchamp, the up-and-coming Chave, and the vibrant bar scene in Cours Julien. Get your bearings at the Vieux Port, then start exploring. Decoding Tunisia’s ancient capital, where pedestrians do not have the right of way but you can smother your food with harissa and party with Italian nuns.Order a pastis the right way. The first rule when ordering a pastis: always ask for it by name. Asking for just a pastaga (the local slang for pastis) is like grunting “beer” to the bartender. The two most common brands of the beloved anise-flavored spirit are Ricard, named for Marseille’s first pastis company (1932) and the slightly more anise-y 51. This is slightly confusing, because 51 is the same brand as Ricard, since they merged with Pernod, 51’s creator, in 1975. Your bar might also pour Casa (aka Casanis) or locally distilled Cristal Limañana. Your petit jaune will arrive with a pitcher of cold water and sometimes ice. Add water until the dark golden liquid becomes a cloudy pale yellow; the usual dosage is five parts water to one part pastis. Pastis has about 45 percent ABV, so be careful not to sip too quickly. Do feel free, however, to indulge in a second glass.

Pick your transportation. There’s a decent public transportation system: An extensive bus network, plus metro- and tram lines that zip around the city center and run until 12:30. a.m. Bear in mind the buses tend to run late—you can get real-time updates on the RTM app—and they don’t venture far into the outer 12th-16th arrondissements. To get to the beach, take the 83 bus, try the leVélo bike-share system, test the new Lime trottinettes (electric scooters), or—the preferred local set of wheels—a scooter. If you need a taxi, opt for Uber or France’s Heetch over the cabs, which are often more expensive and require cash, since their credit card machines tend to be broken. Join our newsletter to get exclusives on where our correspondents travel, what they eat, where they stay. Free to sign up.

Ice T's grandson Elyjah Marrow arrested for killing his

  1. ted national park is only accessible by boat or by foot, with many hikes closed in July–September during prime forest-fire season. Choose your own Calanques adventure: pack a picnic and grab the 21 bus to Lu
  2. Always ask for a pastis by name. Photo by: Massimo-Santi / Shutterstock.com
  3. She became the CEO and host of T-Tea-V Behind the Scenes in addition to being an assistant director. Family Life. Her son Elyjah Marrow was arrested on manslaughter charges. She has a sister named Chanel and a brother named Tracy. Associated With. Her stepmother would become Coco Austin in 2002 after Coco married Ice-T
  4. utes behind. Strikes and public transport delays may happen. Just enjoy a leisurely pace. Also, keep in
  5. utes walk from the Vieux Port, the Plage des Catalans is the closest to town, which means you’ll be packed like sardines on the sandy beach. Pack a picnic of rosé, chips, olives, and charcuterie to watch the Mediterranean sunsets. Avoid swim
  6. Explore the Quartiers Nord. The Quartiers Nord is where most people will tell you not to go because of its reputation for crime, but don’t let that deter you from venturing into Marseille’s northern neighborhoods. Be aware of your surroundings like you would in any other city. With more than a third of the city’s population, plus a rich industrial and agricultural history—its home to the 19th-century engineering marvel, the Marseille canal—the northern neighborhoods are worth exploring. Navigating the Quartiers Nord can be challenging, because they are so vast and underserved by public transport. Your best bet is to contact Hôtel du Nord or Marseille Provence Greeters, cooperatives of local guides eager to share their knowledge. Or, visit the soap manufacturer, Serail, during one of their Friday afternoon factory visits. The street-arts center Cité des Arts de la Rue has a farmer’s market, and organizes visits to the Cascade d’Aygalades waterfalls the first Sunday of each month.
  7. 1. The 17th-century Fort Saint-Jean, at the entrance of Marseille’s old port. Photo by: John Copland / Shutterstock.com 2. Across a pedestrian bridge from Fort Saint-Jean, the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations is the first national museum located outside Paris. Photo by: Alastair Wallace / Shutterstock.com

1. Fruit and vegetable market in rue Halle Delacroix in the heart of Noailles. Photo by: Olrat / Shuttertock.com. 2. Fresh fish at a market in Noailles. Photo by: ChameleonsEye / Shutterstock.com Give thanks to the Good Mother. Marseille’s most-visited monument and highest point, the Roman-Byzantine Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica, is topped with a 36-foot-high beacon visible from all over town: a golden Madonna and Child statue. She’s known as “la Bonne Mère,” (“the Good Mother”) for her unofficial role as the city’s guardian. Locals bring offerings, ex-votos, to thank her for her protection. La Bonne Mère offers 360-degree views, so visit early in your trip to get the lay of the land, but try to avoid the weekend tourist swell. Coco Austin and Ice T have one serious cutie on their hands! The couple of more than 15 years — who welcomed their first child together, daughter Chanel Nicole Marrow, in November 2015 — have. The fish market in Marseille’s Vieux Port. Photo by: Elena Pominova / Shutterstock.com Pass on the bouillabaisse. Marseille’s famous fish soup has jumped the shark. Aggressive marketing has caused its cost to soar to 60-100 euros (US$68-113). The hefty price tag contradicts its roots as a humble stew of leftover fish, and is antithetical to the populaire (working-class) ethos of the city. Locals rarely eat or cook bouillabaisse—the traditional version takes over a day to make—save for special occasions. What they do eat from the sea is pungent grilled sardines, raw rust-red urchins, and briny oysters, and the many kinds of squid served a la provençale—sautéed with garlic, parsley, and generous glugs of olive oil. The freshest catch is found at La Boîte à Sardine, which sources from small fishermen each morning.  And if you insist on ordering the bouillabaisse, I suggest doing so at Chez Michel, which uses fresh fish (presented to you beforehand) and where it costs an average-ish 75 euros.

Tracy Lauren Marrow (born February 16, 1958), better known by his stage name Ice-T, is an American musician, rapper, songwriter, actor, record producer, and author.He began his career as an underground rapper in the 1980s and was signed to Sire Records in 1987, when he released his debut album Rhyme Pays; the second hip-hop album to carry an explicit content sticker after Slick Rick's La Di Da Di Ice T has not yet commented publicly on the arrest of his grandson, but during an episode of the reality show, in which Marrow and his mom LeTesha visited Ice T, the rapper praised the teenager

Latesha Marrow- Daughter Of American Rapper Ice-T. Latesha Marrow was born on May 20, 1975, in New York City, New York, United States. She is the daughter of Ice-T, one of the leading figures in the world of music and Adrienne Letesha Marrow.His father Ice mostly known for his raps regarding street life and violence, and his influence on the gangster rap genre Since its founding in 600 B.C.—when, according to legend, a Phocéen sailor married a local Gallic girl, whose father gave them Marseille as a wedding gift—the city’s port has shaped its demographics. Corsican sailors in the 1500s, Italian builders from the mid-18th century, Armenians fleeing the genocide from 1915 onwards, Algerians arriving post-1962 independence, and many more, have settled here.

Ice-T began dating his second girlfriend, Darlene Ortiz when Letesha was eight years old, and the two had a son together they named Ice Tracy Marrow in 1992 - Ice-T and Darlene Ortiz married in 2002, and their second child, Chanel Nicole Marrow was born in November 2015 Stroll through Fort Saint-Jean… At first glance, this 17th-century fortress seems to be protecting Marseille, flanking the edge of the Vieux Port alongside Fort Saint-Nicolas. Look closer. The canons are pointing at, not away, from the city, so that Louis XIV could protect his regime from local uprisings—one of the many notches on Marseille’s timeline (see: World War II Resistance) that embodies the city’s rebellious spirit. The fort was once the final stop for French Foreign Legion recruits on their way to basic training in Algeria. Now, Fort Saint-Jean invites visitors to ramble through its arched walkways, climb a giant turreted tower, and stroll the Jardin des Migrations. In this 100,000 square-foot allegorical garden, each plant represents Marseille’s agricultural, industrial, and religious history, like the cannabis sativa hemp plants used for making nautical ropes, and from which the city’s main street, la Canebière, got its name.  Pack good walking shoes. You’ll need them to navigate the wobbly sidewalks, scattered hills, and thigh-burning staircases throughout the city. The best way to experience  Marseille is as a flâneur—wandering its winding streets, people-watching, and being bombarded by the incessant buzz of scooters. Elyjah and Letesha Marrow Marrow's photo. Elyja's mother Letesha Marrow is the first daughter of the famous artist, Tracy Lauren Marrow ' Ice-T ' and his wife, Adrienne, who was born in 1976. Letesha is the host and CEO of the show ' T-Tea-V Behind the Scenes. ' She became popular by performing several appearances on TV Reality shows Check the weather. Here, the wind symbol on your weather app is more than a breeze. It’s a warning about the legendary mistral wind that gusts in hard from the north. With speeds of up to 65 mph, it chills to the bones in winter and whips up dust in summer. On the plus side, the mistral is Mother Nature’s vacuum cleaner—crystal clear skies appear in its wake. Notwithstanding the wind, Marseille hit the weather jackpot—300 days of sun a year and temperate winters that hover in the 50s and 60s. It rarely snows, though rain showers come in November and February-March. Unless you insist on only sunbathing, you can enjoy the city throughout the year. Bear in mind some restaurants and shops close during the winter holidays—or in January if they stayed open—and in August, when locals escape the sweaty, 90-plus degree days in the mountains.

View of Marseille from Notre Dame de la Garde, with the Stade Vélodrome in the background. Photo by: Philippe Paternolli Marseille combines big-city swagger and fishing-village sociability. It’s a city that locals love, or love to hate—and that outsiders often avoided for its reputation for crime. But over the last few years, France’s second-largest city (by population) has lured Parisians seeking more sun and less bustle and travelers seeking southern France beyond the sparkling Côte d’Azur. Yes, gentrification has arrived here too, but thankfully it has not scrubbed away the spirit that makes this port city so intriguing. Marseille isn’t made up of monumental sights, but simple things: outdoor terraces, street art, makeshift apéro at one of its many tiny ports with your feet dangling in the water.  Letesha Marrow is the daughter of the American Rapper Ice-T with his ex-girlfriend Adrienne born on 20th March, 1976. She has two siblings; brother Tracy Marrow Jr and sister Chanel Nicole Marrow.. The meaning of Letesha's name is derived from the Latin word 'Letita' which means joy and gladness LeTesha Marrow is a daughter of popular American rapper and actor, Tracy Lauren Marrow Ice-T. LeTesha Marrow is also known for being CEO and host of T-Tea-V Behind the Scenes. She is also an assistant director of T-Tea-V Behind the Scenes. Besides holding responsibility as CEO and host, LeTesha has also made appearance in several reality shows

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