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The use of social media has become an everyday activity, one that established and young artists cannot, and indeed do not want to, do without. They work with it Artists: Signe Pierce, Molly Soda, Leah Schrager, Refrakt, Nicole Ruggiero, Stephanie Sarley, Arvida Byström, Nakeya Brown, Juno Calypso, Izumi Miyazaki and La Turbo Avedon.Content-negotiable representations\n\n\nTurtle (text\/turtle)\n\nJSON-LD (application\/ld+json)\n\nRDF\/XML (application\/rdf+xml)\n\nN-TRIPLES (text\/plain)\n\nHTML+RDFa (text\/html)\n\n Languages: Česky  |  Deutsch  |  English  |  Español  |  Français  |  Italiano  |  Nederlands  |  Português  |  ภาษาไทย  |  한국어  |  日本語  |  中文(繁體)  |  中文(简体) You: Sign In | Register | My WorldCat | My Lists | My Watchlist | My Reviews | My Tags | My Saved Searches WorldCat: Home | About | Help | Search Legal: Copyright © 2001-2020 OCLC. All rights reserved. | Privacy Policy | Cookie Notice | Terms and Conditions WorldCat is the world's largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online. Learn more ›› Matthias Röthig (Schulsozialarbeiter, Kindervereinigung Leipzig e.V., 04277 Leipzig) Jonas Rothlaender (Regisseur, Hamburg) Claudia Rothschild (Dipl. Psycho) Burkhard Röttger (Vafk Lübeck) petra rottmann (Pädagogin) David Röwer (Fürsteneberg) Albert Rozsai (Senior, ehem. Verdi-Gewerkschaftssekretär

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Anika Wranke 1, Cihan Yurdaydin 2, Benjamin Heidrich 1, Stefanie Ernst 3, Armin Koch 2, Beatriz Calle Serrano 1, Florin A. Caruntu 4, Manuela G. Curescu 5, Kendal Yalcin 6, Selim Gurel 7, Stefan Zeuzem 8, Andreas Erhardt 9, Stefan Lüth 10, George V. Pap‐atheodoridis 11, Birgit Bremer 1, Judith Stift1 2, Janina Kirschner 1, Ker‐stin Port 1. EDITORS. Alfred Weidinger on behalf of Stadt Leipzig, Anika Meier. TEXTS / Interviews. Nakeya Brown, Karim Crippa, Philipp Hindahl, Charlotte Jansen, Andy Kassier, Anika Meier, Signe Pierce, Ronja von Rönne, Gabriele Schor, Leah Schrager, Sabrina Steinek, Kathrin Weßlin 2019 Meier, Anika. Selfie Performance by Leah Schrager No One Says: You See Art. Monopol. Whitehot, McVey, Kurt, Manifestations 2019 Monopol, Anika Meier, Instagram Performance 2019 Scope Newsletter, (Sellout Booth) 2019 Glamour, Kate Friedman, Meet Leah Schrager, Our Summer of Sex Artist-in-Residence, 201 Eternal thanks to @anika @alfred_weidinger @mdbkleipzig The show Link in Bio. Kunst nach den sozialen Medien at the Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig is curated by Anika Meier and presents over 50 works illustrating how the production and reception of art are changing in the age of social media Please choose whether or not you want other users to be able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours.

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In den aktuellen Folgen von MdbK [talk] dreht sich alles um die von Anika Meier kuratierte Schau LINK IN BIO. Kunst nach den sozialen Medien, die bis Mitte März im MdbK zu sehen war. Die Gruppenausstellung befasst sich mit der Veränderung von Produktion und Rezeption von Kunst im Zeitalter sozialer Medien Anika Meier und Sabrina Steinek: Hallo aus Leipzig! Ufer: Netzkunst generell ist ja ein verhältnismäßig junges Format. Was zeichnet in Ihren Augen diese, nennen wir es mal: Smartphone-App-Kunst. Search Scope Search Everything Full Text Only To choose subject areas or databases you want to search use: Search Plus Advanced Searc Meier, Anika. Kann dieser Künstler den Brexit noch stoppen?, Monopol Magazin, January, 2019. 2018 Haigney, Sophie. The Artist Who Guides His Art with Crypto-Tokens, The New Yorker, September Luke, Ben. Artists as cryptofinanciers: welcome to the blockchain, The Art Newspaper, June Buser, Maarten

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Simone Subal Gallery 131 Bowery, 2nd floor, New York NY 10002 / info@simonesubal.com / www.simonesubal.com / T: 917-409 0612 Faith so certain shall never be shaken by heaviest sorrow, Simone Subal Gallery, NY Delays During Transit (Tales of Early Prematurity), Kate MacGarry, London 2012 Kunst aus NRW / Förderpreis für Bildende Kunst, ehemalige Reichsabtei, Aachen Images courtesy of Signe Pierce. Text by Marianne Abbott. Earlier this year, I took a train from Berlin to the opening of Virtual Normality: Women Net Artists 2.0 at the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig. The exhibit, curated by Anika Meier and Sabrina Steinek, provides the remarkable opportunity to see the work of women internet artists taking up space alongside more conventional art forms

In October 2013, Canadian photographer Petra Collins posted a photo of herself in a bikini from the waist down. It was set against a gold lamé background and looked like a 70s Polaroid. Instagram deleted the image and her account. Her offence? There were peek-a-boo pubes. OMG!Just last October, detractors of women’s leg hair bombarded Swedish model Arvida Byström for an ad she did for Adidas. She even got rape threats via her Instagram DM. Hmmm. Now I’m confused. Does that mean they like leg hair? Or (bingo) do they just want to overpower anyone with versions of women that are different from theirs?

Daniel Mayer - Finde jetzt das Daniel Mayer Profil in den VZ Netzwerken studiVZ, meinVZ oder schuelerVZ! Dort gibt's Aktuelles, Infos und Fotos - Daniel Maye For #LocalNon #Sculpture at the Athens Digital Arts Festival 2015 I created Viscosity Statue. It's mix of a Realflow demo scene using the melting model of a greek sculpture to show how their particle algorithms work and Grant Warwicks tutorials Mastering CGI on shader creation and rendering techniques Get this from a library! Virtual normality : the female gaze in the age of the internet. [Alfred Weidinger; Anika Meier; Nakeya Brown; Museum der Bildenden Künste (Leipzig, Germany),;] -- With the international group exhibition 'Virtual Normality - Netzkünstlerinnen 2.0' the Museum for bildende Künste Leipzig is the first museum in the German-speaking region dedicated to the female. Polizist / René Wagner / Ingo Meier / Polizeihauptmeister Vollmer / Polizist Schneider (9 episodes, 2003-2020) Florian Thunemann Milo Janssen (8 episodes, 2011-2014

Dec 2019 (Current) 'Link in Bio - Art After Social Media', curated by Anika Meier at The Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig, Germany. Solo Exhibitions and Two Person Shows. Sept 2020 (Forthcoming) Two person show with Wanda Koop, Division Gallery, Montreal, Canada Dec 2019 (Current) 'Oxymoron' at Carl Kostyál Gallery, London, U Dietmar Bänsch, Hendrik Bonnemeier, Johan Brandt, Frank Bode, Jesper Hastrup Svendsen, Oliver Ritter, Johannes Aring, Klaus-Jürgen Gutleben, Ralph Schneider, Angelika Felk, Tino Hauser, Anika Buchholz, Gerhard Hindricks, Karl Wegscheider, Shock efficacy of single and dual coil electrodes—new insights from the NORDIC ICD Trial, EP Europace, Volume 20, Issue 6, June 2018, Pages 971-978. The Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig explores these themes until March 15 through the exhibition Link in Bio. Art After Social Media , showcasing more than fifty works by artists such as Arvida Byström, Thomas Albdorf , Anna Ehrenstein, Filip Custic , Marisa Olson, Oli Epp , and Leah Schrager among others Sa. 17.01.2015, Queen of Vandalism BDay @ Sky Club Leipzig

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  1. Anica Dobra, Actress: Vec vidjeno. Born in Belgrade, Serbia and raised in Frankfurt, Anica Dobra calls both Germany and the Balkans her home. Being a thoroughbred actress and having enjoyed the best in stage- and on-camera training, Anica Dobra is very busy working in both countries. She became well-known in the 1990s in Germany when she worked together with the finest of directors..
  2. diencephalic syndrome in childhood craniopharyngioma - results of german multicenter studies on 485 long-term survivors of childhood craniopharyngioma Anika Hoffmann , 1 Ursel Gebhardt , 1 Anthe Sterkenburg , 2 Monika Warmuth-Metz , 3 and Hermann L. Müller
  3. I caught up with Pierce after the opening to discuss her performance art, gender violence, and light’s healing power.
  4. antly young artists at the Leipzig exhibition Link in Bio
  5. Filip Ćustić is a multidisciplinary artist whose work has been exhibited in Spain in places such as La Térmica in Málaga and La Fundación César Manrique in Lanzarote and, internationally, places such as the Museum der bildenden Künste in Leipzig and the Manchester International Festival. His work explores the impact of digital technologies on human conscience and sense of identity. Ćustić creates cuadros virtuales (virtual paintings), in which he oscillates between the real and the surreal.
  6. The thioredoxin redox system has been suggested recently as a therapeutic target for cancer therapy [17,18], based on the observation that thioredoxin is overexpressed in many aggressive tumors and that siRNA-mediated knockdown of TXNRD1 decreased tumor progression and metastasis in mice [].Several inhibitors of the thioredoxin pathway have been shown to have antitumor activity in mice bearing.
  7. June 9, 2019, at 6 pm at Stockmeyerstrasse 43, Hamburg HafenCity, Oberhafenquartier, Germany. peer to space's director Tina Sauerlaender moderates a panel with Gabrielle Roque (Director COCOTTE-MINUTE, winner of the international Residency VRHAM! 2019), Ulrich Schrauth (Artistic Director VRHAM!Virtual Reality & Arts Festival) and Julie Walsh (freelance curator for VR & AR, founder of Walsh.

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  1. 612 Likes, 22 Comments - MdbK Leipzig (@mdbkleipzig) on Instagram: #YOKOONOfeaturefriday. Thank you @jkmgsl for sharing your visit to YOKO ONO. PEACE is POWER at th
  2. LAUREN FLAX, Creep/Mint Booking [NYC] ELECTRIC INDIGO, Female:Pressure [Vienna] NATHALIE BRUNNER aka PLAYLOVE, Les Belles de Nuit [Zurich] EMILIA, Creep / Mint Booking [NYC] LAUREN FLAX, Feat. Fem. [Leipzig] Moderation: ANIKA JANKOWSKI, Scheune e. V. [Dresden] 20-23 DJ Workshop tba 15 € with pre-registration via viktoria@stadt-nach-acht.de.
  3. Artist, curator and writer: maeshelle west-davies gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums.
  4. Using social media has long become part of many artists' everyday lives, says curator Anika Meier at the Leipzig Fine Arts Museum. Social media have actually been part of their working lives for.
  5. Link in bio Museum der bildenden Künste, Leipzig cur. Anika Meier, Aram Bartholl 16.12.19 au 15.03.2020. Les multiples voix des indiennes Live In Your Head, Genève cur. Alexander Gence et Julie Robiollel 16.01 au 22.02.2020. Relaxing data (performance) Kunstverein Göttingen, Göttingen cur. Tomke Braun 07.11.19. Études sur l'empathie.
  6. Thankfully, Signe was not permanently damaged by her experience, but how lasting is the damage being done to the psyche of digital natives and immigrants? The artists in Virtual Normality. Netzkünstlerinnen 2.0 are using the digital world itself as a medium to reflect the dangers it poses.
  7. The Magnificat, performed by the Netherlands Bach Society for All of Bach, is the first large choral work that Bach composed after his appointment in Leipzig in the spring of 1723. It is an 'old.

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Silvia Manuela Droese General Manager bei FIRST CLASS HOTEL DON GIOVANNI Leipzig Leipzig, Sachsen, Deutschland 358 Kontakt Other artists in the show react to the broader world and protest prescribed views of femininity. As modern day feminists, they want to show the world another variation of what it’s like to be a woman. At the opening, another guest said to me that this had all been done. She had seen the same type of topics covered years ago. That may be, but the battle has not been won. In fact, it may even be more of an issue with the advent of social media. With women’s nipples and body hair being singled out, it is clearly a woman’s issue.You can also get banned for certain hashtags. There are 114,000 hashtags currently banned on Instagram. I don’t know about you, but it makes me just want to say #desk, #curvy, #humpday. Yes, they are all banned.

Virtual normality : the female gaze in the age of the

Take breasts, for example. It’s ok to have some side boob showing, but heaven forbid there are any female nipples on Instagram. For some reason, male nipples are ok, though. This has even led to the Free the nipple campaign, where one of their actions is printing stick on male nipples. That way you can cover your offensive girl nipples with fabulous boy nipples. #LOL 25. Offene Sachsenmeisterschaften, 8. Sachsenmeisterschaften der Masters im Finswimming 2015 Jun 27 to 28, 2015 - Leipzig What shocked me more was that it took place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Myrtle Beach, where I had played as a kid. Myrtle Beach, where we all went after high school graduation. Myrtle Beach, where I had lived and worked in my early 20s. This was not my Myrtle Beach where cars lined up either side of the drag to flirt. issue n° 5 — keen on posthuman bodies. keen on magazine is the award-winning avantgarde art magazin I've brought in an old Internet Cafe from Kottbusser Damm Berlin to be part of the group show 'Link in Bio' curated by Anika Meier, which is currently on view at MdbK Musuem der bildenden Künste Leipzig. FACE THE FACE A Speed Show on the Post-Digital Self. curated by Anika Meier & Aram Bartholl. Participating artists


The show Link in Bio. Kunst nach den sozialen Medien at the Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig curated by Anika Meier presents over 50 works on how the production and reception of art change in the age of social media. The exhibition shows installations, photographs, sculptures, videos and paintings Link in Bio. Art after Social Media, curated by Anika Meier, Museum der bildenden Künste, Leipzig (2019) THE SEARCH FOR (MODERN) PLEASURE, Mira Festival, Barcelona (2018) Les Rencontres d'Arles, Arlés (2018) PHotoEspaña 2018, Madrid (2018) The Gathering. La Noche Warhol, Caixa Forum Madrid (2018) Pink Like most artists, they react to their environment. The digital world is the place where digital natives share. Sharing is caring, right? Who do you turn to when you’re having a blast, when you’re bored, when you are in despair? For digital natives, it’s the internet. It is in effect their best friend. From Saturday, March 14, 2020 onwards our gallery in Berlin, Leipzig and the EIGEN + ART Lab will be open by appointment only and closed to visitors for the time being (contact via berlin@eigen-art.com, leipzig@eigen - art.com, lab@eigen-art.com). This measure is intended to minimise the spread of the coronavirus


This Ain't Art School was founded in the summer of 2014 by Anika Meier. TAAS runs monthly assignments based on the work of a photographer or on themes. Cooperation partners in the past: C/O Berlin, Deichtorhallen, Fondation Beyeler, Museum Folkwang, Sprengel Museum, Berlinische Galerie, and more In order to gauge public opinion of Virtual Normality - Women Net Artists 2.0, a group show at MdbK Leipzig curated by Anika Meier, Indie Mag has gathered responses from visitors to the museum about the current state of feminism today in this unique review of the exhibition.Molly Soda, Signe Pierce, and Arvida Byström are just three of the women net artists in the exhibition whose work. In 2019 he contributed to the group-show 'link in bio' at the Museum of Fine Arts, Leipzig, curated by Anika Meier. He showed a real-time emotion recognition neural net that recreates the viewers facial expression in emojis Förderkreis der Oper Leipzig e.V. Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 77, 04109 Leipzig Mo - M i 09:00 - 1 3:00 Do & Fr 10:00 - 1 3:00 T +49 (0) 342 97 - 7 6 301 oder +49 (0)341 - 9 6 28 88 77 F +49 (0. (not yet rated) 0 with reviews - Be the first.

Earlier this year, I took a train from Berlin to the opening of Virtual Normality: Women Net Artists 2.0 at the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig. The exhibit, curated by Anika Meier and Sabrina Steinek, provides the remarkable opportunity to see the work of women internet artists taking up space alongside more conventional art forms.“All the work I do is very much about and for girls in their bedrooms – from my bedroom to yours. What we do when we’re alone and making that public.” – Molly Soda Post-Digital Pop berücksichtigt, dass wir im Kontext einer Kultur arbeiten, die durch Bildschirme und soziale Medien grundlegend verändert wurde. Der britische Maler Oli Epp hat im Jahr 2017 den.. Januar-8. April 2018, Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig - Impressum: Description: 207 Seiten 30 cm x 22 cm: Other Titles: Der weibliche Blick im Zeitalter des Internets Virtual normality - women net artists 2.0: Responsibility: edited by Alfred Weidinger and Anika Meier: More information: Inhaltsverzeichnis; Inhaltsverzeichni

Society often infantilizes or trivializes women’s voices. It seems to be a theme in your work where you re-appropriate elements that society has trivialized. Simon H. Sündermann, Anika Dademasch, Burkhardt Seifert, Héctor Rodriguez Cetina Biefer, Maximilian Y. Emmert, Thomas Walther, Stephan Jacobs, Friedrich-Wilhelm Mohr, Volkmar Falk, Christoph Thomas Starck, Frailty is a predictor of short- and mid-term mortality after elective cardiac surgery independently of age, Interactive CardioVascular and Thoracic Surgery, Volume 18, Issue 5, May 2014. Downloadable (with restrictions)! I examine whether education increases patience by analyzing a case study of a public college in Mexico City where admission decisions are determined through a lottery. Applicants who were successful in the draw were more likely to be studying in the following years. I surveyed the applicants to this college almost two years after the admission decision was.

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My first museum show titled 'LINK IN BIO' opened yesterday at the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig @mdbkleipzig curated by the great Anika Meier @anika. Special thank you to Alfred Weidinger @alfred_weidinger the Director, Anika Meier @anika the curator for the opportunity and to Gunda and Peter Niemann, Alison and Tomas Vasold and Carl Kostyál for kindly lending your works. Habt ihr schon die Schau LINK IN BIO bei uns im #MdbK gesehen? Noch bis zum 15.03.2020 könnt ihr euch die über 50 Arbeiten u.a. von Arvida Byström, Thomas Albdorf, Jeremy Bailey uvm. anschauen. Die Schau wurde von Anika Meier kuratiert und ist als Folgeausstellung von VIRTUAL NORMALITY. NetzkünstlerInnen 2.0 (2018) konzipiert His work has been shown in international institutions and galleries. After founding Float Gallery in 2012, he designed a digital extension building for NRW-Forum Düsseldorf and a virtual building for Roehrs & Boetsch Gallery in Zürich. In October 2019 Manuel Rossner had a solo exhibition at the Museum der bildendenden Künste, Leipzig.. Born 1989 in Heilbronn, Germany, he studied at. Over the next couple of years, I had a series of epiphanies working with light as a medium and it truly has brightened up my world and my perspective. I’ve really come to love working with light, not just in photography, but in spaces and installations. Light is such an amazing medium because it lets you be a part of the art. When you’re in the presence of light as art, you can see yourself in the art.

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  1. Unser Newsticker zum Thema Anika enthält aktuelle Nachrichten von heute Samstag, dem 2. Mai 2020, gestern und dieser Woche. In unserem Nachrichtenticker können Sie live die neuesten Eilmeldungen auf Deutsch von Portalen, Zeitungen, Magazinen und Blogs lesen sowie nach älteren Meldungen suchen
  2. 2019-2020 Kunst nach den sozialen Medien, Museum der Bildenden Künste in Leipzig (DE) 2019 Massimo Minini, Brescia (IT) 2019 Expo Chicago, Richard Heller Gallery, Chicago, Illinois (US) 2019 Group Show Pop Up, Galerie Julien Cadet, Montpellier (FR) —Anika Meier, 201
  3. Library Shelf Location: 06.WOME: Publication Date: 2018: Description: With the international group exhibition Virtual Normality - Netzkünstlerinnen 2.0 the Museum for bildende Künste Leipzig is the first museum in the German-speaking region dedicated to the female perspective in the age of digital production
  4. Installation views of the museum group show Link in Bio at MdbK Leipzig

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  1. What about social media? A museum in the eastern German city of Leipzig explores the issue in an exhibition with a title that refers to a typical Instagram phrase — Canada News Media provides the latest news from Canada! Read the The influence of social media in art - DW (English) and find out a lot of new information with us
  2. Hannover Berlin Düsseldorf Bonn Erfurt Dresden Frankfurt Nürnberg München Leipzig Hamburg Rostock Stuttgart A27 Sind die Zahlen richtig? 1.15 ja nein Korrektur 542 524 1. 75 2. 685 3. 1453 4. 23 ja nein Korrektur 5. 20837 6. 9645 7. 767 8. 10765 9. 13986 Kleine Mathematikstunde
  3. Mit unserem Podcast MdbK [talk] liefern wir Insights zu Kunst und KünstlerInnen unserer Ausstellungen. Wir wollen reden, zuhören, diskutieren. Dafür treffen wir uns mit KünstlerInnen im Museum, in ihr. Leipzig. 19 Tracks. 91 Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from MdbK Leipzig on your desktop or mobile device
  4. Mit Performances von Arvida Byström, Leah Schrager und Andy Kassier wird am 16. Dezember 2019 die Ausstellung Link in Bio. Kunst nach den sozialen Medien im MdbK-Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig (Laufzeit bis 15. März 2020) eröffnet. Kuratorin ist Anika Meier, die in Kunstforum Bd. 262 (2019) dazu einen Text unter dem gleichen Titel veröffentlicht
  5. HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Dr. Werner Jackstädt Anika Lotter CBS Rodrigo Lozano Utrecht University/Journal of Cleaner Production Regina Meier Der Betriebswirt Frans Melissen NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands Rodrigo Mello CB
  6. ism and each generation brings new priorities and media and these new media open up new subjects and possibilities
  7. January 3, 2020 ResearchBuzz Around the Search & Social Media World Art, artists, artwork, artworks, Leipzig Fine Arts Museum, social media Deutsche Welle: The influence of social media in art . Using social media has long become part of many artists' everyday lives, says curator Anika Meier at the Leipzig Fine Arts Museum

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You may have already requested this item. Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway. A 'read' is counted each time someone views a publication summary (such as the title, abstract, and list of authors), clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text

Dear Chemist, dear Society Member, As the year races towards its end, a reflection on 2012 shows you some of the benefits ChemPubSoc Europe membership brings to you. In this third issue of the ChemPubSoc Europe newsletter, you'll also see new advantages in 2013. Looking back over 2012 and forward, we hope you'll agree that your society, through ChemPubSoc Europe, is working for you In conversation with Anika Meier, starting with a brief introduc-tion to the general aspects of the topic, Pierce and Webb will speak about their artistic practice and why social media for them is a tool. Anika Meier, is an independent writer and curator, and writes a column on art and social media for Monopol. Her texts have appeared in Die. Signe Pierce, Reflexxxions, 2019, video installation: lights, mylar, metal tubes, chains, selfie stick, USB webcam, dimension variable, Edition of 2 Exhibition view, Reflexxxions, EIGEN + ART Lab, 2019 Signe Pierce, Liquid Lust, 2018/19 Liquid Painting (digital projection on canvas), 160 x 120 cm, Edition of 2 Signe Pierce, Reflexxxive Desire, 2018/19, Liquid [

Over the past two decades, there has been a rising trend in malignant melanoma incidence worldwide. In 2008, Germany introduced a nationwide skin cancer screening program starting at age 35. The aims of this study were to analyse the distribution of malignant melanoma tumour stages over time, as well as demographic and regional differences in stage distribution and survival of melanoma patients When reality artist Signe Pierce strutted out from the opposite side of the gallery, this time as Big Sister, a surveilling alpha female in a black leotard, the tables were turned. No longer mere observers of the violence being inflicted upon Pierce’s cyborg character in American Reflexxx, the museum goers became Big Sister’s victims, with her aggression directed towards them.

On Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, young female web artists fight with smartphones and hashtags for acceptance of body hair, bodily fluids, skin blemishes and blood-stained knickers.<br /> “Wow, @instagram, thank you for letting us know that an unshaved bikini line MUST be censored.” But this is dangerous ground. Will the net support her or create a shit storm? When you blur the lines between life and art, how much effect do the trolls have on you? You may say it’s all about the art, but how much bashing can you stand before you take it personally?

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Sehen Sie sich das Profil von Anika Born auf LinkedIn an, dem weltweit größten beruflichen Netzwerk. 3 Jobs sind im Profil von Anika Born aufgelistet. Sehen Sie sich auf LinkedIn das vollständige Profil an. Erfahren Sie mehr über die Kontakte von Anika Born und über Jobs bei ähnlichen Unternehmen Cover shot: We become the voyeurs as Signe Pierce sits in her bedroom installation checking her messages. Is this art imitating life, or life imitating art? Virtual normality women artist exhibition at MdBK. (Photo: maeshelle west-davies) In 1997 he joined HPP in Leipzig to work on competitions, draft and execution planning. He was promoted to Project Leader in 1998 and in 2013 was appointed Head of Office. In 2015 he became Project Partner at HPP Architekten GmbH Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Leipzig Area, Germany. 4.82 (55 votes) Show Alumni. As the biggest university in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg cooperates with more than 200 institutions of higher education from around the world in study programmes and joint research projects. With these. Signe had not staged this. She had simply gone out to shoot a little walking film. What she got was documentation of how being behind a screen has objectified us to the point of not caring. The world we watch through our screens is no longer the world we are living in. It is like we are watching everything on TV. It is there for entertainment value only.

Monopol Magazin, Kann dieser Künstler den Brexit noch stoppen?, Meier, Anika, January, 2019 2018 The New Yorker, The Artist Who Guides His Art with Crypto-Tokens , Haigney, Sophie, September, 2018 Subscribe There’s a lot of dust flying at the MdbK and it’s Alfred Weidinger who’s kicking it up. He’s been actively working to bring the museum into the current century. I must admit that I now have hope, having previously been disappointed by their lack of modern art forms other than paintings. Email Address

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Norris Terrify's B-Day @ Sky Club Leipzig. Party: Norris Terrify's B-Day Startseite > SKY CLUB - Leipzig > Norris Terrify's B-Day @ Sky Club Leipzig > Gesam “We remove photographs of people displaying genitals or focusing in on fully exposed buttocks. We also restrict some images of female breasts if they include the nipple, but we always allow photos of women actively engaged in breastfeeding or showing breasts with post-mastectomy scarring. We also allow photographs of paintings, sculptures, and other art that depicts nude figures.”There she was, walking down the boardwalk in pornstar attire, including platform slides. Her face was obscured behind a plastic mask. Crowds of mainly teens gathered. They filmed as they taunted. While loads of followers online is a good thing, in the flesh they became a mob with a mob mentality. They questioned her gender. They questioned her right to be there. They questioned her right to exist. Eventually, a mother-daughter tag team tripped and pushed her to the ground. It was shocking.There is definitely an aggression in the work that I do. I refer to the hyper-feminine facade that I put on as a venus fly trap because I like that metaphor of shaping myself into something that can easily ensnare the gaze of somebody who might not look at art otherwise. Except often these hyper-feminine characters then devolve into the grotesque. I like to create these beautiful, monolithic characters and then tear them down, but a lot of times they get back up. I like watching the rise and fall and then the rise again.Besides his work as an artist, Ćustić has worked as an art creative and fashion photographer for Opening Ceremony, Vogue, Fucking Young!, GQ UK, Esquire, Visionare, Palomo Spain, and others. He has collaborated with singer and songwriter Rosalía on her 2018 sophomore studio album El mal querer, designing and creating the visual identity for the album.[8]

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) Femme lisant signed 'Renoir.' (upper right) oil on canvas 16 5/8 x 13 ½ in. (42.4 x 34.3 cm.) Painted in 189 DOES ART LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER ON INSTAGRAM? #whenpeoplematchplaces Feat. @konaction Today, we were invited by the lovely @anika to have a preview of her new exhibition Link In Bio curated at @mdbkleipzig. In the exhibit, artists reflect on the relationship of social media on art and our perception of art

Digital anonymity is a double-edged sword. It emboldens some and causes others to think they are helping without having to get their hands dirty. Thank you to MdbK for mucking in. I think the following words written by the show’s curator Anika Meier, and spoken by her co-curator Sabrina Steinek, sum it up best: Search query Search Twitter. Saved searches. Remove; In this conversation. Verified account Protected Tweets @ Suggested users Verified account Protected Tweets Find tips and advice from a veteran and aficionado of ink on getting your first tattoo

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Last year, I was sickened as I read the account of a disabled 32-year-old man drowning in Florida. As he screamed for help, teenagers taunted him as they filmed him dying. “You shouldn’t have gone in the water,” they laughed. This is well and truly unthinkable, but actually happening.I’m really thankful that that aspect of my practice has come to fruition. In college, I studied photography, but for the first couple of years after, I was really uninspired by the idea of creating images. Then I bought a UV light in the summer of 2014, which gave off a really intense purple light. So I would sit in my room and play with it, and I would notice the way it would totally alter the space. That’s when I realized how much light factors into our perception of reality [and] how much of a positive impact color was having on my colorless life at the time.Ćustić has also participated in numerous cultural projects in the art world. In January 2018, he was part of the second edition of Inspíreme that took place in Espacio Cultural CajaCanarias on Tenerife.[4] At the beginning of 2019, he was selected as one of the artists that would be part of Selfridges' London art project The New Order that was launched in September 2019.[5]. In May 2019, he gave a keynote talk in the V edition of Design Fest, organized by IED Madrid.[6] In July 2019, he was a member of the jury of Versiona Thyssen 2019 artistic open call, organized by Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum of Madrid.[7] Despite there being no mention of body hair on their list of forbidden evils, somehow there are pube police at Instagram, and they had discovered them amongst the 28,254,225 posts hashtagged #bikini. Petra was forced to resort to Twitter, where nudity is allowed, for her reaction. VERLAG FÜR MODERNE KUNST Frühling/Spring 201

Leipzig's abandoned industrial buildings, art-world heroines and fruit: our art insider's top Leipzig art events this Welcome to WikiProject Women in Red (WiR). Our objective is to turn red links into blue ones.Our scope is women's biographies, women's works, and women's issues, broadly construed. This list of red links is intended to serve as a basis for creating new articles on the English Wikipedia. All new articles must satisfy Wikipedia's notability criteria; red links on this list may or may not qualify Netzkünstlerinnen 2.0, curated by Anika Meier and Sabrina Steinek, we see what's inspiring today's female digital native artists to create. Like most artists, they react to their environment. The digital world is the place where digital natives share Dipl.-Ing., Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur Leipzig 2015 | Cilia Lichtenberg Thema: Der Einfluss der Erfahrung der Projektierung 'Bauhaus' auf die Architektur der Sowjetunion der 1930er Jahr Walking into the gallery, past Molly Soda’s Youtube videos and next to Leah Shrager’s photographs, is American Reflexxx (2013), Signe Pierce’s soon to be iconic short film. In it Pierce embodies a faceless cyborg, wearing a reflective mask and a skintight blue dress as she wanders around the boardwalk in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The film captures the violence and dehumanization that ensues as the patrons of the boardwalk interact with Pierce’s cyborg. Throughout Virtual Normality’s opening night, attendees crowded around the social experiment being projected on the wall.

The model-kartei.de photo stream from Leipzig. 58188 pictures from 04109 Leipzig have been uploaded so far The show Link in Bio. Kunst nach den sozialen Medien at the Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig is curated by Anika Meier and presents over 50 works illustrating how the production and reception of art are changing in the age of social media. Installations, photographs, sculptures, videos and paintings are shown in the exhibition Life Is a Beach and Then You Die by at @mdbkleipzig. The classic office chair is no longer of any use. Ultramodern gaming chairs have replaced the classic office chairs, which are thrown out and left in the streets of Berlin together with old television sets and video recorders Dr. Dietrich Meier Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, Hamburg Dr. Jochen Michels DECHEMA e.V., Frankfurt am Main Gerhard Muggen BTG Bioliquids BV, Enschede, Niederlande Dr.-Ing. Franziska Müller-Langer DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH, Leipzig Prof. Dr.-Ing Enter exhibition through the app: App Store Google Play Store With SURPRISINGLY THIS RATHER WORKS, curated by Anika Meier and Johann König, KÖNIG GALERIE presents an exhibition of digital art by Manuel Rossner that is both a spatial intervention in and a virtual expansion of the physical gallery. It is Rossner's first solo exhibition in this space. The digital visitor enters the virtual.

Virtual normality the female gaze in the age of the

Woop woop Our new issue is online! Link in bioooooo #Repost @collectors_agenda with @make_repost ・・・ Our new issue is out - digitally, for now. This issue features studio stories with @regineschumann @amoakoboafo @aaaaito @sulasolutions, Ines Stella Sederholm, @juliusgothlin, Toni Schmale, and our friends from Segurio, @franz_ihm and @ninagscheider as collectors Jana Meyer - Finde jetzt das Jana Meyer Profil in den VZ Netzwerken studiVZ, meinVZ oder schuelerVZ! Dort gibt's Aktuelles, Infos und Fotos - Jana Meye Molly Soda uses this to create a portrait of a woman online. Just like many who are going through the evolution from young adult into womanhood, among the seemingly mundane, she publicly outs her shameful secrets. She wants to rid herself of those feelings, so she puts them online and they are magically gone, released into the virtual air. Now that they are in that device, they are no longer real somehow. Find 944 researchers working at Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung | Leipzig, Germany | UF

A museum is not a gallery. Their job is to educate, not play it safe. Weidinger is definitely not singing the same old played out tune. In the current exhibition, Virtual normality. Netzkünstlerinnen 2.0, curated by Anika Meier and Sabrina Steinek, we see what’s inspiring today’s female digital native artists to create.One of my favourite pieces in the show is a book by Molly Soda and Arvida Byström, called Pics or it didn’t happen.  It features banned Instagram photos. How and why things are banned can seem very random.

Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig - Opening: YOKO ONO

In 3 libraries. With the international group exhibition 'Virtual Normality - Netzkünstlerinnen 2.0' the Museum for bildende Künste Leipzig is the first museum in the German-speaking region dedicated to the female perspective in the age of digital production. Each wave of feminism and each generation brings new priorities and media and these new media open up new subjects and possibilities. I actually had one of my promo photos for a video banned on Facebook recently, after it had been there for a couple of years. No idea why it took so long. OMG! There was a nipple in it! They did send me a questionnaire when it was up for review. I answered that it was my art. Seems like they aren’t exactly following their own policy.

Surprisingly This Rather Works König Galeri

One of my artistic mantras is the idea of not preaching to the choir constantly. If I’m going to stage a performance in a gallery or a museum about queer feminism, that’s great, and it’s an honor to perform there, but there’s a 99% chance that the room I’m speaking to already has an idea of what queer feminism is. As an artist who’s interested in instilling thought, and maybe even change, it’s important to take this performance art to places that would never encounter or experience that—places like Myrtle Beach, Trump Tower, or even just the middle of Times Square. You’re going to interact with so many people who would never step foot in a gallery. That’s something that I’m trying to do with my work, something that might puncture someone’s reality. The new poem from LeipGlo contributor and author Lito Seizani titled "Last night she dreamt of The model-kartei.de photo stream from Leipzig. 58244 pictures from 04288 Leipzig have been uploaded so far

It’s a goal of mine over the course of my career to continue working with light and explore how light can be a healing element and how we can heal with light. I want to go into spaces that are not artistic at all, that are healing environments, seeing what light can do for people who are either receiving treatment or seeking refuge.All of the works in the exhibition are strong, but another one I, personally, very much related to was Signe Pierce’s American Reflexxx. I was happy I got to talk to her about her experience. I was mesmerised by it. The visitor turns into an avatar and interacts with objects that are part of a parcours. These objects broaden the perspective on what painting and sculpture can be in the digital realm. Surprisingly This Rather Works curated by @anika meier and @johann.koenig can be experienced via the app KÖNI

Dr. Nona Schulte-Römer Researcher Department of Urban and Environmental Sociology Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ Permoserstr. 15 04318 Leipzig Tel.: +49 341 235 1021 Fax: +49 341 235 451021 Nona Schulte-Röme

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